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Gray names and what they mean, for gray.

These girl names were at the height of their popularity in 2002 (usage of 0.526%) and are somewhat less popular today (usage 0.4808%, down 8.6%), with names such as Griselda becoming less fashionable. Athena (#195), Macy (#363), Jennifer (#220) and Leslie (#337) are four of the more trendy names for newborns in this compilation, and there is a revival in birth name usage for Leslie. Mazy (top 69%) and Laslie (35%) are conventional last names.

Athena - Selima

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Gray names: Athena, Griselda, Jennifer, Leslie, Macy

Athena 1 .. .. to her as "gray eyed Athena". Popular, and Athena, Atheena are comparable to common -ena last name Aravena (upper 60%). [Atheena, Athenais, Athene, Attie, .. 2 more]

Griselda 2 .. Also possibly "gray fighting maid" or .. Zelda (top 24%), Griselda (25%), Gricelda (75%) and Grisel (89%) are frequently occurring women's names. [Chriselda, Griselle, Grizelda, Gryselde, .. 13 more]

Jennifer 3 .. .. Actresses Jennifer Gray, Jennifer Jones, Jennifer .. Jenne (top 12%), Jenny (12%), Jen (13%), Jenney (17%) and Genna (18%) occur regularly as surnames. [Genever, Geniffer, Jeffie, Jeni, Jennafer, Jennefer, Jenneffer, Jenney, Jennifeur, Jenniffer, .. 27 more]

Leslie 4 .. Also possibly "the gray castle". Place .. Lauslie, Lislie and Loslie are kreatif forms. [Leslea, Leslee, Lesley, .. 6 more]

Macy 5 .. .. Pop singer Macy Gray. Macy, Macey, Maci and Macie are commonly used as forms. [Macee, Maicey, .. 4 more]

Selima 6 .. .. the poet Thomas Gray (18th century) .. Uncommon. Selima, like Sima, ends with -ima. [Saleema, .. 2 more]

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Summary of Gray names (and variants) for girls.

Athena - Selima
Athena [Attie, Athie, Athina, Athene, Atheena, Athenais], Griselda [Zelda, Selda, Grizel, Grissel, Gryselde, Grizelda, Gryzelde, Grishilde, ..], Jennifer [Jenny, Jennie, Jenyfer, Jennica, Jenniver, Jennyfer, Jenniffer, Jennifeur, ..], Leslie [Lesli, Lesly, Leslee, Lesley, Lezley, Lezlee, Lezlie, Lesleigh], Macy [Maci, Macey, Macee, Macie, Maicy, Maicey], Selima [Selimah, Saleema, Saleemah]