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Artemis - Tallulah

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Artemis 1 .. .. as a tribute to the grandmother .. Not that prominent as a birth name. [Artemesia, Artemisia]

Edda 2 .. Derivative of Old Norse element. "Grandmother." Edda was not among 2014's Top names. See also Erda. Norse mytholgy ..

Lois 3 .. .. century Christian, the grandmother of Timothy .. Popular as last name, and Lois (top 20%) is comparable to common last names Lelis (top 61%), Kis (39%), which also end with -is. See also Leisa.

Nana 4 .. .. come to mean grandmother or person .. Nana rose in popularity in the 1880s and is now less popular. See also Noni.

Nokomis 5 .. Derived fr. Native American Indian. "grandmother." Not Top 1000 name. From Longfellow's famous poem The song ..

Tallulah 6 .. .. was named after her paternal grandmother. Tally and variants are not often used as girls' names. [Talley, Tallula, Tally, Tula, .. 3 more]

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Artemis - Tallulah
Artemis [Artemesia, Artemisia], Edda, Lois, Nana, Nokomis, Tallulah [Tula, Tally, Talula, Talley, Tallie, Tallula, Talulla]