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Follower Names

Page 1/3. 53 Follower names and what they mean, for follower, faith, slave, belief, religion, helper for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Servant names for boys.

Ariadne .. Saint Ariadne of Phrygia (second century) was a slave who became a martyr ..
[Arene, Aria, Ariadna, Ariana, Ariane, .. 9 more]

Auriel .. A name used for slaves in the Roman Empire, perhaps as a descriptive term.
[Aureola, Aureole, Auriol, Oriel, Oriole]

Azaria .. Used occasionally in England from the 17th century, probably in honor of the biblical prophet who recalled King Asa to a proper observance of religion ..

Bathilda .. She was canonized for opposing the then-flourishing slave trade, and also for founding a convent.
[Bathild, Bathilde, Batilda, Batilde, Berthilda, .. 3 more]

Blanda .. Saint Blandina was a second-century martyr and slave girl.
[Blandina, Blandine]

Camellia .. (Latin) "Helper to the priest." ..
[Camella, Camelia, Cammelia]

Camilla .. (Latin) "Helper to the priest." ..
[Cam, Cama, Camala, Camela, Camelia, .. 33 more]

Charity .. Saint Paul said in Corinthians, "and now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity" .. See also Faith and Hope.
[Caridad, Caridade, Carissa, Carita, Chairity, .. 22 more]

Chiara .. Name of several Italian saints, most notably Clare of Assisi (13th century), and follower of Francis of Assisi and founder of the order of nuns known as the Poor Clares ..
[Chiarina, Chiarra, Kiara, Kiarra]

Chrissie .. (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Chrisie, Chrissee, Chrisy, Crissy, Krisi, .. 5 more]

Christa .. (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Chryssa, Chrysta, Chrystie, Crista, Crysta, .. 6 more]

Christelle .. (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..

Christen .. (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Christaine, Christan, Christana, Christanne, Christin, .. 9 more]

Christian .. (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Chris, Christiaan, Christiana, Christiane, Christianna, .. 12 more]

Christiana .. (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Christiane, Christiann, Christianna, Christianne, Christianni, .. 15 more]

Christina .. (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Chris, Chrissa, Chrissie, Chrissta, Chrisstan, .. 112 more]

Christine .. (French, Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Chris, Chrissa, Chrissie, Chrisstine, Christa, .. 29 more]

Christy .. (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Chrissa, Chrissie, Chrissy, Christey, Christi, .. 19 more]

Cinnamon .. Modern name, though it has been recorded as a masculine slave name in the 18th century ..
[Cynnamon, Sinemmon, Sinnamon]

Clelia .. The name was borne by Saint Clelia Barbieri (19th century), patron saint of those mocked for their faith.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Follower names: Azaria, Camilla, Charity, Christa, Christen, Christian, Christiana, Christina, Christine, Christy

Camellia, Camilla, Charity, Christa, Christen, Christian, Christiana, Christina, Christine, Christy and Clelia are commonly used names, while Ariadne, Auriel, Azaria, Bathilda, Blanda, Chiara, Chrissie, Christelle and Cinnamon are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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