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These names from flowering plants and blossoms became popular with parents in the 19th century, in part because of their sweet-sounding connotations. Flower names and what they mean, for flower, rose, lily, blossom, flowering, blooms, heather for females. Here is the list of Flower names for boys. Usage of these girl names reached its highest during the years 1940-1949 and has remained as widespread to this day, but with names such as Yasmin, Erica, Heather, Ayanna and Aiyana falling out of style. The most trendy baby names in this list are Rosalie (#310), Azalea (#527), Hadley (#99), Dahlia (#445) and Violet (#67), with Rosalie and Violet enjoying a revival in usage.

Acacia - Amantha

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Acacia 1 .. Name of the flower related to .. Acacia is rare as a female name. The forms Kasey and Cassy are familiar as versions of Acacia. [Cacia, Casey, Cassie, Kacey, Kasi, .. 9 more]

Aiyana 2 .. Stems fr. Native American Indian word. "Forever flowering." Popular as a name for baby girls. See also Aidana. Also variant of the Kiswahili name ..

Altheda 3 .. Derivative of Greek word. "Like a blossom." Scarcely used as a name for babies. See also Althea.

Alyssa 4 .. .. name of a bright yellow flower .. Alyssa is recognizable (Top 10%) as a female name. The forms Lissa and Alysa are popular as versions of Alyssa. [Alissa, Allissa, Alysa, Alyssia, Lissa, .. 9 more]

Amantha 5 .. variant of Amarantha, a flower name .. Scarce as a name for kids. See also Aminta.

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[Acacia - Amantha]
Acacia [Kassy, Kassja, ..], Aiyana, Altheda, Alyssa [Lyssa, Lissie, ..], Amantha

[Amaryllis - Danica]
Amaryllis [Amarilis], Andromeda, Anemone [Annaymone, Anneaymone], April [Avril, Avrill, ..], Asphodel [Asfodelle, Asphodelle], Aven, Ayanna [Iana, Ianna, ..], Azalea [Azalia, Azaleia], Azhar, Azucena [Azusena, Azuzena, ..], Begonia, Blanchefleur, Blathnat, Blimah [Blime, Blimah], Blodwedd, Blodwen [Blodwyn, Blodwynne], Blossom, Bluebell, Briar [Brya, Bryar, ..], Brier [Briar], Bryony [Briony, Bryonie], Calantha [Cally, Kalantha, ..], Calla, Caltha, Camellia [Camelia, Cammelia], Canna, Carnation, Charis [Karrisa, Sherisa, ..], Cherry [Chery, Cheryth, ..], Chrysantha [Crisanna, Krisandra, ..], Clematis [Clematice, Clematiss], Cliantha [Kliantha, Klianthe, ..], Clove, Clover [Clova], Columbine [Colombe, Columbina], Crisanta [Chrissantha, Chryssantha, ..], Daffodil, Dahlia [Dalia, Dalla, ..], Daisy [Deyse, Deysi, ..], Danica [Donika, Donnica, ..]

[Delphine - Kalina]
Delphine [Delphinea, Delphinia, ..], Dianthe [Diandre, Diantha], Eglantine [Eglantyne], Eliza [Liza, Lyza, ..], Elizabeth [Ysabella, Yzabelle, ..], Elodie [Helodia, Helodie, ..], Erica [Terica, Sherica, ..], Evanthe [Evanthey, Evanthie], Fabiola [Faviola], Fleur [Florine, Fleurine], Flora [Flory, Florry, ..], Flordeperia, Florence [Flossy, Flossie, ..], Florida, Flower, Forsythia, Fuchsia [Fusha], Gardenia, Geranium, Grace [Grazyna, Graziosa, ..], Gypsy [Gipsy, Gipsey], Hadley [Hedly, Hedlie, ..], Hana [Hannah], Hanako, Heather [Heath, Hether], Hesper [Hespera, Hesperia], Hibiscus, Hyacinth [Jacky, Jacynth, ..], Ianthe [Janthia, Ianthina, ..], Ilima, Iolanthe [Yolley, Yollie, ..], Ione [Ionia, Ionie], Iris [Irita, Irisha, ..], Jacaranda [Jakaranda, Jacarranda], Jasmine [Yasmine, Yasminia, ..], Jolan [Yolanne, Jolantha, ..], Joquil, Kaeya, Kalei [Kalia, Kaleah], Kalina [Kalena, Kalene, ..]

[Ketifa - Rosae]
Ketifa, Krysanthe [Chrysantha], Lantana [Lantanna], Larkspur, Latifah [Latifa, Latiffa, ..], Leilani [Lalani], Lilac [Lilach], Lilias [Lillas, Lillias], Lilibeth [Lilybeth, Lilybell, ..], Lillian [Lilyan, Lilyann, ..], Lily [Lilyan, Lilyanne, ..], Linnea [Lynnae, Lynnea, ..], Lotus, Magnolia [Nola, Maggy], Malva [Melva, Melvina], Mansi, Marigold [Maragold, Marrigold], Melantha [Mallantha], Nerida, Nerola [Neroly, Nerolie], Nurit, Nydia [Nidia, Needia], Olwen [Olwyn, Olwynne, ..], Pansy [Pansey, Pansie], Peony, Peri [Perah, Perita], Petula [Petulah], Petunia, Philantha [Philanthia, Philanthie], Poppy, Posy [Posey], Primrose [Primula, Primorosa], Raisa [Raizel, Rayzel, ..], Reseda, Rhoda [Rodie, Rodina, ..], Rhodanthe [Rhodante], Rita [Rieta, Ritta, ..], Rosa [Roza, Rosita, ..], Rosabel [Rosabella, Rosabelle], Rosae [Rosee, Rosey, ..]

[Rosalba - Zsazsa]
Rosalba, Rosalie [Rozelle, Rozellia, ..], Rosalind [Rozelyn, Rozelynda, ..], Rosalyn [Roslyn, Rozlynn, ..], Rosamond [Rozamond, Rozamund, ..], Rose [Zita, Ruzsa, ..], Roseanne [Rozanne, Rozeanna, ..], Roselaine, Rosemary [Rozmary, Rosmarie, ..], Roza [Rozlyn, Rozletta, ..], Saffron [Saphron, Saffronia, ..], Sakura, Samantha [Simantha, Symantha, ..], Sanna [Sana, Zanna], Shana [Shanna, Shannah, ..], Sharon [Sheryn, Sherynn, ..], Shoshana [Sosanna, Sosannah, ..], Snowdrop, Soki [Sokey, Sukie], Sukey [Suky, Sukie, ..], Suri, Susan [Zsuzsa, Zsazsa, ..], Susanna [Suzy, Suzie, ..], Susannah [Zuzana, Zuzanna, ..], Varda [Vardit, Vardith, ..], Violante [Violant, Violanthe], Violet [Yolantha, Yolanthe, ..], Wisteria [Wistaria], Xeni, Yasmin [Yazmin, Yasmine, ..], Yolanda [Yolonda, Yulanda, ..], Yuriko, Zahara [Zahra], Zahra [Zahrah], Zanna [Zanne, Zannie], Zinnia [Zinya, Zinnya], Zohra, Zsazsa [Zsuzsa, Zsuzsanna]