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Gold Names

Page 1/3. 54 Gold names and what they mean, for gold, yellow, wealth, riches, prosperity, gilded, fortune for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Gold names for boys.

Alyssa .. Also the name of a bright yellow flower, alyssum ..
[Alissa, Alisse, Allissa, Allyse, Allyssa, .. 9 more]

Ardith .. Ardith is also an old Swedish name that means "spiritual prosperity", and is traditionally given to baby girls as a blessing.
[Ardath, Ardelia, Ardell, Ardella, Aedelle, .. 1 more]

Artha .. (Hindi) "Riches."

Aven .. Name of a plant with white, yellow or reddish flowers.

Begonia Flower name: the colorful house plant with fleshy leaves and white, yellow, pink or red blossoms ..

Blaine .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Yellow." ..
[Blane, Blayne]

Bolanile .. (Nigerian) "This house's riches."

Celandine .. Botanical name: a yellow-blossomed wildflower.
[Celadonia, Celida, Cellandine, Selodonia, Zeledonia]

Chloris .. (Greek) "Green, greenish-yellow." ..
[Chloress, Cloris, Khloris, Kloris]

Christa .. Chrysta's spelling may refer to the Greek word for "gold" or "golden".
[Chryssa, Chrysta, Chrystie, Crista, Crysta, .. 6 more]

Chrystal .. Rare variant spelling of Crystal, influenced by Greek "khrysos" meaning "gold".

Clover .. Clover is a traditional symbol of wealth, luck and comfort ..

Cressida .. (Greek) "Gold." ..
[Cressa, Cressy]

Crystal .. Chrystal a variant spelling probably influenced by Greek "khrysos" meaning "gold" ..
[Christal, Christalene, Christalin, Christall, Christalle, .. 70 more]

Cybil .. Variant of Sibyl, the name given in Greek mythology to a prophetess or fortune-teller ..

Daffodil .. Flower name for the familiar yellow blossom ..

Destiny .. (Old French) "One's certain fortune, fate." ..
[Destanee, Destina, Destine, Destinee, Destiney, .. 3 more]

Dita .. (Spanish, Old English) "Strife for wealth." ..

Doreen Possibly Irish Gaelic "brooding", French "gilded", or an elaboration of Dora.
[Dorene, Doreyn, Dorine, Dorreen, Doryne]

Dory .. (French) "Gilded." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Gold names: Alyssa, Ardith, Christa, Chrystal, Crystal, Destiny, Doreen

Alyssa, Ardith, Christa, Chrystal, Crystal, Destiny and Doreen are commonly used names, while Artha, Aven, Begonia, Blaine, Bolanile, Celandine, Chloris, Clover, Cressida, Cybil, Daffodil, Dita and Dory are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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