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Garden names and what they mean, for garden, paradise, orchard for women. Here is the list of Garden names for boys. Usage of these girl names was at its highest in 2013 (usage of 0.1677%) and has remained as widespread to this day (usage 0.1658%, down 1.1%), but with names such as Carmen and Carmel becoming less stylish. Rosalie (#310), Eden (#151) and Leslie (#337) are three of the more contemporarily stylish girl names here, and there is also a revival in baby name popularity for Leslie and Rosalie.

Arcadia - Shalimar

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Arcadia 1 .. .. happiness, and later, for Paradise itself. Common as surnames. Compare Arcadia (upper 75%) with popular last names Grandia (upper 69%), Abadia (36%), which also end with -dia. [Arcadie]

Avalon 2 .. .. is an island paradise. In Arthurian .. Avalon was not among 2014's Top names. See also Avelyn.

Carmel 3 .. Derivative of Hebrew element. "Garden, orchard." Somewhat common as baby names, Lina, Carmel, etc. are pronounced like the common Lyn. .. to as a type of paradise .. [Carma, Carmaletta, Carman, Carmania, Carmela, Carmeli, Carmelia, Carmelita, Carmellia, Carmellita, .. 35 more]

Carmen 4 .. Root fr. Hebrew word. "Garden, orchard." Carmen (upper 3%), Charmaine (19%), Mina (24%), Carmelita (29%) and Carman (35%) are commonplace women's names. Originally a Spanish form of Carmel .. [Carma, Carmaine, Carmelia, Carmine, Carmita, Carmynn, Karmen, Karmia, Mina, .. 19 more]

Domitilla 5 .. .. Domitilla allowed her gardens in Rome .. Not that popular as a birth name. [Domicia, Domitilia, .. 1 more]

Eden 6 .. .. name of God's garden paradise for .. Popular as last names, and Eden (upper 3%), Eaden (45%) are similar to common -den last names Ogden (upper 1%), Beden (72%). [Eaden, Edin, .. 3 more]

Gana 7 .. From Hebrew. "Garden." Unusual. Gana (cf. Bastiana, Alexandreana) uses the familiar feminine-sounding -ana suffix. [Ganah, .. 1 more]

Gardenia 8 .. .. Scottish naturalist Alexander Garden, who first .. Unconventional. Compare Gardenia with popular Ga- last names Gardini (top 53%), Gardella (10%). See also Gardener.

Gardner 9 .. .. keeper of a house or garden .. Garder (upper 37%), Gardley (69%) are common surnames similar to Gardner (upper 1%), Gardener (9%), Gardiner (2%). [Gardener, Gardie, Gardiner]

Hortensia 10 .. Origin fr. Latin language. "Garden." Hartencia, Hartinsia, Hortenspa, Hortenxia and Hortinzia are more exclusive as variant forms of Hortensia. The English form Hortense is rare. [Hartencia, Hartinsia, Hortencia, Hortenspa, Hortinzia, Ortensia, .. 3 more]

Jardina 11 .. "jardin", the Spanish word for "garden". Jardina, like the similar-sounding Jordin, exists more usually as a surname. [Giardeena, Jardeena, Jardeina, .. 3 more]

Karmel 12 .. Derivative of Latin element. "Fruitful orchard." Karmel, like the similar Karel, occurs more usually as a last name. See also Carmel. [Karmelle]

Leslie 13 .. Origin fr. Scottish, Gaelic words. "Holly garden." Leslee, Lesli and Lezlie are commonplace as versions of Leslie. Also possibly "the gray castle" .. [Leslea, Lesleigh, Lesley, Lesly, Lezlee, .. 4 more]

Ortensia 14 .. Source fr. Italian, Latin. "Garden." Not Top 1000 names. Variant of Hortense, a Latin clan .. [Ortensa, Ortensija, .. 1 more]

Paradisa 15 .. Root fr. Greek language. "Garden, orchard." Rather uncommon as a birth name. Paradise is the ancient term for ..

Rosalie 16 .. Possibly "rose garden". Variant of the .. Popular. Rosalie, Rozalie (cf. Caralie, Loralie) use the favored feminine -alie suffix. [Rosalee, Rosaleen, Rosalia, Rosalina, Rosaline, Rosalyne, Rozelie, Rozely, .. 10 more]

Shalimar 17 .. the famous Shalimar Gardens near what .. Unconventional, but Shallimar, var. are comparable to popular last names Palomar (top 16%), Palamar (56%), with the -mar suffix. [Shalamar, .. 2 more]

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Summary of Garden names (and variants) for girls.

Arcadia - Shalimar
Arcadia [1], Avalon, Carmel [45], Carmen [28], Domitilla [3], Eden [5], Gana [2], Gardenia, Gardner [3], Hortensia [8], Jardina [6], Karmel [1], Leslie [9], Ortensia [3], Paradisa, Rosalie [18], Shalimar [3]