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Freedom Names

3 Freedom names and what they mean, for freedom for baby girls, listing 1-3. Liberty is a commonly used name, while Eleuthera and Saoirse are rare in comparison.

Eleuthera .. "Freedom." ..
[Elefteria, Eleftheria, Elesteria, Eleutheria, Eleutherya]

Liberty .. "Freedom."

Saoirse .. "Freedom." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Freedom names: Liberty, Saoirse

Featured categories: clarity, discretion, favor, play, power, rest, right.

Niobe .. Mythology: Niobe was a boastful queen of Thebes whose children were killed by Apollo and Diana as a reprimand for her arrogance ..

Annalisa .. "Graced with God's bounty." ..
[Analeisa, Analicia, Analiesa, Analiese, Analisa, .. 17 more]

Candace .. "Clarity, whiteness." ..
[Canda, Candaice, Candance, Candas, Candase, .. 24 more]

Abigail .. Biblical: the name of King David's third wife, described as "good in discretion and beautiful in form" ..
[Abagael, Abagail, Abagale, Abageal, Abagil, .. 36 more]

Grace .. "Favor." ..
[Engracia, Eugracia, Gracee, Gracella, Gracelynn, .. 22 more]

Cordelia .. Literary: in "King Lear" (1605), Shakespeare portrays Cordelia as a lovable, virtuous woman of rare honesty ..
[Cordelie, Cordella, Cordelle, Cordey, Cordi, .. 11 more]

Ziv .. Ziv is also the name of the second month in the Jewish calendar, the month of celebration of Israel's Independence.
[Zeeva, Ziva, Zivah]

Jubilee .. Term for a fiftieth-year anniversary celebration of the liberation from Egypt, marked in biblical times by the blowing of a ram's horn.

Marianne .. To the French, the name symbolizes their spirit for "liberty, equality and fraternity" ..
[Mariana, Marianda, Mariane, Mariann, Marianna, .. 5 more]

Alcestis .. In Euripides' play of the same name, Alcestis descends to Hades instead of her husband, and is then rescued by Hercules.

Agate .. The agate is a semiprecious stone which was once believed to have numerous magical and curative powers ..

Cameo .. From Italian "cammeo" (probably of Oriental origin) which refers to a gem portrait carved in relief ..

Hania .. "A place to rest."
[Chania, Chaniya, Chaniyah, Chanya, Haniya, .. 7 more]

Benjamina .. "Son of the right hand." ..
[Benyameena, Benyamina]


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