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Forever Names

6 Forever names related to or that mean forever for girls, listing Forever baby names 1-6. Amber, Dakota and Leonora are popular names. Aina, Aiyana and Perpetua are uncommon names. View Forever baby names below for name meanings or search Forever names for boys.

Aina ... "Forever."

Aiyana ... "Forever flowering." ...

Amber ... Amber became popular in the 1960s due to the Kathleen Winsor novel and film, "Forever Amber" ...
[Ambar, Ambereen, Amberetta, Ambre, Ambur]

Dakota ... Tribal name and American place name: the word may also possibly mean "forever smiling".
[Dakoda, Dakotah]

Leonora ... Literary: Lenore was the lady lost forever in Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven" ...
[Lanora, Leanor, Leanora, Leanore, Lenora, ... 6 more]

Perpetua ... "Forever, perpetual." ...

Top 1000 ranking of Forever names: Aiyana, Amber, Dakota, Leonora