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Greece Names

(See: Greek Names)

12 Greece names and what they mean, for greece for baby girls, listing 1-12. Here is the list of Greek names for boys.

Arcadia .. Also originally the place name of a mountainous region in Greece which came to symbolize the home of simple and rustic pastoral happiness, and later, for Paradise itself.

Doria .. Place name: an area in Greece ..
[Dori, Dorian, Doriana, Doriane, Dorianna, .. 5 more]

Doris .. Place name: an area in Greece ..
[Doree, Dori, Doria, Dorian, Dorice, .. 11 more]

Elidia .. (Greek) "From Elide valley in Greece."

Filia .. Popular in Greece.

Heladia .. Greece is also known as the land of the Hellenes.

Ionia Place name: refers to the Ionian Sea and the Ionian Islands off Greece.
[Eionia, Ionija, Ionya]

Isadora .. Also feminine form of Isidore, a popular name in ancient Greece ..
[Isidora, Ysadora]

Melissa .. The name was used since ancient Greece ..
[Lisa, Malissa, Mallissa, Mel, Melesa, .. 26 more]

Parthenia .. The Parthenon of Athens, Greece, was named after one of the aspects of the divine patroness of the city, Athena Parthenos, or "Athena the Maiden" ..
[Partheenia, Parthena, Parthenie, Parthinia, Pathina, .. 1 more]

Tecla .. The name is popular in Greece.
[Teccla, Tekla, Tekli, Telca, Telka, .. 2 more]

Zoe .. Popular in Greece ..
[Zoee, Zoelie, Zoeline, Zoelle, Zoey, .. 5 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Greece names: Doris, Melissa, Parthenia, Zoe

Doria, Doris, Elidia, Isadora, Melissa, Parthenia and Zoe are commonly used names, while Arcadia, Filia, Heladia, Ionia and Tecla are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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