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Great Names

Page 1/3. 50 Great names and what they mean, for great for baby girls, listing 1-20. Alexandria, Alisa, Augusta, Berenice, Calista, Catherine, Chantal, Cleopatra and Constance are commonly used names, while Abia, Amadea, Arden, Austine, Brittania, Brunhilda, Cimarron, Cybele, Cybil, Dai and Deyanira are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Great names for boys.

Abia .. "Great."

Alexandria .. Variant of Alexandra, influenced by the name of the city in Egypt, founded by Alexander the Great in 322 BC and named in his honor ..

Alisa .. "Great happiness." ..
[Alisah, Alise, Alissa, Alissah, Aliza, .. 8 more]

Amadea .. Amadeus was Mozart's middle name, given great prominence by Peter Shaffer's play and film.
[Amadee, Amedee]

Arden .. "Great forest." ..
[Ardeen, Ardena, Ardene, Ardenia, Ardin, .. 1 more]

Augusta .. "Great, magnificent." ..
[Agostina, Agustina, Asta, Auguste, Augustia, .. 12 more]

Austine .. "Great, magnificent." ..
[Austina, Austyn]

Berenice .. It was introduced to the Egyptian royal house by the widow of one of Alexander the Great's officers, who married Ptolemy I ..
[Berenis, Berenisa, Berenise, Bernessa, Bernetta, .. 2 more]

Brittania .. "From Brittany or Great Britain." ..
[Britania, Britannia, Brittanya]

Brunhilda .. The name has connotations of great physical strength.
[Brinhild, Brinhilda, Brinhilde, Brunhild, Brunhilde, .. 15 more]

Calista .. Mythology: an Arcadian nymph who metamorphosed into a she-bear, then into the Great Bear constellation ..
[Cala, Calesta, Cali, Calissa, Calisto, .. 20 more]

Catherine .. One of the great traditional names for women, with variations in many languages .. The name of several saints and queens, including Catherine the Great, empress of Russia, and three of Henry VIII's six wives ..
[Cadi, Cait, Caitey, Caitie, Caitlin, .. 206 more]

Chantal .. It was originally given in honor of Saint Jeanne-Françoise de Chantal (17th-century), a woman of great piety who adopted a strict religious life and founded an order of nuns, the Vistandines, devoted at first to charity and later to teaching and devotion to Jesus ..
[Chandal, Chanta, Chantaal, Chantae, Chantael, .. 68 more]

Cimarron Place name: a city in Kansas and a river that runs across the Great Plains from New Mexico to Oklahoma ..
[Cimeron, Simarron, Simeron]

Cleopatra .. She is portrayed as a passionate woman of great beauty ..
[Clea, Cleo, Cleona, Cleone, Cleonie, .. 2 more]

Constance .. The name was also borne by the virgin saint daughter of Constantine the Great and a daughter of William the Conqueror ..
[Con, Concetina, Conetta, Connee, Conney, .. 25 more]

Cybele .. "Great mother of the gods." Mythology: an ancient Phrygian nature goddess worshipped as the Great Mother in Asia Minor ..
[Cybel, Cybille]

Cybil .. "Great mother of the gods." ..

Dai .. "Great."

Deyanira .. "Devastating, capable of great destruction." ..
[Daianira, Dayanira, Deianira, Dellanira, Diyanira, .. 2 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Great names: Alexandria, Alisa, Arden, Augusta, Berenice, Calista, Catherine, Chantal, Constance, Deyanira

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