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Fire names and what they mean, for fire, sun, candle, warm.

These girl names were at the apex of their popularity in 2014 (usage of 0.1498%), except for names like Barbara, Helen, Vesta, Chandler and Ellen which have fallen out of fashion. The most fashionable baby names here are Eloise (#300), Elin (#733), Thea (#776), Lana (#351) and Eliana (#117), and there is also a rebound in birth name popularity for Eliana, Eloise, Lana and Thea. is a common surname.

Here is the list of Fire names for boys.

Abellona - Elena

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Fire names: Alina, Barbara, Chandler, Elaine, Elena

Abellona 1 .. Apollo is the sun god. See .. Abellone, Abellopa and Abelne are kreatif forms.

Aidan 2 .. Derived fr. Gaelic language. "Fire." Not in popularity charts. From Aodh .. [Adan, Aydenn, .. 4 more]

Aithne 3 .. Derivative of Gaelic word. "Fire." Rare. Aithne, Aine, like Alphonsine, ends with -ne. Feminine of Aidan. [Aine, .. 1 more]

Alina 4 .. From Greek element. "Sun ray." Popular. Alina, Lina (cf. Aretina) ends with -ina. Slavic variant of Helen .. [Aleen, Aleena, Alena, Aline, Allene, Alyna, Leena, Lena, Lenah, Lyna, .. 15 more]

Ardea 5 .. Derivative of Greek word. "Fire." Not in Top 1000. See also Ardena.

Barbara 6 .. .. a protector against fire and lightning .. Common, with the -ra ending for Barbara, Berbera, etc. like Bara. [Bab, Babara, Babbett, Babbette, Barbar, Barbarella, Barbarit, Barbeeleen, Barbel, Barbera, .. 43 more]

Blaise 7 .. .. Blaze probably refers to fire instead. Unusual. Blaise, Blase (cf. Blysse) uses the -se suffix. [Blaize, Blaze, .. 2 more]

Brett 8 .. .. the novel "The Sun Also Rises". Unique. Brett (cf. Berett) has the favored androgynous-sounding -ett suffix. [Bret, Britt, .. 3 more]

Candelaria 9 .. Origin fr. Spanish word. "Candle." Unusual. Candelaria, Candeloria, like Chandria, ends with the feminine -ria. Relates to the Feast of Candlemass, on February 2, commemorating Christ's presentation at the Temple. [Candela, Candelarea, .. 2 more]

Chandelle 10 .. Based on French. "Candle." Unusual, with the feminine-sounding -elle ending for Chandelle, Shandelle, etc. like Charelle. [Chandel, .. 3 more]

Chandler 11 .. From Middle English, Old French languages. "Candle maker." Not Top 1000 names. Occupational name and surname. [Chandlar]

Chaney 12 .. From Middle English, Old French elements. "Candle maker." Not in Top 1000. Diminutive of Chandler, with the ey .. [Chainey, .. 1 more]

Cinnamon 13 .. .. referring to the warm brown colored .. Unique, with the androgynous-sounding -on ending for Cinnamon, Sinemmon, etc. like Cason. [Cynnamon, .. 2 more]

Clytie 14 .. .. with Apollo, god of the sun .. Outside Top 1000.

Cymbeline 15 .. Source fr. Gaelic word. "Sun lord." Unique, with the -ne suffix for Cymbeline, Cymbaline like Cleone. Also possibly from Greek kyme meaning .. [Cymbaline]

Edana 16 .. Based on Gaelic. "Fire." Uncommon, with the feminine -na ending for Edana, Aidana, Aydana like Ernesztina. Feminine of Aidan, the name of .. [Aidana, .. 1 more]

Eilidh 17 .. Source fr. Scottish, Gaelic, Greek elements. "Sun ray." Outside Top 1000. Modern coinage from English Ellie, from .. [Ailie, .. 1 more]

Elaine 18 .. Derivative of Greek language. "Sun ray." Popular. Allaine, var., like Edwine, uses the -ine ending. French form of Helen .. [Alaina, Elaene, Elain, Elaini, Elainna, Elayne, Elle, Elliana, Ellane, Layney, .. 16 more]

Elen 19 .. Derived fr. Welsh, Greek words. "Sun ray." Unique, with the -en suffix for Elen like Eirwen. Welsh and Scandinavian form of Helen .. [Elin]

Elena 20 .. Origin fr. Greek word. "Sun ray." Common. Elena, Eleena, like Earlena, ends with -ena. Italian and Spanish form of Helen. [Alona, Elina, Nelli, .. 3 more]

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Summary of Fire names (and variants) for girls.

Abellona - Elena
Abellona, Aidan [Aden, Adan, Aiden, Audan, Ayden, Aydenn], Aithne [Aine, Aithnea], Alina [Lina, Lena, Lyna, Lenah, Linah, Lynah, ..], Ardea, Barbara [Bonny, Bonni, Bonnie, Varina, Borbala, Varvara, ..], Blaise [Blase, Blaze, Blaize, Blasia], Brett [Bret, Britt, Bretta, Brette, Brettany], Candelaria [Candela, Candelara, Candelarea, Candeloria], Chandelle [Chandel, Chantelle, Shandelle, Shantelle], Chandler [Chandlar], Chaney [Chainey, Chayney], Cinnamon [Cynnamon, Sinemmon, Sinnamon], Clytie, Cymbeline [Cymbaline], Edana [Aidana, Aydana], Eilidh [Ailie, Eiley], Elaine [Laine, Lainey, Layney, Ellane, Helaine, Ellayne, ..], Elen [Elin], Elena [Alona, Nelli, Eleni, Elina, Elaina, Eleena]

Eliana - Mackenzie
Eliana [Lina, Eline, Elyana, Ileana, Elyette, Elliana, ..], Elidi, Elin, Ellen [Elon, Elyn, Nell, Elynn, Nelly, Nellie, ..], Eloise [Elois, Eloyse, Eloisa, Elouise, Heloise, Elouisa, ..], Enat [Aodhnait], Enya [Aenya, Ennya], Etain [Eadan, Eadaoin], Galina [Galya], Helen [Nora, Nelly, Nellie, Nonnie, Yelena, Nelliana, ..], Hesper [Hespera, Hesperia], Idalia, Ilona [Ilone, Illona, Ilonka, Ilonna, Yllona, Yionna, ..], Jacaranda [Jakaranda, Jacarannda, Jacarranda], Jelena [Jelka, Jalena, Jelina, Yelena, Jalaine, Jalayna, ..], Kalinda [Kalindi, Kalynda], Kenna [Kenina, Kennia, Kennina, Kennette], Kyra [Kyrha, Kyria, Kyrie, Kyrra, Kyrene, Kyreena, ..], Lana [Lanae, Lanna, Lanny, Lanette], Mackenzie [Makensie, Makenzie, Mckenzie, Mackenzey]

Nelly - Yalena
Nelly [Nellie, Nelley, Nellene, Nellwen, Nellwin, Nellwyn, ..], Nera [Nerit, Neriya], Olena [Lena, Lenya, Olina, Olenya, Olinia, Olinija, ..], Scirocco [Cirocco, Sirocco], Selena [Sena, Seline, Selyna, Selyne, Sylena, Syleena, ..], Sharik [Sharika], Siria [Syria, Seeria], Solange [Zeline, Souline], Soleil, Tandy [Thandy, Tandee, Tandie, Thandey, Thandie, Thandee], Tawny [Tawni, Tawney, Tawnee, Tawnia, Tawnie, Tawnya, ..], Thea [Tea, Thia, Theia], Vesta [Vesteria], Yalena [Lenya, Yelena, Lenushka, Lenyushka, Lenuschka]