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Gift names

Gift baby names and what they mean, for gift, blessing.

These girl names reached the apex of their popularity during the years 1920-1929 (usage of 0.1065%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.0726%, 31.9% less), but with names like Tea, Theodora, Theodosia, Ardith and Doris falling out of fashion. The trendier baby names here are Thea (#776), Madison (#9), Grace (#21), Shiloh (#609) and Cassandra (#516), with Grace and Thea undergoing a resurgence in usage.

Here is the list of Gift names for boys.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Gift names: Anjali, Ardith, Cassandra, Chiquita, Dora

Adora 1 .. Based on Greek, Old German, Latin words. "A gift; beloved; adored." Not in popularity charts. [Adorabelle, Adorae, Adore, Adoree, Adoria, Dora, Dorae, Dorie, Dorri, .. 6 more]

Aldora 2 .. Root fr. Greek. "Winged gift." Aledora and Aliedora are kreatif forms. [Aldara]

Amadore 3 .. Stems fr. Italian. "Gift of love." Not in Top 1000. [Amadora]

Anjali 4 .. Based on Sanskrit language. "Gift, offering." Rare, with the androgynous-sounding -li ending like Areli. See also Angeli.

Ardith 5 .. .. to baby girls as a blessing. Not in Top 1000. [Ardath, Ardell, Ardis, .. 3 more]

Asenath 6 .. .. Egyptian name meaning "gift of Isis" .. Unique, with the favored androgynous-sounding -th suffix for Asenath, Acenath like Arleth. [Acenath]

Beracha 7 .. From Hebrew language. "A blessing." Unusual, but Berucha, var. are comparable to common last name Blacha (top 97%), which also ends with -cha. The male name from the same .. [Barucha, .. 2 more]

Blessing 8 .. "Consecration." Blessing is not a Top 1000 name.

Bogdana 9 .. Based on Polish, Slavic elements. "God's gift." Not Top 1000 names. [Bogdanka, .. 2 more]

Callidora 10 .. Stems fr. Greek language. "Gift of beauty." Not Top 1000 name.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Gift names: Dorcas, Doris

Cassandra 11 .. .. blessed with the gift of prophecy .. Prominent. Cassanndra, var., like Citara, ends with the feminine-sounding -ra. [Cas, Casaundr, Casaundra, Casie, Cassandre, Cassie, Kasandera, Kasandra, Kasondra, Kasoundra, .. 38 more]

Charisma 12 .. Derivative of Greek word. "Blessing." Unusual. Charisma, Carisma, Karisma (cf. Cima) ends with the androgynous-sounding -ma. .. to the spiritual gifts bestowed by .. [Carisma, Karisma, .. 1 more]

Chiquita 13 .. Stems fr. Spanish word. "Little gift." Chiquita is conventional (top 31%) as a female name, whereas Chickie, Chicky, Chiqueeta and Chiquin are unique. Associated by most people with the .. [Chickie, Chiqueeta, .. 2 more]

Daryn 14 .. Stems fr. Greek. "Gift." Daryn, Darynn and Darynne are not in the Top 1000. Contemporary feminine form of Darin. [Darynn, .. 1 more]

Dodie 15 .. .. and Dorothy (Greek) "gift of God" .. Not that popular as a baby name now, but Dodie still exists regularly as a female first name. [Doda, Dodee, Dodey, Dody, .. 1 more]

Dora 16 .. Source fr. Greek. "Gift." Dodee, Dodi, Dody, Dorae and Dorah are more novel as versions of Dora. Short form of Dorothy or names .. [Dodee, Dodi, Dodie, Dody, Doraleene, Doralina, Doralyn, Doralynn, Doree, Dorelle, .. 26 more]

Dorcas 17 .. .. good deeds and gifts of mercy .. Rare. Dorcas, Dorkas, like Doloritas, ends with -as. [Dorcass, .. 2 more]

Doretta 18 .. Based on Greek element. "Gift from God." Doretta is recognizable (upper 72%) as a women's name. See also Coretta. Variant of Dora or Theodora.

Doria 19 .. Source fr. Greek language. "gift." Somewhat widely used as children's names, Doria, Dory, etc. sound like the conventional Dora. Place name .. [Dori, Doriana, Dorianne, Dorria, Dorrian, .. 5 more]

Doris 20 .. Root fr. Greek. "gift." Dori, Dorian and Dorris are prevalent as versions of Doris. Place name .. [Doree, Dorice, Dorisa, Dorita, Dorri, Dorry, Dory, Doryse, .. 8 more]

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Summary of Gift names (and variants) for girls.

Adora - Doris
Adora [Dori, Dory, Dorie, Dorri, Dorry, Dorrie, ..], Aldora [Aldara], Amadore [Amadora], Anjali, Ardith [Ardis, Ardell, Ardath, Ardelia, Ardella, Aedelle], Asenath [Acenath], Beracha [Bracha, Barucha, Berucha], Blessing, Bogdana [Bogna, Bohdana, Bogdanka], Callidora, Cassandra [Sandy, Sandra, Sondra, Zandra, Sohndra, Saundra, ..], Charisma [Karisma, Carisma, Charisma], Chiquita [Chicky, Chiquin, Chickie, Chiqueeta], Daryn [Darynn, Darynne], Dodie [Dody, Dodi, Doda, Dodey, Dodee], Dora [Dory, Dorita, Dorrie, Dorine, Dorinda, Dorlisa, ..], Dorcas [Dorkas, Dorcie, Dorcass], Doretta, Doria [Dory, Dorria, Dorrian, Dorianna, Dorienne, Dorianne, ..], Doris [Dory, Dorry, Dorys, Dorris, Dorrys, Doryse, ..]

Dorona - Shiloh
Dorona [Doran, Dorran], Dorothy [Dot, Tea, Thea, Dotty, Dottie, Dottey, ..], Elidi, Elodie [Elody, Elodia, Elodea, Helodea, Helodia, Helodie], Emer [Eimer, Eimear, Eimhir], Eudora [Dora, Dorey, Dorie, Eudore], Fedora [Fadora], Godiva, Grace [Grayce, Grazia, Grazina, Grazyna, Graziosa, Graziella, ..], Isadora [Isidora, Ysadora], Karisma, Liora [Lior, Leeor, Leeora, Liorit], Madison [Madisen, Madyson, Madisyn, Maddison, Madisson], Matana, Mattea [Mattia, Mathea, Mathia, Matthea, Matthia], Musidora, Pandora [Dora, Doura, Pandorah, Panndora, Pandorra, Pandoura], Pheodora [Fedora, Feodora, Fyedora], Shaya [Shayana], Shiloh [Shilo, Shylo, Shyloh]

Tea - Tossa
Tea, Teddi, Thea [Tea, Thia, Theia], Theodora [Theo, Theda, Todora, Teodory, Theadora, Theodosia, ..], Theodosia [Theda, Tossa, Dosia, Tossia, Teodosia, Feodosia], Tossa