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Gift Names

Page 1/3. 44 Gift names and what they mean, for gift, blessing for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Gift names for boys.

Adora .. (Greek, Old German, Latin) "A gift."
[Adorabelle, Adorae, Adoray, Adore, Adoree, .. 10 more]

Aldora .. (Greek) "Winged gift."

Amadore .. (Italian) "Gift of love."

Ardith .. Ardith is also an old Swedish name that means "spiritual prosperity", and is traditionally given to baby girls as a blessing.
[Ardath, Ardelia, Ardell, Ardella, Aedelle, .. 1 more]

Asenath .. Also possibly from Aramaic meaning "thorn bush" or from an Egyptian name meaning "gift of Isis" ..

Beracha .. (Hebrew) "A blessing." ..
[Barucha, Berucha, Bracha]

Blessing .. "Consecration."

Bogdana .. (Polish, Slavic) "God's gift."
[Bogdanka, Bogna, Bohdana]

Callidora .. (Greek) "Gift of beauty."

Cassandra .. Literary: Cassandra was a Trojan princess blessed with the gift of prophecy in Homer's "Iliad" ..
[Cas, Casandera, Casandra, Casandri, Casaundr, .. 43 more]

Charisma .. (Greek) "Blessing." Originally referred to the spiritual gifts bestowed by the Holy Spirit on the apostles ..
[Carisma, Charisma, Karisma]

Chiquita .. (Spanish) "Little gift." ..
[Chickie, Chicky, Chiqueeta, Chiquin]

Daryn .. (Greek) "Gift." ..
[Darynn, Darynne]

Dodie .. Form of Dora and Dorothy (Greek) "gift of God" ..
[Doda, Dodee, Dodey, Dodi, Dody]

Dora .. (Greek) "Gift." ..
[Dodee, Dodi, Dodie, Dody, Dorae, .. 31 more]

Dorcas .. Biblical: a woman who "abounded in good deeds and gifts of mercy" ..
[Dorcass, Dorcie, Dorkas]

Doretta .. (Greek) "Gift from God." ..

Doria .. (Greek) "Gift." ..
[Dori, Dorian, Doriana, Doriane, Dorianna, .. 5 more]

Doris .. (Greek) "Gift." ..
[Doree, Dori, Doria, Dorian, Dorice, .. 11 more]

Dorona .. (Hebrew) "Gift."
[Doran, Dorran]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Gift names: Ardith, Cassandra, Chiquita, Dora, Dorcas, Doris

Ardith, Cassandra, Chiquita, Dodie, Dora, Dorcas, Doretta, Doria and Doris are commonly used names, while Adora, Aldora, Amadore, Asenath, Beracha, Blessing, Bogdana, Callidora, Charisma, Daryn and Dorona are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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