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Fire Names

12 Fire names and what they mean, for fire for baby girls, listing 1-12. Here is the list of Fire names for boys.

Aidan .. (Gaelic) "Fire." ..
[Adan, Aden, Aiden, Audan, Ayden, .. 1 more]

Aithne .. (Gaelic) "Fire." ..
[Aine, Aithnea]

Ardea .. (Greek) "Fire."

Barbara .. In Roman Catholic custom, Saint Barbara is invoked as a protector against fire and lightning ..
[Bab, Baba, Babara, Babb, Babbett, .. 48 more]

Blaise .. The alternate spelling of Blaze probably refers to fire instead.
[Blaize, Blase, Blasia, Blaze]

Edana .. (Gaelic) "Fire." ..
[Aidana, Aydana]

Enat .. (Irish) "Fire." ..

Enya .. Also possibly means "fire" ..
[Aenya, Ennya]

Kenna .. Feminine of Kenneth (Irish, Gaelic) "fire born; good-looking", probably influenced by Jenna.
[Kenina, Kennina, Kennette, Kennia]

Mackenzie .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Fire-born." ..
[Mackenzey, Makensie, Makenzie, Mckenzie]

Tandy .. However, the Latin-derived English word "tandem" is also a possible source, as well as the Old Norse term "tandr", meaning "fire" ..
[Tandee, Tandie, Thandee, Thandey, Thandie, .. 1 more]

Vesta .. Vesta's altar was tended by six keepers of her sacred fire, called "vestal virgins", and it was an honor for a Roman family to have a daughter among them ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Fire names: Barbara, Kenna, Mackenzie, Vesta

Barbara, Kenna, Mackenzie, Tandy and Vesta are commonly used names, while Aidan, Aithne, Ardea, Blaise, Edana, Enat and Enya are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: brown, burning, candle, devotion, dry, eager, earth, energy, faith, flack, flame, heart, heat, hit, hot, incense, light, loyalty, match, moon, nature, passionate, shape, soul, spirit, stars, substance, sun, warm, warmth, water.

Celosia .. (Greek) "Aflame."

Ignacia Feminine of Ignatius, possibly (Latin) "ardent, burning" ..
[Ignatia, Ignazia, Iniga]

Enola .. The name was made known in 1945 in the form Enola Gay as the name of the plane that carried the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima ..

Beck .. Also possibly (Old English) "axe" ..

Bonnie .. A famous American bearer was Bonnie Parker, accomplice of the bank robber Clyde Barrow ..
[Bonne, Bonnebell, Bonnee, Bonnell, Bonney, .. 12 more]

Armona .. (Hebrew) "Chestnut brown."

Brenda .. Related to the English word "brand", meaning "to mark by burning" ..
[Bren, Brendah, Brendalynn, Brendell, Brendette, .. 9 more]

Nova .. Astronomy: a nova is a star that releases a tremendous burst of energy, becoming temporarily extraordinarily bright ..
[Novella, Novia]


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