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Baby Names of German Origin for Girls

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German names

Baby names of German origin, for german, germany, teutonic.

Adoption of these girl names was at its apex during 1910-1919 (usage of 0.2072%) and is somewhat lower today (usage 0.0939%, 54.7%), with names like Mercedes, America, Marlene, Paula and Carla becoming somewhat dated. The most fashionable names for newborns in this compilation are Eloise (#300), Freya (#584), Charlie (#229), Adelaide (#316) and Ada (#382), and there is also a rebound in baby name usage for Ada, Adelaide, Charlie and Eloise. Omelia (top 23%) and Awbrey (23%) are popular last names.

Here is the list of German names for boys.

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Page 1/16 of 305 German names.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of German names: Ada, Addie, Adela, Adelaide, Adeline

Ada [Addie, .. more] 1 .. "Noble." Adaai, Adaau and Aiada are kreatif variations. A pet form of Adele and ..

Adair 2 .. "Wealthy spear." Not in popularity charts. Also a Scottish surname.

Adalgisa 3 .. "Noble, precious promise." Uncommon, with the feminine-sounding -isa suffix for Adalgisa like Anisa. Italian name ..

Adalia 4 .. "God is my refuge; noble one." Outside Top 1000. See also Adelaide.

Addie 5 .. "Noble; son of Adam." Rare, with the androgynous -die ending for Addie like Amandie. Short form of Adelaide, Adeline, or ..

Addula 6 .. "Noble cheer." Rare, but Addula is comparable to popular Add- surname Adduci (top 26%). See also Adela.

Adela [Adalia, .. more] 7 .. "Noble." Adalia and variants grew in popularity during 1900-1909 and have become less widespread, with Adela, Adelia, Adell, Adella and Adelle becoming somewhat outmoded. Latinate form of Adele, which is ..

Adelaide [Ada, Addie, Adela, Adeline, .. more] 8 .. "Noble kind." Adaline, Addie, Adele, Adeline, Adelle, Aide, Alline and Elke are commonly used as variant forms of Adelaide. .. She was a German princess who ..

Adelie 9 .. "Noble." Not in popularity charts. See also Adella. Adélie is the French elaboration ..

Adelinde [Adeline, .. more] 10 .. "Noble, soft, tender." Adoption of Adelinde, Linda, etc. as birth names in 2014 was down 6.2% compared to 2013. Modern use is also a blend ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of German names: Alana, Alannah

Adeline [Addie, .. more] 11 .. "Noble." Adoption of Adeline and variants as birth names in 2014 was up >100% compared to 2004. French diminutive of Adela ..

Adelma 12 .. "Noble, famous." Uncommon, with the feminine -lma suffix like Anselma. See also Adelina. Feminine of Adelmar.

Adima 13 .. "Noble, renowned." Outside Top 1000. See also Asima.

Adolpha 14 .. "Noble wolf." Adolpha, Adolfa and Adollfa are hardly found as women's names. Feminine of Adolph.

Adora 15 .. "A gift; beloved; adored." Rare. Adora, Dora, like Aurora, ends with the unconventional feminine-sounding -ora.

Akela 16 .. "Noble." Rather uncommon as a baby name. Hawaiian form of Adele.

Alaine 17 .. "Precious." Alaina and Alayna are fashionable versions. French feminine form of Alain.

Alana [Alaine, Alannah, .. more] 18 .. "Precious; awakening." Alana and Lana have gained in prominence as baby names since 1880-1889. A rather modern Latinate feminine form ..

Alannah 19 .. "Precious." Common, with the feminine -nah suffix like Aminah. See also Alenah. Variant spelling of Alanna (see Alana) ..

Alanza 20 .. "Ready for battle." Alanza is not a Top 1000 name. See also Aranza. Spanish feminine form of Alonzo.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for German names for girls.

Ada - Alanza
Ada [Addie], Adair, Adalgisa, Adalia, Addie, Addula, Adela [Adalia], Adelaide [Heidi, ..], Adelie, Adelinde [Linda], Adeline [Addie], Adelma, Adima, Adolpha, Adora, Akela, Alaine [Allena], Alana [Lana, ..], Alannah, Alanza

Alarice - Alvara
Alarice, Alberga, Albreda, Alcinda, Alda [Aldona], Aldona, Alfonsine [Alphonsine], Alfreda [Frieda], Alice [Elke, ..], Alicia, Aliki, Alinda, Alison, Alix [Aliki], Allena [Alana], Almarine, Aloisia, Alonsa, Alphonsine, Alvara

Amalida - Axelle
Amalida, Amelia [Emmeline, ..], America, Aniceta, Anselma [Zelma], Antje, Aphra, Arlette, Armande, Armina, Arnalda, Arnette, Astrithr, Aubrey, Audris, Augusta, Ava [Avis], Avila, Avis, Axelle

Bartha - Carol
Bartha, Bathilda [Bertilde], Beck, Bera, Berdine, Bergen, Bernadette [Bernadine], Bernadine [Berdine], Bertha [Bertina], Bertilde, Bertina, Billie [Willa], Blanche, Bobbie, Brooke, Brunhilda [Nilda], Carla [Karla], Carlene, Carlotta, Carol [Sharlene, ..]

Caroline - Ebba
Caroline [Sharlene, ..], Carolyn [Carrie], Carrie, Caryl, Casilda, Charla [Sharlene, ..], Charlene [Sharlene, ..], Charlesetta, Charlie [Sharlene], Charlize, Charlotte [Sheryl, ..], Christa, Clarimond, Clotilda, Conradine, Dagmar, Della, Delma, Didrika, Ebba

Eberta - Emeline
Eberta, Eda, Edelmira, Edwige [Hedwig], Egelina, Eike, Elba, Elberta, Eleanor [Ella], Elke, Ella, Elma, Elmina, Elmira, Elodie, Eloise [Heloise], Elrica, Elvina, Elvira [Elvina], Emeline [Emmeline]

Emma - Friedelinde
Emma [Ima, ..], Emmeline [Emeline], Enrica, Enza, Erma [Irma], Ermengard [Irma], Ermine, Ermintrude [Trudy], Ernestine, Ethelinda, Evelyn, Farica, Fernanda, Frances, Frayda, Freda [Frieda], Frederica [Rickie, ..], Freya, Frieda [Freda], Friedelinde

Fritzi - Heidi
Fritzi, Fuchsia, Galiena, Geraldine [Jerrie], Germaine, Gertrude [Trudy], Gilda, Gilberte, Giselle, Godfreya, Greta [Gretchen], Gretchen, Griselda [Zelda], Gulielma, Halfrida, Harolyn, Harriet, Hedda [Hedwig], Hedwig, Heidi

Heladia - Inga
Heladia, Helga, Heloise [Lois], Henrietta [Yetta], Hertha, Hilda, Hildegarde [Hilda], Hildemar, Hildreth, Hilma, Holda [Hulda], Huberta [Uberta], Huette, Hulda, Ida, Idona, Ilse, Ima, Imelda, Inga

Irma - Lorelei
Irma [Ermengard], Ivonne, Jerrie, Jocelyn, Karla, Karlotta, Karolina [Karla], Kate, Kindra, Klotid, Konstanze, Lana, Lenna [Leonarda], Leoda, Leonarda, Lidwina, Liesl, Linda, Lois, Lorelei [Lurleen]

Louise - Mitzi
Louise [Lulu, ..], Luella [Lulu], Luisa [Louise], Lulu, Lurleen, Madison, Mafalda, Magda, Magnilda, Marelda, Marlene, Matilda [Tilda], Melisande, Melusine, Mercedes, Meta, Michelle, Mina [Minna], Minna [Mina], Mitzi

Nadette - Rella
Nadette, Nedra, Neneca, Nilda, Nitsa, Nixie, Norbeta, Odele, Odette, Odila, Orlanda, Otthild, Ouida, Paula, Philiberta, Porsha, Ragnild, Raina, Ramona, Rella

Rhona - Selma
Rhona, Rica [Rickie], Ricarda, Rickie, Rilla [Rella], Roberta [Robin], Robin, Rochelle, Roderica [Rica], Roline, Rosalind, Rosamond, Rose [Rosalind], Rowena, Royce, Rudelle, Rudi, Sarah, Saskia, Selma [Zelma]

Serilda - Velda
Serilda, Sharlene, Sherry, Sheryl, Sigfreda, Sigismonda, Sorrel, Swanhild, Terry, Theda, Tilda, Tippi, Trudy, Uberta, Ulrica [Rica], Ulva, Uta, Vala, Valda [Velda], Velda

Velma - Yetta
Velma, Vilhelmina [Wilhelmina], Vilma [Wilma], Viveca, Walburga, Walda, Walkiria, Waltrina, Wanda, Warda, Warna, Wendell, Wibeke, Wilda, Wilhelmina [Wilma, ..], Willa, Wilma [Vilma], Winola, Wistar, Yetta

Yoslene - Zinnia
Yoslene, Yvonne [Ivonne], Zelda, Zelma, Zinnia