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God Names from Alala - Annalisa

Page 3/31. 298 God names and what they mean, for god, lord, zeus, jehovah, thor, idol for females. Listing 16-25.

Alala .. Greek mythology: the sister of Ares, the god of war.

Alura .. (Old English) "God-like adviser." ..
[Alurea, Allura, Ellura]

Amadea .. (Latin) "God's love." ..
[Amadee, Amedee]

Amalthea .. Greek mythology: the name of the mountain goat that nursed the infant Zeus ..

Amaris .. (Hebrew) "Promised by God."
[Amariah, Amarissa, Amarit]

Angel .. (Greek) "Messenger of God." ..
[Ang, Angelea, Angle]

Angela .. (Greek) "Angel, messenger of God." ..
[Aingeal, Andjelija, Andjelka, Ange, Angel, .. 42 more]

Ann .. (Hebrew) "He (God) has favored me." ..
[Aine, Ana, Anabel, Anci, Anechka, .. 91 more]

Anna .. (Hebrew) "He (God) has favored me." ..
[Ana, Anique, Anja, Ann, Annabeth, .. 13 more]

Annalisa .. (Latin) "Graced with God's bounty." ..
[Analeisa, Analicia, Analiesa, Analiese, Analisa, .. 17 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of God names: Amaris, Angel, Angela, Ann, Anna

Angel, Angela, Ann, Anna and Annalisa are commonly used names, while Alala, Alura, Amadea, Amalthea and Amaris are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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