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Glory names

Glory baby names and what they mean, for glory, praise, splendid, dignity, glorious, wonderful, splendor.

These girl names reached the top of their popularity in 1992 (adoption of 0.088%) and have remained as popular to this day (adoption 0.085%, 4%), but with names such as Charmaine, Cleta, Dorothy, Gloria and Odelia becoming somewhat dated. Chloe (#18), Mira (#613), Olivia (#2) and Victoria (#19) are four of the more trendy names for newborns here, with Chloe and Olivia undergoing a rekindling in usage. Clee (top 48%) is a common surname.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Glory names: Charmaine, Chloe, Cleta, Dagmar, Dorothy, Gloria

Berit 1 .. Based on Scandinavian, Dutch languages. "Gorgeous, splendid, magnificient." Not in Top 1000. [Beret, Berrit]

Branislava 2 .. Stems fr. Slavic language. "Glorious defender." Not in popularity charts. Feminine of Branislav. [Branka, .. 1 more]

Charmaine 3 .. .. play "What Price Glory?" by Maxwell .. Not in popularity charts. [Char, Charma, Charmain, Charmara, Charmayne, Charmion, Charmisa, Charmyan, Sharmain, Sharmaine, .. 17 more]

Chloe 4 .. .. Demeter in blooming and verdant glory .. Popular, and Cloe (upper 24%), var. are comparable to common last name Cioe (upper 71%), which also ends with -oe. [Chloee, Cloe, Cloey, Khloe, .. 4 more]

Clea 5 .. Root fr. Greek. "Glory." Rather unusual as a birth name, Clea is found more conventionally as a last name. A contraction of Cleopatra .. [Claea, .. 1 more]

Cleone 6 .. Source fr. Greek element. "Glory." Cleole and Clianne are kreatif variations. Feminine of the Greek masculine name ..

Cleopatra 7 .. Source fr. Greek element. "Glory of the father." Less used today. Cleo was the version last recorded (the 1950s) in the Top 1000. [Clea, Cleona, Cleone, Cleonie, .. 3 more]

Cleta 8 .. From Greek. "Glory." Uncommon. Cleta (cf. Carleta) uses the feminine -ta suffix. See also Cleva. Feminine of Cletus, the name of ..

Cliantha 9 .. Stems fr. Greek language. "Glory flower." Clianthe and variants are not Top 1000 names. [Cleantha, Klianthe, .. 3 more]

Clio 10 .. From Greek element. "Glory." Less popular today. Cleo was the variation last appearing (1950-1959) in the Top 1000. From Kleio (which derives from "kleos") .. [Cleo, .. 1 more]

Dagmar 11 .. From Scandinavian, Old German. "Glorious, day's glory." Less used today. Dagmar was last found in 1900-1909 in the Top 1000. A royal name in Denmark ..

Dorothy 12 .. .. Frank Baum's The Wonderful World of .. Listed in Top 1000. [Dasha, Dody, Doll, Doretta, Dorita, Doro, Doronit, Dorotea, Dorthy, Dosha, .. 30 more]

Eithne 13 .. .. a term of praise in poetry .. Not that popular as a girls' name. [Aine, Ethna, Ethnea, Ethnee, Ethni, Etna, .. 6 more]

Galiana 14 .. .. for whom a splendid palace was .. Not in popularity charts. See also Gaiana.

Gambhira 15 .. Origin fr. Hindi word. "Well born, of great dignity." Unusual. Gambhira, like Gevira, uses the -ira ending.

Gloria 16 .. Derivative of Latin language. "Glory." Conventional, with usage of 0.02% for Gloria, Glorea, etc. as birth names in 2014, but lower than 0.0208% the previous year. [Glaura, Glaurea, Gloree, Glorey, Glorianne, Gloribel, Gloribell, Glory, Gloryanna, .. 13 more]

Gormlaith 17 .. Stems fr. Gaelic element. "Splendid princess." Rather uncommon as a baby name. [Gormla, Gormelia]

Hadara 18 .. Derivative of Hebrew. "Beauty, splendor, glory." Haduraq and variants are rarely found as feminine names. Feminine of Hadar. [Hadarah, Haduraq, .. 1 more]

Halleli 19 .. .. the Christian expression of praise, "Hallelujah". Not in Top 1000. [Alleluia, .. 4 more]

Hamdan 20 .. Source fr. Arabic. "Much praise." Not in popularity charts. Feminine of Hamdani ..

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Summary of Glory names (and variants) for girls.

Berit - Hamdan
Berit [Beret, Berrit], Branislava [Branka, Bronislawa], Charmaine [Sharmyn, Sharman, Sharmane, Sharmian, Sharmion, Sharmayne, ..], Chloe [Kloe, Cloe, Cloey, Khloe, Khloey, Clorinda, ..], Clea [Klea, Claea], Cleone, Cleopatra [Cleo, Clio, Cleta, Cleona, Cleone, Cleonie], Cleta, Cliantha [Cleantha, Cleanthe, Clianthe, Kliantha, Klianthe], Clio [Cleo, Klio], Dagmar, Dorothy [Dot, Tea, Thea, Dotty, Dottie, Dottey, ..], Eithne [Etna, Enya, Ethni, Ethnah, Ethnea, Ethnee, ..], Galiana, Gambhira, Gloria [Glory, Glorya, Glorria, Gloryan, Gloryanna, Gloryanne, ..], Gormlaith [Gormla, Gormelia], Hadara [Hadarah, Hadarit, Haduraq], Halleli [Hilly, Alleluia, Halleliya, Halleluja, Hallelujah], Hamdan

Indira - Tifara
Indira [Indeera], Keilana, Keilani, Keren [Kerena, Kerensa], Lauda, Laudonia, Majesta [Majesty], Majida [Maji, Majidah], Marvell [Marvel, Marvela, Marvele, Marvella, Marvelle, Marvelyn, ..], Mira [Myra, Mirka, Mirra, Myrene, Myrella, Myrilla, ..], Mirabel [Mira, Meribel, Mirabell, Mirabella, Meribelle, Mirabelle], Miroslava, Odelia [Udele, Odilia, Udelia, Udilia, Odette, Ottilie, ..], Oksana [Oksanna], Olivia [Olva, Ollie, Olivya, Olivine, Olivija, Olivette, ..], Sana, Shahnaz, Tecla [Tekli, Tekla, Telca, Telka, Thecla, Thekla], Tehila [Tehilla], Tifara [Tiferet]

Tulia - Zohara
Tulia [Tula, Tulya, Tulla, Toolya, Toulya, Tullia, ..], Valeska, Victoria [Viqui, Vitoria, Viktorka, Vittoria, Viktorina, Viktorine, ..], Vladislava [Lada, Valeska], Xaviera [Zaviera, Xavyera, Exaviera, Exavyera, Xavienna, Zaveeyera], Yudit [Yuta, Yudif, Judit, Judith, Yudita, Yudelka], Zia [Zea], Zohara [Zahara, Zaharira]