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Caledonia - Lee

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Caledonia 1 .. Originally the name of the people conquered by the Roman general Agricola in that area around 80 AD .. Scarcely used as a birth name for females.

Faustine 2 .. The Roman general Lucius Cornelius Sulla, added Felix "happy, fortunate" to his name and named his twin children Faustus and Fausta, which then became Latin Faustinus .. Faustine is unconventional as a women's name. The form Faustina is common as a variation of Faustine. [Fausta, Faustina, .. 1 more]

Lee 3 .. Confederate General Robert E .. Also suitable as a boys' name. The name Lee has declined in favor as a name for girls over time. [Lea, Leigh]

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[Caledonia - Lee]
Caledonia, Faustine [Fausta, Fauste, Faustina], Lee [Lea, Leigh]