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Hedia 76 .. Source fr. Hebrew element. "Jehovah's echo." Hedia is scantly used as a feminine name. See also Heida. [Hediah, .. 2 more]

Helen 77 .. .. the abduction of Zeus's mortal daughter .. A very common choice for a name for children (#404 the past year), Helen is also found somewhat often as a last name. The forms Yelena, Nell, Leonore, Leanora, Ileana, Helena, Elnora, Ellen, Eleonora, Elena, Elana and Aline are commonplace as variations of the name. [Aileen, Alene, Eilidh, Elana, Eleanore, .. 73 more]

Helsa 78 .. Source fr. Danish, Hebrew languages. "God is my oath." Helsa is a rarely occurring female name. See also Heloisa. Variant of Elizabeth. [Helisa]

Hera 79 .. .. wife of Zeus. Dealing with her .. Rarely used as a name for girls, Hera exists more frequently as a surname. See also Herma.

Hermia 80 .. .. name of the Greek messenger god .. A rare girls' name. The variation Hermila is widely used as a variant form of Hermia. [Hermila, .. 2 more]

Horatia 81 .. .. the 18th-century admiral Lord Horatio Nelson .. Horatia is an unconventional feminine name. [Horacia, .. 2 more]

Ida 82 .. .. for the infant Zeus on Mount .. Usage of the name Ida as a name for newborns has been on a downward trend over the years. See also Idra. [Idania, .. 1 more]

Ilse 83 .. Origin fr. German, Hebrew elements. "God is my oath." Ilse is commonly occurring (Top 39%) as a women's name, occurring regularly (Top 81%) as a surname according to the US Census. The form Elsa is familiar as a variation of Ilse. Short form of Elisabeth. [Ellsa, Else, Ilsae, .. 5 more]

Inga 84 .. .. was a powerful god of fertility .. Usage of the name Inga as a given name has been on a downward trend over the years. The variation Inger is generally used as a variant form of Inga. [Ingaberg, Inge, Inger, .. 5 more]

Ingrid 85 .. Norse mythology: Ing, god of earth's .. Ingrid and Inga have decreased in favor as birth names for females over the years. The variation Inga is familiar as a variant form of Ingrid. [Inga, Inge, .. 2 more]

Io 86 .. a maiden who caught Zeus' eye .. Rare as a birth name for girls. See also Jo. [Eyo]

Ioanna 87 .. Origin fr. Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Unique as a birth name. The form Joanna is popular as a version of Ioanna. Greek variant of Hannah. [Ioana, Ioannah, .. 3 more]

Isabel 88 .. Based on Hebrew word. "God is my oath." Isabel is prevalent (Top 7%) as a female name, occurring commonly (Top 19%) as a last name according to the US Census. The forms Isobel, Isabell, Belle and Belia are familiar as versions of Isabel. Spanish variant of Elizabeth .. [Bel, Belia, Bell, Bellita, Ib, .. 38 more]

Ivana 89 .. From Czechoslovakian, Slavic, Hebrew words. "God is gracious." Ivana is a commonly occurring (Top 63%) female name. The variation Iva is commonplace as a variant form of Ivana. Feminine of Ivan .. [Iva, Ivanka, .. 3 more]

Jan 90 .. Source fr. Hebrew language. "God is gracious." Jan and Jana have declined in favor as names for girls over time. Name applicable for both sexes. The variations Janna and Janina are familiar as forms of the name. Feminine of John .. [Jana, Janina, Janna, .. 5 more]

Jana 91 .. Origin fr. Hebrew element. "God is gracious." Jana has diminished in popularity as a birth name for females over time since 1960-1969. See also Jenai. Feminine of John .. [Janah, Janalyn, Janica, Jannalee, .. 7 more]

Janae 92 .. .. with the meaning "God has answered". Janae has waned in favor as a given name for girls over the years. The variation Jenae is widely used as a variant form of this name. [Janaea, Janaeh, Janais, Janaye, Jeanae, .. 17 more]

Jane 93 .. Origin fr. Hebrew element. "God is gracious." A very popular given name for girls (#322 in 2014) which also exists somewhat commonly as a last name. The variations Vania, Jonie, Johnetta, Joan, Jeannette, Jeanelle, Janna, Janina, Janette, Janessa, Janelle, Janae, Ivana and Gene are popular as variant forms of Jane. Originally a feminine form of John .. [Gene, Giovanna, Ivancka, Jaina, Jan, .. 88 more]

Jean 94 .. Based on Hebrew. "God is gracious." Name suited for both genders. Jean and Jeannine have diminished in popularity as names for girls over time. The forms Jeannine, Jeannetta, Jeanine, Jeanette, Jeane and Gene are prevalent as variations of this name. Variant of Jane .. [Gene, Jeane, Jeanelle, Jeanice, Jeanique, .. 22 more]

Jeannine 95 .. Origin fr. French, Hebrew languages. "God is gracious." Jeannine is a frequently occurring (Top 16%) first name. The form Jenine is familiar as a version of this name. Feminine of John .. [Janine, Jeanina, Jenine, .. 5 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of God names: Helen, Ida, Inga, Ingrid, Isabel, Ivana, Jan, Jana, Janae, Jane

Top 1000 baby names ranking of God names: Jean, Jeannine

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