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Great names and what they mean, for great, high, greatest for females. Here is the list of Great names for boys. These girl names reached the peak of their popularity in 1992 (usage of 0.2138%) and are somewhat less popular today (usage 0.1361%, down 36.3%), with names like Breanna, Charity, Diamond, Monica and Precious falling out of fashion. The trendier girl names in this list are Alexandria (#211), Harley (#349), Kendra (#259), Maia (#626) and Morgan (#101).

Abia - Alta

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Abia 1 .. Source fr. Arabic. "Great." Unisex name. Abia is seldom adopted as a baby name.

Ailani 2 .. Derivative of Hawaiian. "High chief." Uncommon. Compare Ailani, and common surnames Lalani, Salani, with the -lani ending. See also Alana.

Alexandria 3 .. .. by Alexander the Great in 322 BC .. Listed in Top 1000. See also Alixandra.

Alisa 4 .. Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Great happiness." Alisa, like Zisa, Risa, is a popular surname that ends with -isa. Also a variant of Alicia. [Alisah, Alissa, Aliza, Allissah, .. 9 more]

Alta 5 .. Stems fr. Latin element. "High, elevated." Unconventional. Compare Alta, Allta, and popular last names Mota, Luta, which also end with -ta. .. reference to the "high grace" of .. [Allta, .. 1 more]

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[Abia - Alta]
Abia, Ailani, Alexandria, Alisa [Alyssa, Alyssah, ..], Alta [Allta, Altha]

[Amadea - Constance]
Amadea [Amadee, Amedee], Arcangela [Archangela, Archangelia], Arden [Ardin, Ardis, ..], Asma, Augusta [Tina, Gusta, ..], Austine [Austyn, Austina], Berenice [Bernie, Bernise, ..], Breanna [Breonda, Breonna, ..], Brianda [Briand], Brianna [Brynne, Breayanna, ..], Brittania [Britannia, Brittanya], Brunhilda [Hildy, Nilda, ..], Calista [Kalysta, Kallysta, ..], Catherine [Yekaterin, Yekaterina, ..], Chandra [Chandy, Chaundra, ..], Chantal [Shontel, Shontelle, ..], Charity [Sharity, Sharitye, ..], Cimarron [Simeron, Simarron], Cleopatra [Clio, Cleta, ..], Constance [Tina, Kostatina, ..]

[Cybele - Mary]
Cybele [Cybel, Cybille], Cybil [Cybill], Dai, Deyanira [Nira, Neera, ..], Diamond [Diamonique, Diamontina, ..], Elata, Estelle [Stella, Stelle, ..], Galiena [Galyena, Galliena, ..], Gambhira, Gevira, Halleli [Hilly, Hallelujah, ..], Harley [Harly, Harlie, ..], Helen [Nora, Yelena, ..], Jay [Jey, Jeyla, ..], Katherine [Yekaterin, Yekaterina, ..], Kendra [Kyndria, Lakendra, ..], Kindra, Lady [Ladey, Laidy], Maia [Mya, Moya, ..], Mary [Poll, Polly, ..]

[Massima - Thais]
Massima [Maxima], Maxine [Maxy, Maxina, ..], Mehitabel [Hetty, Hitty, ..], Meredith [Merry, Merridie, ..], Monica [Monnie, Monnica, ..], Moreen [Morella], Morgan [Morgen, Morgin, ..], Moya [Moja], Nefertiti, Nina [Nyna, Ninotchka, ..], Philadelphia, Precious [Precia, Preciosa], Rama [Ramah], Rhiannon [Rianon, Riannon, ..], Roxanne [Ruksane, Ruksanna, ..], Sadira, Samya [Samia], Sheba [Sheeba, Shieba, ..], Taisiya [Taya, Tasya, ..], Thais [Taisse, Thaisa, ..]

[Traviata - Vicenza]
Traviata, Treva [Trevia, Trevina], Trilby [Trilbie, Trillby, ..], Velika, Velvet, Venetia [Vonitia, Vonizia, ..], Vicenza [Vichenza, Vichensia, ..]