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Gentle Names

Page 1/3. 54 Gentle names and what they mean, for gentle, delicate, soft, kind, smooth, tender for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Gentle names for boys.

Adelaide .. (Old German) "Noble kind." ..
[Ada, Adalaide, Adalayde, Adalena, Adalheid, .. 52 more]

Adelinde .. (Old German) "Noble, soft, tender." ..
[Adele, Adelinda, Adeline, Linda]

Adin .. (Hebrew) "Delicate and slender." ..
[Adina, Adeana]

Adina .. (Hebrew) "Noble, gentle, delicate." ..
[Adeana, Adeen, Adeena, Adena, Adinah, .. 1 more]

Alma .. (Latin, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic) "Nourishing, kind." ..
[Almah, Allma]

Aspen .. Tree name: a type of poplar familiar in the West, with delicate, heart-shaped leaves that quiver in the lightest breeze, hence its nickname, the "quaking" or "trembling" aspen ..

Atifa .. (Arabic) "Kind." ..
[Ateefa, Ateefah, Atifah]

Belinda .. Probably from Italian "bella" (see Bella) with the suffix -inda, or with the Germanic "lind" meaning "serpent, dragon" or "linde" meaning "soft, tender" ..
[Bel, Belenda, Belindra, Belle, Bellinda, .. 7 more]

Benigna .. (Latin) "Kind, well-born."

Beth .. Literary: Louisa May Alcott gave the name to the sweet, gentle and most beloved of the four daughters in "Little Women".
[Bessie, Bet, Bethan]

Caoimhe .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Gentle, beautiful, precious." ..
[Keavy, Keeva, Keevah, Keva]

Carden .. Wool must be carded, or combed smooth, before it can be spun ..
[Cardin, Cardon]

Caresse .. (French) "Tender touch." ..
[Caress, Caressa, Carressa]

Cedrica .. (Old English) "Kind and loved." ..
[Cedra, Cedriana, Cedrika, Cedrina]

Ciara .. In the US it is pronounced with a soft "c", in which case it represents either a respelling of Sierra, or a use of the brand of perfume called Ciara (compare Chanel) introduced by Revlon in 1973.
[Ceara, Cearaa, Cearia, Cearra, Chiara, .. 17 more]

Columbine .. Also a flower name for a delicate two-colored blossom.
[Colombe, Columbina]

Dalia .. (Arabic, Hebrew) "Gentle." ..
[Daliah, Dalit, Dalila, Daliya, Daliyah, .. 2 more]

Dalila .. (Swahili, Tanzanian) "Delicate, gentle."

Damaris .. (Greek, Latin) "Gentle." ..
[Damalas, Damalis, Damalit, Damalla, Damara, .. 14 more]

Emer .. In Irish legend, Emer was Cú Chulainn's beloved, a woman blessed with the "six gifts of womanhood", which are beauty, a gentle voice, sweet words, needlework, wisdom, and chastity ..
[Eimear, Eimer, Eimhir]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Gentle names: Adelaide, Alma, Aspen, Belinda, Beth, Ciara, Dalia, Damaris

Adelaide, Adina, Alma, Belinda, Beth, Ciara, Dalia, Dalila and Damaris are commonly used names, while Adelinde, Adin, Aspen, Atifa, Benigna, Caoimhe, Carden, Caresse, Cedrica, Columbine and Emer are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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