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Golden names and what they mean, for golden, gold, yellow, gilded for women. Here is the list of Gold names for boys. These girl names were at the height of their popularity during 1970-1979 (usage of 0.0769%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.033%, down 57.1%), but with names like Kim, Ora, Oralia, Rhiannon and Gilda becoming somewhat outmoded. Alyssa (#76) and Amber (#309) are two of the more fashionable birth names among these, and there is a rekindling in baby name popularity for Amber.

Aldina - Blaine

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Aldina 1 .. Stems fr. Turkish element. "Golden." Unusual. Compare Aldina with common -ina last names Melina (upper 44%), Encina (32%). See also Aldene. Popular among Bosnian Muslims.

Alyssa 2 .. .. of a bright yellow flower, alyssum .. Common, with usage of 0.0713% for Alyssa and variants as birth names in 2014, but lower than 0.0807% the previous year. [Alissa, Alyse, Alyssia, Illissa, .. 10 more]

Amber 3 .. to describe the gem's golden color .. Amber is a recognizable (upper 3%) female name, whereas Ambar, Ambereen, Amberetta, Ambre and Ambur are scantly used. [Ambar, Ambereen, Amberetta, Ambre, .. 1 more]

Angharad 4 .. .. Angharad Golden Hand is a character .. Outside Top 1000.

Atalanta 5 .. .. by dropping three golden apples he .. Uncommon. Atalanta, Atlanta, like Shanta, Jolanta, use the familiar feminine-sounding -anta ending. [Atlanta, .. 1 more]

Aurelia 6 .. Source fr. Latin word. "Golden." Aurelia (top 60%), like Crelia (top 67%), Agoglia (46%), is a common -lia suffix last name. Feminine of Aurelio .. [Aranka, Arela, Arelie, Arely, Aural, Aureliana, Aurelie, Aurelina, Aurene, Auriel, .. 15 more]

Auriel 7 .. Stems fr. Latin element. "Golden." Rare. Compare Auriel, Aureole, etc. and popular surnames Aureli (top 68%), Aures (70%), which also begin with Au-. A name used for slaves in .. [Aureola, Aureole, Auriol, Oriole, .. 1 more]

Aven 8 .. .. plant with white, yellow or reddish .. Popular as last name, and Aven (upper 20%) is comparable to common surnames Daven (upper 71%), Oven (57%), which also end with -ven. See also Abena.

Begonia 9 .. leaves and white, yellow, pink or .. Not generally used as a birth name, Begonia is used more conventionally as a surname.

Blaine 10 .. Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Yellow." Blaine (top 3%), Blane (17%), like Blaze (top 17%), Blasini (50%), are common Bla- prefix last names. Surname .. [Blane, .. 1 more]

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Summary of Golden names (and variants) for girls.

Aldina - Blaine
Aldina, Alyssa [Lissa, Lyssa, Ilyssa, Lissie, ..], Amber [Ambur, Ambre, Ambereen, Amberetta], Angharad, Atalanta [Atlanta, Atlante], Aurelia [Orel, Oralie, Irelee, Orelia, ..], Auriel [Oriel, Oriole, Auriol, Aureole], Aven, Begonia, Blaine [Blane, Blayne]

Caltha - Forsythia
Caltha, Celandine [Celida, Selodonia, Zeledonia, Cellandine], Chloris [Kloris, Cloris, Khloris, Chloress], Christa [Krista, Krysta, Khrysta, Krystah, ..], Chrysantha [Crisanna, Krisandra, Chrisanne, Chrysandra], Chryseis [Chrysilla], Chrystal [Chrystalla], Cressida [Cressa, Cressy], Crisanta [Chrisantha, Chrissanta, Chrissantha, Chryssantha], Daffodil, Dior [D'Or], Doreen [Dorine, Doryne, Doreyn, Dorreen], Dory, Eldora [Eldoree, Eldoria, Eldoris, Eldorada], Eurfron [Eurfyn], Euron [Auron, Euryl, Eurys, Euriona], Euronwy, Eurwen [Eurwyn], Flavia [Flavie, Flaviere, Flavyere], Forsythia

Gilda - Vanna
Gilda, Kim [Kym, Kimy, Kimmy, Kymme, ..], Krysanthe [Chrysantha], Marigold [Maragold, Marrigold], Nurit, Ophira [Ofira, Ofeera], Ora [Orra, Orabelle, Orareeana, Orarariana], Oracia [Orasia, Oratia, Orazia], Oralia [Orlene, Orlena, Orielda, Orielle, ..], Oriel [Orielle, Oriella, Auriella, Aurielle], Orinda, Oriole [Oriel, Oriola, Oriolle, Oriella, ..], Orla [Orrla, Orlagh, Orlaith], Pazia [Paza, Pazit], Rhiannon [Rianne, Rianon, Rianna, Riannon, ..], Saffron [Saffren, Saphron, Saffran, Saffronia], Taja [Taji, Tajia, Tajanee, Tajiana, ..], Tawny [Tawni, Tawnia, Tawnie, Tawnya, ..], Topaz, Vanna [Vana, Lavanna, Vanetta]

Xanthe - Zlata
Xanthe [Zantha, Xantha, Xanthia], Zahavah [Zahava, Zechava, Zehavah, Zehavit, ..], Zarina [Zareen, Zareena], Zlata [Zlatka, Zlatina, Alatinka]