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Goddess Names from Alethea - Aranrhod

Page 2/15. 136 Goddess names and what they mean, for goddess, nymph, muse for females. Listing 6-15.

Alethea .. Mythology: goddess of truth ..
[Alathea, Alathia, Aleethia, Aleta, Aletea, .. 9 more]

Ambika .. Also one of the many names for the goddess Devi, wife of Shiva ..
[Ambeeka, Ambeika]

Anemone .. Greek mythology: the name of a nymph who was turned into a flower.
[Anemona, Annaymone, Anneaymone]

Anona .. Also possibly derived from the name of the Roman goddess Anonna, guardian of food and supplies.

Anonna .. Name of the Roman goddess of the annual harvest ..
[Annona, Anona, Nona]

Anthea .. Used in the classical period as a byname of the goddess Hera at Argos, but as a modern given name, it was reinvented by English 17th-century poets to symbolize spring.
[Ann, Annthea, Anthe, Antheia, Antheya, .. 4 more]

Aoife .. The name has also been associated with Esuvia, a Gaulish goddess, and was borne by several heroines in ancient Irish legend ..

Aphrodite .. Name of the Greek goddess of love, known to the Romans as Venus ..

Arachne .. Greek mythology: a young maiden who challenged the goddess Athena to a weaving contest and was turned into a spider for offending her ..
[Arakne, Archna]

Aranrhod .. The legendary heroine may originally have been a moon goddess ..

Popularity of Goddess baby names

Alethea is a commonly used name, while Ambika, Anemone, Anona, Anonna, Anthea, Aoife, Aphrodite, Arachne and Aranrhod are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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