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Garden names and what they mean, for garden, paradise, orchard for women. Here is the list of Garden names for boys. These girl names were at the height of their popularity in 2013 and have remained as popular to this day, but with names such as Carmen and Carmel becoming less stylish. Rosalie (#310), Eden (#151) and Leslie (#337) are three of the more contemporarily stylish girl names here, and there is also a revival in baby name popularity for Leslie and Rosalie.

Arcadia - Shalimar

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Arcadia 1 .. .. and later, for Paradise itself. Arcadia is rarely used as a women's name. [Arcadie]

Avalon 2 .. .. mythology: Avalon is an island paradise .. Atypical as a birth name for girls. See also Avelyn.

Carmel 3 .. Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Garden, orchard." A name suitable for both women and men. Carmel is conventional (Top 28%) as a women's name, appearing regularly (Top 43%) as a surname according to the US Census. The variations Melina, Karmen, Carmelita and Carmela are familiar as forms of Carmel. .. to as a type of paradise .. [Carma, Carmalita, Carmania, Carmela, Carmelina, .. 40 more]

Carmen 4 .. Based on Hebrew element. "Garden, orchard." Name suitable for both girls and boys. Very widely used as a birth name (#383 in 2014), Carmen is also found somewhat regularly as a last name. The forms Lita, Carmon, Carmelina and Carma are commonplace as versions of the name. Originally a Spanish form of Carmel .. [Carma, Carmaine, Carmelina, Carmi, Carmin, .. 23 more]

Domitilla 5 .. .. Domitilla allowed her gardens in Rome .. Domitilla is sparsely used as a female name. The variation Domitila is prevalent as a variant form of Domitilla. [Domicia, .. 2 more]

Eden 6 .. .. name of God's garden paradise for .. Also suitable as a boys' name. Eden is commonplace (Top 44%) as a first name, and it appears commonly (Top 6%) as a last name according to the US Census. [Eaden, Edenia, .. 3 more]

Gana 7 .. Origin fr. Hebrew. "Garden." Atypical as a given name, Gana is used more often as a last name. See also Ginya. [Ganah, .. 1 more]

Gardenia 8 .. .. 18th century Scottish naturalist Alexander Garden .. Uncommon as a given name for baby girls. See also Gardener.

Gardner 9 .. .. keeper of a house or garden .. Also suitable as a boys' name. Gardner is a scantly used first name, appearing commonly (Top 1%) as a last name in the US Census. [Gardener, .. 2 more]

Hortensia 10 .. Source fr. Latin word. "Garden." Usage of Hortensia as a given name is somewhat irregular nowadays. Hortensia still exists regularly as a first name among the general female population in the US Census. The variation Hortencia is generally used as a variant form of Hortensia. The English form Hortense is rare. [Hartencia, Hortencia, Hortenxia, .. 5 more]

Jardina 11 .. the Spanish word for "garden". Uncommon as a given name for girls. See also Jordin. [Giardeena, Jardeena, .. 4 more]

Karmel 12 .. Based on Latin element. "Fruitful orchard." Also suitable as a boys' name. Karmel is an irregularly used women's name, occurring regularly (Top 64%) as a surname in the US Census. See also Carmel. [Karmelle]

Leslie 13 .. Origin fr. Scottish, Gaelic words. "Holly garden." Name applicable for both sexes. The name Leslie has become increasingly popular as a birth name for girls. The forms Lesly and Leslee are commonly used as variations of the name. Also possibly "the gray castle" .. [Leslea, Lesley, Lezlee, .. 6 more]

Paradisa 14 .. Based on Greek element. "Garden, orchard." Usage is irregular as a birth name. Paradise is the ancient term for ..

Rosalie 15 .. Possibly "rose garden". Variant of the .. The name Rosalie has risen in popularity as a baby name over the years. The variations Rosella and Rosalina are popular as variant forms of Rosalie. [Rosalee, Rosalia, Rosalyne, Roselle, Rozele, .. 13 more]

Shalimar 16 .. the famous Shalimar Gardens near what .. Shalimar is a unique female name. [Shalamar, .. 2 more]

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[Arcadia - Shalimar]
Arcadia [1], Avalon, Carmel [45], Carmen [28], Domitilla [3], Eden [5], Gana [2], Gardenia, Gardner [3], Hortensia [8], Jardina [6], Karmel [1], Leslie [9], Paradisa, Rosalie [18], Shalimar [3]