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God Names

Page 3/12. 232 God names and what they mean, for god for baby girls, listing 41-60.

Betsy .. (English, Hebrew) "God is my oath." ..
[Bets, Betsey, Betsie, Betts]

Bettina .. (Hebrew) "God is my oath." ..
[Battina, Betiana, Betina, Bettine, Ina, .. 1 more]

Betty .. (Dutch, English, Hebrew) "God is my oath." ..
[Bess, Bessie, Bessy, Betsey, Betsy, .. 7 more]

Bizzy .. (Hawaiian, Hebrew) "God is my oath." ..

Bogdana .. (Polish, Slavic) "God's gift."
[Bogdanka, Bogna, Bohdana]

Branice Contemporary invention: possibly a variation of Janice (Hebrew) "God's grace".

Buffy .. (English, Hebrew) "God is my oath." ..

Carabelle .. (Italian, Irish, Gaelic, Hebrew) "God's promise." ..
[Carabel, Carabell, Carrabelle]

Cassandra .. Perhaps a version of Alexander, which originally was a feminine name, a byname for Hera, queen of the Olympian gods ..
[Cas, Casandera, Casandra, Casandri, Casaundr, .. 43 more]

Chana .. (Hebrew) "He (God) has favored me." ..
[Chaanach, Chaanah, Chanach, Chanah, Chani, .. 1 more]

Chelle .. (Old English, Hebrew) "Who is like God?." ..

Chevonne .. (Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..
[Chavondria, Chavonne, Chevaun, Chevaunne, Chevon, .. 10 more]

Chinara .. (Nigerian) "God receives."

Cliona .. She was a goddess who fell in love and ran away with a mortal, but the god of the sea sent a wave to pull her back ..
[Cleona, Clio, Cliodhna]

Clytie .. Mythology: a water nymph in love with Apollo, god of the sun ..

Corin .. Quirinus was a Sabine and Roman god who was later identified with Mars ..
[Coreen, Coreene, Coren, Corena, Corine, .. 6 more]

Cybele .. (Greek) "Great mother of the gods." .. The mother of all gods, men, and wild nature, lions were her faithful companions ..
[Cybel, Cybille]

Cybil .. (Greek) "Great mother of the gods." ..

Daina .. (Hebrew, Latvian, Lithuanian) "God is my judge." ..

Danielle .. (Hebrew, French) "God is my Judge." ..
[Daanelle, Danee, Danele, Danella, Danelle, .. 31 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of God names: Betsy, Bettina, Betty, Buffy, Cassandra, Chana, Danielle

Betsy, Bettina, Betty, Buffy, Cassandra, Chana, Daina and Danielle are commonly used names, while Bizzy, Bogdana, Branice, Carabelle, Chelle, Chevonne, Chinara, Cliona, Clytie, Corin, Cybele and Cybil are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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