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Gray Names

6 Gray names and what they mean, for gray for baby girls, listing 1-6. Here is the list of Gray names for boys.

Athena .. Homer, in the "Odyssey", refers to her as "gray-eyed Athena".
[Atheena, Athenais, Athene, Athie, Athina, .. 1 more]

Griselda .. Also possibly "gray fighting maid" or the name may derive from the German word "gries", meaning "gravel" or "stone" ..
[Chriselda, Gricelda, Gricely, Grisel, Griseldis, .. 12 more]

Jennifer .. Actresses Jennifer Gray, Jennifer Jones, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jennifer O'Neill, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez.
[Genever, Genifer, Genna, Genni, Gennie, .. 32 more]

Leslie .. Also possibly "the gray castle" ..
[Leslea, Leslee, Lesleigh, Lesley, Lesli, .. 4 more]

Macy .. Pop singer Macy Gray.
[Macee, Macey, Maci, Macie, Maicey, .. 1 more]

Selima .. Literary name first used by the poet Thomas Gray (18th century) in passing reference to a cat.
[Saleema, Saleemah, Selimah]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Gray names: Athena, Griselda, Jennifer, Leslie, Macy

Athena, Griselda, Jennifer, Leslie and Macy are commonly used names, while Selima is rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Suggested words: ancient, bay, black, dark, flat, old, pale, pearl, silver, solemn, white.

Adela .. Latinate form of Adele, which is from the French Adèle, an ancient name popular in medieval Europe because of the fame of a seventh-century saint, a daughter of the Frankish king Dagobert II ..
[Adalia, Adalie, Adele, Adelia, Adelita, .. 5 more]

Arabella .. A ship named the Arbella brought a group of Puritan English aristocrats to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 ..
[Ara, Arabel, Arabela, Arabelle, Arbela, .. 12 more]

Angel .. Angel is common as an American Black girl's name.
[Ang, Angelea, Angle]

Armona .. (Hebrew) "Chestnut brown."

Aphra .. Also possibly from the Latin name Afra, which was originally an ethnic name for a woman from Africa, which was later used as a nickname for a dark person ..
[Affera, Affery, Afra]

Starling Bird name: a common bird with drab plummage ..

Dusty .. English singer Dusty Springfield.
[Dustan, Dustee, Dustie, Dustin]

Apollonia .. Saint Apollonia was an elderly third-century Christian martyr ..
[Abbeline, Abbelina, Apolena, Apolline, Appoline, .. 5 more]

Mesa .. Geography name: flat-topped hill in southwestern America ..
[Maisa, Maysa]

Ada (Old German) "Noble" ..
[Adan, Adda, Addi, Addiah, Addie, .. 9 more]

Blake .. (Old English) "Pale." ..
[Blakelee, Blakeley, Blakely, Blakenee, Bladeney, .. 1 more]

Emerald .. See also Pearl, Ruby and Diamond ..
[Em, Emeralda, Emeraldina, Emeraude, Emmarald, .. 1 more]

Trista .. This ancient name might derive from a Pictish original, Drostan, but the form was influenced by the French term "triste", meaning "sad" ..
[Tristan, Tristana, Tristen, Tristin, Tristina, .. 4 more]

Aranrhod .. Arianrhod is a modern variant meaning "silver wheel".


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