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Follower names

Follower baby names and what they mean, for follower, faith, slave, belief, religion, helper.

These girl names reached the height of their popularity in the year 1990 (usage of 0.28%) and are almost as common today (usage 0.1809%, 35.4%), but with names like Kirsten, Denise, Cristina, Kristen and Kristina becoming somewhat dated. The trendier baby names here are Vera (#367), Camilla (#364), Daphne (#356), Valentina (#112) and Eliza (#212), and there is a rebound in birth name usage for Camilla, Eliza and Vera. Valentini (top 17%) is a familiar surname.

Here is the list of Servant names for boys.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Follower names: Ariadne, Azaria, Camilla, Chantal, Charity

Ariadne 1 .. .. century was a slave who became .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Arene, Aria, Arianie, Aryana, .. 10 more]

Auriel 2 .. .. name used for slaves in the .. Alriel, Anriel and Arriel are kreatif variations. [Aureola, Aureole, Auriol, Oriole, .. 1 more]

Azaria 3 .. .. to a proper observance of religion .. Common. Compare Azaria, Azariah and popular Az- last name Azami (top 79%). [Azariah]

Bathilda 4 .. .. the then flourishing slave trade, and .. Not Top 1000 names. [Bathild, Batilda, Bertilda, .. 5 more]

Blanda 5 .. .. second century martyr and slave girl. A rare baby name, Blanda is found more conventionally as a surname. [Blandina, .. 1 more]

Camellia 6 .. Derived fr. Latin word. "Helper to the priest." Camelia and variants are not often used as baby names. The meaning of this old Roman .. [Camella, .. 2 more]

Camilla 7 .. Source fr. Latin element. "Helper to the priest." Camilla has increased in popularity as a children's name since 1960-1969. Feminine of the old Roman family .. [Cam, Cama, Camela, Cami, Camila, Camile, Camille, Cammi, Cammilla, Cammille, .. 28 more]

Chantal 8 .. .. piety who adopted religion and founded .. Not in popularity charts. [Chandal, Chantae, Chantale, Chantarai, Chantasia, Chantaye, Chantea, Chanteau, Chanteese, Chantel, .. 63 more]

Charity 9 .. .. and now abideth faith, hope, charity .. Usage of Charity, Carissa, etc. as girls' names in 2014 was down 100% compared to the year before. [Caridad, Carita, Chairity, Chariety, Charitey, Chariti, Charitye, Charty, Chattie, Karita, .. 17 more]

Chiara 10 .. .. (13th century), and follower of Francis .. Adoption of Chiara and variants as birth names in 2014 was 20.3% less than the previous decade. [Chiarina, .. 3 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Follower names: Christa, Christen, Christian, Christiana, Christina

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Follower names: Christine, Christy

Chrissie 11 .. Derivative of Latin word. "Follower of Christ." Not Top 1000 names. Pet form of Christina and Christine. [Chrisie, Crissy, Krisia, .. 7 more]

Christa 12 .. Derived fr. Latin. "Follower of Christ." Christa, Crista, Crysta, Krista and Krysta are prevalent as versions. Latinate short form of Christine and .. [Chryssa, Chrysta, Chrystie, Khrista, Khrysta, Krista, Krystah, .. 4 more]

Christelle 13 .. Derived fr. Latin. "Follower of Christ." Christel is widely used as a form of Christelle. Altered form of Christine .. [Christel]

Christen 14 .. Origin fr. Latin. "Follower of Christ." Christaine, Christan, Christana, Christanne and Christon are more novel as versions of Christen. Variant of Christian. [Christaine, Christan, Christanne, Christyn, Cristin, .. 9 more]

Christian 15 .. Derivative of Latin. "Follower of Christ." Somewhat widely used as girls' names, Kristian, Christian, etc. are comparable to the popular Kristyn. From Latin Christianus .. [Chris, Christiana, Christina, Cristian, Cristiana, Cristianne, .. 12 more]

Christiana 16 .. Stems fr. Latin element. "Follower of Christ." Uncommon. Tiana, var. (cf. Capriana) use the -ana suffix. Medieval learned feminine form of Christian .. [Christiane, Christianni, Christienne, Christyann, Khristanna, Khrystianne, Kristianna, Kristianne, Krystiana, Krystyiana, .. 10 more]

Christina 17 .. Derived fr. Latin element. "Follower of Christ." Christen (upper 6%), Christian (1%), Christie (1%), Christy (2%) and Crystal (9%) exist often as surnames. Simplified form of Christiana, feminine of .. [Chris, Christa, Christain, Christan, Christiana, Christie, Christinea, Christy, Chrystal, Chrystee, .. 107 more]

Christine 18 .. Source fr. French, Latin words. "Follower of Christ." Popular as children's names, Christine, Christy, etc. are similar to the popular Christia. [Chris, Chrissa, Christinie, Christy, Kine, Kirstin, Kirsty, Kristain, Kristeen, Kristen, .. 24 more]

Christy 19 .. Based on Latin word. "Follower of Christ." Somewhat widely used as baby names, Christy, Krystee, etc. are similar to the familiar Christin. Pet form of Christina and Christine .. [Chrissa, Christi, Crissa, Crissy, Cristi, Cristy, Krista, Kristee, Kristey, .. 15 more]

Cinnamon 20 .. .. as a masculine slave name in .. Unique, with the androgynous-sounding -on ending for Cinnamon, Sinnamon, etc., like Cendrillon. [Cynnamon, .. 2 more]

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Summary of Follower names (and variants) for girls.

Ariadne - Cinnamon
Ariadne [Aryane, Aryana, Ariette, Aryanie, Aryanna, Aryanne, ..], Auriel [Oriel, Oriole, Auriol, Aureola, Aureole], Azaria [Azariah], Bathilda [Batilde, Batilda, Bertilda, Bertilde, Berthilde, Berthilda, ..], Blanda [Blandina, Blandine], Camellia [Camella, Camelia, Cammelia], Camilla [Milla, Mille, Milli, Milly, Millie, Millee, ..], Chantal [Shonda, Shonta, Shontel, Shontelle, Shawntile, Shawntille, ..], Charity [Karita, Cherry, Sharity, Sharitey, Sharitye, Sharitee, ..], Chiara [Kiara, Kiarra, Chiarra, Chiarina], Chrissie [Krisi, Krisy, Krisia, Krissy, Krysia, Krissie, ..], Christa [Krysta, Krista, Crystie, Khrista, Khrysta, Krystah, ..], Christelle [Christel], Christen [Cristen, Kristen, Cristin, Cristyn, Chrysten, Chrystyn, ..], Christian [Karsten, Kristian, Kristien, Khristian, Cristianne, Kristienne, ..], Christiana [Tiana, Tiahna, Krystiana, Krystyiana, Krystianne, Kristiannhe, ..], Christina [Tina, Tiny, Tine, Tinah, Teyna, Tineke, ..], Christine [Tinie, Kryssi, Kristyne, Krystene, Krystyne, Krystine, ..], Christy [Kristy, Krysty, Kristi, Kristie, Krystee, Krystie, ..], Cinnamon [Cynnamon, Sinemmon, Sinnamon]

Clelia - Kirsty
Clelia [Cloelia], Clemence [Clem, Clemmie, Clemency, Clemencia, Clementina, Clementine], Cody [Kody, Codi, Codie, Kodey, Kodie, Kodee, ..], Cristina, Daphne [Danfy, Dafnie, Daphna, Daphnie, Daphney, Dafneigh, ..], Datya [Datia, Datiah, Datyah], Denise [Denys, Dinny, Denny, Denyce, Denyse, Dinnie, ..], Dimitra [Demetra, Demetria, Dimitria], Dionne [Dione, Diona, Dionna, Dionis, Diondra, Dionetta, ..], Dionysia [Dinicia, Dinisha, Dinitia, Deonisia, Deonysia, Dionisia], Eliza [Liz, Liza, Elza, Lyza, Elyza, Elyzza, ..], Esperanza [Esperance, Esperantia], Faith [Fe, Fay, Faye, Fayth, Faithe, Faythe], Fidelity [Fidelia, Fidessa, Fidella, Fidelma, Fidelina, Fidelita, ..], Hope [Esperance], Iman [Eman, Imani], Irene [Rene, Rina, Rena, Oryna, Renie, Yarina, ..], Kamilla [Milla, Kamyla, Millie, Kamilka, Kemilla, Kamille, ..], Kirsten [Kirsty, Kyrstin, Kristyn, Kirstyn, Kjerstin, Kirstynn, ..], Kirsty [Kirsti, Kirstee, Kirstie]

Kizzy - Verlene
Kizzy [Kissie, Kizzie], Krista [Kristy, Kryssa, Krysta, Krysti, Kristie, Krystie, ..], Kristen [Krysta, Krysten, Krystin, Krystyn, Krystyna, Krystynn, ..], Kristina [Kristyna, Krystyna, Krystina, Krysteena, Krystiana, Krystianna, ..], Kristine [Kristeen, Kristian, Kristina, Krystyne, Krystine], Laverne [Verne, Lavern, Laverna, Leverne, Loverna, Laverrne], Melanie [Meloni, Milena, Melony, Melonie, Melloney, Melonnie, ..], Nevaeh, Radha, Sadira, Saffron [Saffren, Saphron, Saffran, Saffronia], Shaneika [Shantey, Shonyce, Shenika, Sheniece, Sheniqua, Shantelle, ..], Tabina, Tiana [Tiona, Tyana, Tiauna, Tianne, Tionna, Tyanna, ..], Trinity [Trini, Trinita, Trinidad, Trinitey, Trinitee, Trinidade], Valentina [Valli, Vally, Valyn, Vallie, Velora, Vallatina, ..], Vera [Verla, Verlene, Verochka, Veroshka, Verushka, Veruschka, ..], Verlene [Verlie, Verline]