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Ancient Greek was the language of Homer and of classical Athenian historians, playwrights and philosophers, and holds an important place in Western history, language and literature. Baby names of Greek origin, for greek, greece.

These girl names reached the top of their popularity during the years 1960-1969 (usage of 0.1252%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.0973%, 22.3% less), but with names such as Asia, Brisa, Denise, Kaitlin and Krystal becoming somewhat outmoded. The more fashionable names for newborns in this list are Azalea (#527), Colette (#522), Eloise (#300), Kora (#691) and Maisie (#658), and there is a rekindling in baby name usage for Colette and Eloise. Alexandris (top 88%) and Andreae (40%) are familiar surnames.

Here is the list of Greek names for boys.

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Page 1/31 of 614 Greek names.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Greek names: Agatha, Aggie, Agnes

Abellona 1 .. "Destroyer." Rare, but Abellona is comparable to popular Abel- surname Abellera (top 31%). Greek mythology: Apollo is the sun ..

Acacia 2 .. "Thorny tree." Acaash, Acaciaau and Alacia are kreatif forms. .. Latin form "acacia" of Greek "akakia" ..

Adara 3 .. "Virgin; beauty; noble." Unusual as children's names, but Adra, Adara, etc. are pronounced like the more common Audry.

Adelpha 4 .. "Beloved sister." A baby name that is rarely used.

Adonia 5 .. "Extremely good looking." Also used for boys. Not Top 1000 name. Greek mythology: Adonis was a young ..

Adora 6 .. "A gift; beloved; adored." Less popular today. Dora was the form last recorded (1992) in the Top 1000.

Aegina 7 .. .. one of the Greek islands close .. Aegina and Egina are rarely adopted as girls' names.

Aesara 8 .. Sparing use. Aesara is not found in the US Census.

Agapi 9 .. "Love, affection." Agapi, Agape and Agappe are seldom adopted as girls' names.

Agatha [Aggie, .. more] 10 .. "Good, honorable." Agatha, Aggie and Agueda are widely used as forms. .. form of the Greek name Agathe ..

Agave 11 .. "Illustrious, noble." Outside Top 1000. See also Agate.

Aggie 12 .. "Good, pure." Less widespread today. Aggie last appeared in 1880-1889 in the Top 1000. See also Agi. Pet form of Agatha and Agnes.

Aglaia 13 .. "Brilliance." Rare. Aglaia, like Aemilia, uses the -ia ending. Greek mythology: one of the Three ..

Agnes [Aggie, .. more] 14 .. "Pure, holy." Not Top 1000 names. .. form of the Greek name Hagnes ..

Agrafina 15 .. "Born feet first." Agrafina and Agrafena are not often adopted as girls' names. Russian name ..

Agrippa [Agrafina, Agrippina, .. more] 16 .. "Born feet first." Not Top 1000 names. Name of a first century Roman ..

Agrippina 17 .. "Born feet first." Agripina is generally used as a version of Agrippina. Sister of the corrupt Roman emperor ..

Airlea 18 .. "Ethereal." Uncommon, with the androgynous-sounding -ea ending for Airlea, like Alurea.

Akilina 19 .. Greek and Russian form of Aquilina. Outside Top 1000.

Alala 20 .. "War-like." Uncommon. Alala (cf. Addula) has the feminine -la suffix. See also Amala. Greek mythology: the sister of Ares ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Greek names for girls.

Abellona - Alala
Abellona, Acacia, Adara, Adelpha, Adonia, Adora [Dora], Aegina, Aesara, Agapi, Agatha [Aggie], Agave, Aggie, Aglaia, Agnes [Ynez, ..], Agrafina, Agrippa [Agrippina], Agrippina, Airlea, Akilina, Alala

Alastair - Altheda
Alastair, Alcestis, Alcina, Aldora, Alena, Alesia, Alesta, Aleta, Alethea [Aleta], Alessandra, Alex, Alexandra [Zandra, ..], Alexandria, Alexis [Lexie], Alina [Alena], Allyriane, Alondra, Alpha, Althea [Thea], Altheda

Aludra - Angela
Aludra, Alysia, Alyssa [Lissa], Amalthea, Amarantha, Amarilla, Amaryllis, Ambrosine, Amethyst, Aminta, Anahita, Anastasia [Tasia, ..], Anatolia, Andie, Andrea [Andie], Andromeda, Anela, Anemone, Angel, Angela [Tangela]

Anice - Arista
Anice [Annis], Anise, Annis, Anniston, Antalya, Anthea, Anthemia, Antigone, Aphrodite, Apollonia, Arachne, Arcadia, Arcangela, Ardea, Aretha [Arethusa], Arethusa, Argia, Ariadne, Arisje, Arista

Arminta - Babette
Arminta, Artemis [Artemisia], Arsenia, Artemisia, Asemina, Asia, Aspasia, Asphodel, Asta [Asteria], Asteria, Astraea, Atalanta, Athanasia, Athena, Aura, Azalea [Azalia], Azalia, Azelia, Babe, Babette

Baptista - Calista
Baptista, Barbara [Varvara, ..], Basilia, Bay, Berenice, Bernice [Veronica], Beryl, Beta, Bobbie, Braulia, Brisa, Bronte, Bryony, Cady, Caitlin [Kaitlin, ..], Caitrin, Calandra [Callie], Calantha [Callie], Calida [Calla], Calista [Kallista, ..]

Calla - Catriona
Calla, Callidora, Callie [Kallie], Calligenia, Calliope [Kalliope], Calypso, Carissa [Karissa], Caron, Cass, Cassandra [Zandra, ..], Cassia, Cassiopeia, Castalia, Catarina, Catherine [Yekaterina, ..], Cathleen, Cathy [Kathy], Catrice, Catrin, Catriona [Katrina]

Celandine - Chrystal
Celandine, Celena [Selina, ..], Celina [Selena], Celosia, Cenobia, Ceres, Charis [Karissa, ..], Charisma [Karisma], Charissa, Charmian, Cherida, Cheryl, Chloe, Chloris [Cloris], Chorine, Chriselda, Christa, Christian, Chrysantha [Krisandra], Chrystal

Cindy - Corinna
Cindy, Cinnamon, Cira [Cyrilla], Circe, Clea, Clelia, Clematis, Cleo [Clio], Cleone, Cleopatra [Clio, ..], Cleta, Cliantha, Clio [Cleo], Cloris [Chloris], Clymene, Clytie, Colette, Coline [Nicoline], Cora [Korina, ..], Corinna [Korina]

Corinne - Daira
Corinne [Korina], Corinthia, Corisande, Cosima, Cressida, Crisanta, Crystal [Krystal], Cyanea, Cybele, Cybil, Cymbeline, Cyma, Cynara, Cynthia [Kynthia], Cypris, Cyra, Cyrene, Cyrilla, Cytherea, Daira

Damaris - Deyanira
Damaris, Damia, Danae, Daphne, Daria, Daryn, Decca, Deiondra, Deitra, Deja [Deyanira], Delia, Delphine, Delta, Demetria [Dimitra], Denise, Desdemona, Desma, Dessa, Destiny, Deyanira

Diana - Egidia
Diana [Diandra], Diandra, Dianthe [Diandra], Dido, Dimitra [Demetria], Dionne [Deiondra], Dionysia, Dodie, Dora [Dorinda, ..], Dorcas, Doretta, Doria, Dorinda, Doris [Doria], Dorothy [Thea, ..], Drew, Ebony, Echo, Effie [Euphemia], Egidia

Eilidh - Eppie
Eilidh, Eireen, Ekaterina [Yekaterina], Elaine, Eleanor [Nora, ..], Electra, Elen [Elin], Elena, Eleuthera, Eliana, Elidi, Elidia, Elin, Elissa [Lissa], Ellen [Nelly, ..], Elnora, Elodie, Eloise, Elpida, Eppie

Eris - Filippa
Eris, Ersilia [Hersilia], Estefany, Eudocia, Eudora [Dora], Eugenia [Gene], Eulalia [Lallie], Eunice, Euphemia [Phoebe, ..], Euphrosyne, Eurydice, Eustacia [Stacy], Evadne, Evangeline, Evania, Evanthe, Fedora, Fiby, Filia, Filippa

Filis - Halcyone
Filis, Gaia [Gala], Gala, Galatea, Galina [Gala], Gemini, Gene, Georgette, Georgia [Georgina, ..], Georgina, Geranium, Ghita, Giacinta, Gilette, Grace, Greta [Gretel], Gretel, Gretchen, Haidee, Halcyone

Halimeda - Idalia
Halimeda, Harmony, Hebe, Hedy, Heladia, Helen [Nora, ..], Hera, Hermia, Hermione [Hermia], Hero, Herodias, Hersilia [Ersilia], Hesper, Hestia, Hippolyta, Hyacinth [Jacinda], Hypatia, Ianthe, Ida, Idalia

Idona - Kaitlin
Idona, Ilene, Iliana, Ilona, Io, Ioanna, Iola, Iolanthe, Iona, Ione [Ionia], Ionia, Iphigenia, Irene [Yarina, ..], Iris, Isadora, Isaura [Aura], Jacinda, Jelena [Galina], Jolan, Kaitlin [Caitlin]

Kallie - Kora
Kallie [Callie], Kalliope, Kallista [Kallie, ..], Karen [Karin], Karin, Karis, Karisma, Karissa, Karla, Kassandra, Katherine [Yekaterina, ..], Kathleen [Kaitlin], Kathy [Cathy], Katie, Katrina [Catriona], Kineta, Kira, Kitty, Kolina, Kora [Korina]

Kori - Lexie
Kori, Korina, Krisandra, Krysanthe [Chrysantha], Krystal [Krystal], Kynthia, Kyra [Kira], Lalage [Lallie], Lalia, Lallie [Lalia], Lana, Lara, Leandra, Leda, Leith, Lenore [Leonora], Leonora [Leora], Leora, Letha, Lexie

Ligia - Marcella
Ligia, Lisandra, Lissa, Lois, Lotus, Lycia, Lydia, Lyris, Lysandra [Lisandra], Macaria, Madge, Magali, Magda, Magdalena, Maggie [Magali], Maia [Moya], Maisie, Malva, Mamie, Marcella

Marcia - Mirta
Marcia [Marcella], Margaret [Rita, ..], Margery [Marjorie], Marjorie [Margery], Marlene, Marmara, Medea, Meg, Megan [Meg], Melanie [Melantha], Melantha, Melina, Melisande [Lisandra], Melissa [Melisande], Melita, Melody, Meta, Migdalia, Minerva, Mirta

Mischa - Nicoline
Mischa, Monica, Moya, Musidora, Myra, Naida, Narcissa, Nastasia, Neda, Nelly, Neola, Neoma, Nereida [Nerida], Nerida, Nerine [Nerissa], Nerissa, Nessie, Nicola, Nicole [Nikita, ..], Nicoline

Nidia - Olympia
Nidia [Nydia], Nike, Nikita, Ninfa, Niobe, Nitsa, Nora, Nydia [Nidia], Nysa, Nyx, Oceana, Odele, Odessa, Ola, Olena [Elena], Olesia [Ola], Olethea, Olexa, Olinda, Olympia

Omega - Pelagia
Omega, Onella, Ophelia [Filia], Orfea, Orthia, Otamisia, Pallas, Pamela, Pandora [Dora], Pangiota, Pania, Panphila, Panthea, Paradisa, Paris, Parthenia, Parthenope, Pearl, Peggy, Pelagia

Penelope - Philomena
Penelope [Penny], Penny, Penthea, Peony, Peri, Pernella, Perrin, Persis, Petra [Pierette], Phaedra, Phemia, Pheodora [Fedora], Phila, Philadelphia, Philana [Phila], Philantha, Philippa [Pippa, ..], Phillida, Philomela, Philomena

Philopena - Ritsa
Philopena, Philothea, Philyra, Phoebe, Phoenix, Phyllis [Filis], Pierette, Pippa, Pleiade, Psyche, Raisa, Rena, Rene, Reta, Reza, Rhea, Rhoda, Rhodanthe, Rita, Ritsa

Saba - Sophia
Saba, Salena [Selena], Samantha, Sandra [Zandra, ..], Sandy, Sasha, Sebastiane, Sefarina, Selena [Selina, ..], Selina [Selena, ..], Semele, Senga, Sevilla, Shura, Sibyl [Sybil, ..], Sirena, Sofia, Sondra, Sonia, Sophia [Sonia]

Sophronia - Thais
Sophronia, Soraya, Stacy, Starla, Stephanie, Stina, Sybil [Sibyl, ..], Taisiya [Tasia], Tandy, Tangela, Tansy [Tandy], Tasia, Tea, Tecla, Teddi, Teresa [Tessa], Terpsichore, Terra, Tessa, Thais

Thalassa - Trina
Thalassa, Thalia, Thea [Tea], Thelma, Themis, Theodora [Theodosia, ..], Theodosia [Tossa], Theone, Theophania, Theophila, Theresa [Zita, ..], Therma, Thisbe, Thomasina, Tiffany, Timothea [Thea], Titania, Tossa, Tracy, Trina

Tryphena - Yolanda
Tryphena, Tzefira, Urania, Vanessa [Nessie], Varvara, Vasilia, Venus, Veronica, Vesta, Violante, Wysandra, Xandra [Zandra], Xanthe, Xenia [Zena], Xylia, Yalena, Yarina, Yekaterina [Ekaterina], Ynez, Yolanda [Jolan, ..]

Zaina - Zsofia
Zaina, Zandra, Zelenia, Zelia, Zena, Zenaide, Zenobia [Zenaide, ..], Zephyr [Tzefira], Zinaida [Zenaide], Zita, Zoanne, Zoe, Zolynn, Zsofia