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Baby Names of Gaelic Origin for Girls

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Gaelic names

Baby names of Gaelic origin, for gaelic, irish, ireland.

Adoption of these girl names reached its apex in 1996 (usage of 0.1891%) and is almost as conventional today (usage 0.1475%, 22%), but with names such as Shannon, Kaitlin, Breanna, Kiana and Shayla falling out of style. The more fashionable baby names here are Sloane (#370), Dallas (#580), Quinn (#126), Blair (#650) and Annabel (#448), and there is also a rebound in birth name popularity for Annabel, Blair and Dallas.

Here is the list of Gaelic names for boys.

pinAibhlin - Arin

Page 1/15 of 281 Gaelic names.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Gaelic names: Alana, Alannah, Alice, Alva, Angela

Aibhlin 1 .. .. , and the Irish Gaelic form of .. Outside Top 1000.

Aidan 2 .. "Fire." Outside Top 1000. .. was a seventh century Irish monk.

Ailbhe [Alva, .. more] 3 .. "White." Outside Top 1000. From albho ..

Ailish 4 Irish Gaelic form of Alice. Uncommon, but Ailish is comparable to common surname Ailts (top 86%), which also begins with Ail-. See also Eilish.

Ailsa 5 .. .. by Ealasaid, the Gaelic form of .. Ailfa, Ailla and Alsa are kreatif forms.

Aine 6 .. "Brilliant; happiness." Aine was not a Top birth name in 2014. See also Aina. Though not strictly related, Anne, Anna ..

Aislinn 7 .. "Dream, vision." Aislinn, Aislyn, etc. became less popular in 2014, dropping on average -1 position as birth names with Ashlynn leading the decline. .. part of the Irish revival in ..

Aithne [Aine, .. more] 8 .. "Fire." Not in popularity charts. Feminine of Aidan.

Alana [Alannah, .. more] 9 .. .. possibly from the Gaelic ailin meaning .. Alana is conventional (top 19%) as a female name, while Alannah is rarely used.

Alannah 10 .. .. of endearment alannah Gaelic a leanbh .. Popular. Alannah, like Adinah, has the -nah ending. See also Alonna.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Gaelic names: Anna, Annabel, Ardis

Alesta 11 .. Scottish Gaelic variant of Alexandra. Alesta is a rarely occurring given name. See also Alesha.

Alice 12 .. .. of the Irish Gaelic name Aislinn .. Alice is prevalent (upper 1%) as a first name, and occurs commonly (upper 31%) as a last name. See also Aloise.

Alva 13 .. "White." Adoption of Alba and forms was widespread in the 1890s and is almost as conventional now, but with Albina, Alba and Alva becoming less trendy. .. Ailbhe, derived from Old Irish albho ..

Angela 14 .. .. Aingeal is the Irish Gaelic version .. Usage of Angela as a baby name in 2014 was 0.6% more than a year ago. See also Anela.

Anna 15 .. .. version of the Irish Gaelic Aine .. Widely used as a birth name, Anna is similar to the common Anaya. See also Anya.

Annabel 16 .. Annabelle is the Gaelic form influenced .. A very conventional children's name (#448 a year ago) that is also used somewhat frequently as a last name.

Aoibheann 17 .. "Beautiful." Aoibheann, Aoibhe and Aoibhinn are seldom used as baby names. .. royal families of Ireland that has ..

Aoife 18 .. "Beautiful, radiant." Outside Top 1000. .. warrior princess in ancient Irish legend ..

Ardis 19 .. Variant of Ardith. A moderately offbeat baby name, Ardis is found more often as a surname. See also Ardin.

Arin 20 .. "Ireland; mountain of strength." Not Top 1000 names. Variant of Erin ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Gaelic names for girls.

Aibhlin - Arin
Aibhlin, Aidan, Ailbhe [Elva], Ailish, Ailsa, Aine, Aislinn [Ashlynn], Aithne [Aine], Alana [Lana], Alannah, Alesta, Alice, Alva, Angela, Anna, Annabel, Aoibheann, Aoife, Ardis, Arin

Arlene - Brianda
Arlene, Ashlynn, Barrie, Bedelia, Beibhinn, Bevin, Biddy, Birgit [Britt], Blaine, Blair, Blathnat, Brady, Breanna [Bree], Breck, Breda, Bree, Brenda, Brenna, Brennan, Brianda

Brianna - Caoilainn
Brianna [Brina, ..], Bride, Bridget [Britt, ..], Brigitte, Brina, Brionna, Britt, Brodie, Brogan, Bronte, Bronach, Cadhla, Cailin, Caitlin [Katelyn, ..], Caitrin, Calla, Callan [Kallan], Callie, Cameron [Kameron], Caoilainn

Caoimhe - Cliona
Caoimhe, Cara [Carrie], Carabelle, Carey, Cari, Carlin, Caroline [Ina, ..], Carrie [Cari], Carson, Casey [Kacie], Cassidy, Catriona, Cavanaugh, Cayla [Kaylee, ..], Ceallach, Ceilidh, Christy, Ciana [Kiana], Ciara [Kiara], Cliona

Clodagh - Doreen
Clodagh, Cody, Colleen, Columba, Corin, Cushla, Cymbeline, Dacey, Dallas, Dara, Darcie, Deirdre, Delaney, Delma, Derry, Dervla, Devany, Devin, Donalda, Doreen

Duana - Ennis
Duana [Duana], Dympna, Ealga, Eavan, Edana, Edna [Ena], Effie [Euphemia], Eibhlin [Aibhlin], Eileen, Eilidh, Eilise, Eilish, Eithne [Enya, ..], Elva [Ailbhe], Elvis, Emer, Ena [Ina], Enat, Enda, Ennis

Enya - Flana
Enya, Erin [Arin], Esther, Etain, Euna, Euphemia [Effie], Eva, Eve [Evelyn, ..], Evelyn [Evlin, ..], Evlin, Faline, Fallon [Faline], Fenella [Finella], Fidelma, Finella, Finola, Fiona, Fionnula [Nuala, ..], Fiora, Flana

Flora - Kaitlin
Flora [Fiora], Gael, Gail [Gael], Geraldine, Gitta, Glenna, Gobnat, Gormlaith, Grace, Grainne [Grainne], Helen [Lana, ..], Hibernia, Imogen, Ina [Ena], Innes, Isolde, Ita, Jill, Kacie, Kaitlin [Katelyn, ..]

Kallan - Kiara
Kallan, Kameron, Katelyn, Kathleen [Kaitlin], Kayla [Cayla], Kaylee, Keely, Keena, Keitha, Kellen, Kelly, Kelpie, Kendra [Kenna], Kenna, Kennedy, Kerrin, Kerry [Kerrin], Kevina, Kiana, Kiara

Kiley - Mare
Kiley [Kylie], Kyle, Kylie [Kiley], Lacey, Lana, Leanna, Leith, Leslie, Logan, Lundy, Lynn, Mab, Mackenna [Mckenna], Mackenzie, Maeve, Maira, Mairin, Makena, Malcolmina, Mare

Maura - Myrna
Maura [Moira], Maureen [Moreen, ..], Mayra [Moira], Mckayla, Mckenna [Mackenna], Meadhbh, Meara, Meegan [Meegan], Meriel [Merrill], Merrill, Merry, Mina, Moira, Molly, Mona, Moreen, Morgan, Morna, Muriel [Merrill], Myrna [Morna]

Neala - Ross
Neala, Neilina [Neala], Nessie, Nia, Nilsine, Nola, Nolan, Noreen, Nuala [Nola], Oona [Una], Orinthia, Orla, Payton, Polly, Quinn, Regan, Riane, Riley [Rylee], Riona, Ross

Rowan - Shona
Rowan, Ryan [Riane], Rylee, Saoirse, Scotia, Seadhna, Seana, Shanae, Shandra, Shannon, Shavonne, Shawna [Seana], Shawnacy, Shayla, Shayne, Shea [Shayla], Sheena, Sheila [Shayla], Sheridan [Sheridan], Shona

Sinead - Vevina
Sinead, Siobhan [Shavonne], Sivney, Sloane, Sorcha, Taisie, Tallulah, Tara, Tawny, Teagin, Tierney, Tigris, Tracy [Treasa], Treasa, Trelane, Trista, Tully, Una [Oona], Valera, Vevina

Vivian - Vivian