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Fiery names and what they mean, for fiery for women. Here is the list of Fire names for boys.

Fiammetta - Mckayla

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Fiammetta 1 .. Derivative of Italian word. "Little fiery one." Not in Top 1000. The word "fiamma" means "flame" .. [Fiamma]

Idris 2 .. Derivative of Welsh, Arabic words. "Fiery leader; prophet." Rare. Idris, Edris, Eedris, like Meris, Dorris, end with the favored feminine -ris. [Edris, .. 1 more]

Mckayla 3 .. Stems fr. American word. "Fiery." Common, and Mckayla is similar to popular -la last names Mikula (upper 8%), Sakala (48%). Blend of the Irish and Scottish .. [Mckay, .. 1 more]

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Summary of Fiery names (and variants) for girls.

Fiammetta - Mckayla
Fiammetta [Fiamma], Idris [Edris, Eedris], Mckayla [Mckay, Mckaylee]