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Gold names and what they mean, for gold, yellow, gilded for women. Here is the list of Gold names for boys. These girl names were at the height of their popularity in 1970-1979 and are somewhat less popular today, with names like Crystal, Kim, Ora, Gilda and Rhiannon falling out of fashion. Alyssa (#76) is the most fashionable birth name in this list.

Alyssa - Celandine

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Alyssa 1 .. Also the name of a bright yellow flower, alyssum .. Very common choice for a given name (#76 the previous year), Alyssa also occurs frequently as a first name among women in the community according to the US Census. The forms Lissa and Alysa are familiar as variations of Alyssa. [Alissa, Allissa, Allyssa, Alyse, Alyssia, .. 9 more]

Aven 2 .. Name of a plant with white, yellow or reddish flowers. Unique as a name for baby girls. See also Avani.

Begonia 3 Flower name: the colorful house plant with fleshy leaves and white, yellow, pink or red blossoms .. Seldom used as a name for baby girls, occurring more conventionally as a last name.

Blaine 4 .. Based on Irish, Gaelic word. "Yellow." Also used as a boys' name. Blaine is unusual as a given name, and it appears regularly (Top 5%) as a surname according to the US Census. .. [Blane, .. 1 more]

Celandine 5 .. Botanical name: a yellow-blossomed wildflower. Celandine is unusual as a feminine name. [Celadonia, Celida, Selodonia, .. 2 more]

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[Alyssa - Celandine]
Alyssa [Lissa, Lyssa, Ilyssa, Lissie, ..], Aven, Begonia, Blaine [Blane, Blayne], Celandine [Celida, Selodonia, Zeledonia, Cellandine]

[Chloris - Euron]
Chloris [Kloris, Cloris, Khloris, Chloress], Christa [Krista, Krysta, Khrysta, Krystah, ..], Chrystal [Chrystalla], Cressida [Cressa, Cressy], Crystal [Krystal, Krystle, Kristle, Krystalle, ..], Daffodil, Doreen [Dorine, Doryne, Doreyn, Dorreen], Dory, Eldora [Eldoree, Eldoria, Eldoris, Eldorada], Euron [Auron, Euryl, Eurys, Euriona]

[Euronwy - Ora]
Euronwy, Eurwen [Eurwyn], Flavia [Flavie, Flaviere, Flavyere], Forsythia, Gilda, Kim [Kym, Kimy, Kimmy, Kymme, ..], Marigold [Maragold, Marrigold], Nurit, Ophira [Ofira, Ofeera], Ora [Orra, Orabelle, Orareeana, Orarariana]

[Oracia - Zahavah]
Oracia [Orasia, Oratia, Orazia], Orinda, Rhiannon [Rianne, Rianon, Rianna, Riannon, ..], Saffron [Saffren, Saphron, Saffran, Saffronia], Taja [Taji, Tajia, Tajanee, Tajiana, ..], Xanthe [Zantha, Xantha, Xanthia], Zahavah [Zahava, Zechava, Zehavah, Zehavit, ..]