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Ancient Greek was the language of Homer and of classical Athenian historians, playwrights and philosophers, and holds an important place in Western history, language and literature. Baby names of Greek origin, for greek, greece.

These girl names were at the top of their popularity 94 years ago (usage of 23.4%) and are now significantly less widespread (usage 9.3%, 60% less), with names such as Thelma becoming less stylish. The more fashionable names for newborns in this list are Athena (#195), Lydia (#84), Nora (#49), Penelope (#42) and Sofia (#12).

Here is the list of Greek names for boys.


Names may be associated with an origin, eg. Nelson is associated with "African" but is not of African origin.

Abellona - Alastair

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Top 2000 baby names ranking of Greek names: Acacia, Adara, Agatha, Aggie, Agnes

"Destroyer." Abellota and Abelna are kreatif forms. Greek mythology: Apollo is the sun ..

"Thorny tree." Alacia is also a moderately popular girl's name. .. Latin form "acacia" of Greek "akakia" ..

"Virgin; beauty; noble." Popular, and Adara is similar to common last names Andara (top 87%), Azuara (42%), which also end with -ara.

"Beloved sister." A baby name that is rarely used.

"Extremely good looking." Also used for boys. Rare, with the -ia ending, like Ardenia, Allia. Greek mythology: Adonis was a young ..

"A gift; beloved; adored." Dora, Dori, Dorie and Dorrie are commonplace as forms of Adora.

.. one of the Greek islands close .. Aegina and Egina are rarely adopted as girls' names.

Sparing use. Aesara is not found in the US Census.

"Love, affection." Agapi, Agape and Agappe are seldom adopted as girls' names.

AgathaAgatha [Aggie1, .. more]
"Good, honorable." Agatha, Aggie and Agueda are widely used as forms. .. form of the Greek name Agathe ..

"Illustrious, noble." Outside Top 2000. See also Agate.

"Good, pure." Less widespread today. Aggie last appeared in 1930-1939 in the Top 2000. See also Agi. Pet form of Agatha and Agnes.

"Brilliance." Rare. Aglaia, like Azelia, Artia, uses the -ia ending. Greek mythology: one of the Three ..

AgnesAgnes [Aggie3, .. more]
"Pure, holy." Common, with usage of 0.016% for Agnes, Agnesse, etc. as girls' names in 2014, though lower than 0.017% the previous year. .. form of the Greek name Hagnes ..

"Born feet first." Agrafina and Agrafena are not often adopted as girls' names. Russian name ..

Agrippa [Agrafina2, Agrippina, .. more]
"Born feet first." Not Top 2000 names. Name of a first century Roman ..

"Born feet first." Agripina is generally used as a version of Agrippina. Sister of the corrupt Roman emperor ..

"Ethereal." Uncommon, with the androgynous-sounding -ea ending for Airlea, like Adreea.

"War-like." Alama (upper 48%), Albala (87%) are familiar surnames. See also Amala. Greek mythology: the sister of Ares ..

"Man's defender." Alastriona and variants are rarely found as feminine names. Scottish variant of Alexander.

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Index of all names [and variants] for Greek names for girls.

1. Abellona - Alastair
Abellona, Acacia, Adara, Adelpha, Adonia, Adora [Dora], Aegina, Aesara, Agapi, Agatha [Aggie], Agave, Aggie, Aglaia, Agnes [Nessie, ..], Agrafina, Agrippa [Agrippina, ..], Agrippina, Airlea, Alala, Alastair

2. Alcestis - Aludra
Alcestis, Alcina, Aldora, Alena, Alesia, Alesta, Aleta, Alethea [Aleta], Alessandra, Alex, Alexandra [Xandra, ..], Alexandria, Alexis [Lexie, ..], Alina [Alena], Allyriane, Alondra, Alpha, Althea [Thea, ..], Altheda, Aludra

3. Alysia - Annis
Alysia, Alyssa, Amalthea, Amarantha, Amarilla, Amaryllis, Ambrosine, Amethyst, Aminta, Anastasia [Tasia, ..], Anatolia, Andie, Andrea [Andie], Andromeda, Anela, Anemone, Angel, Angela [Tangela, ..], Anice [Annis], Annis

4. Antalya - Asemina
Antalya, Anthea, Anthemia, Antigone, Aphrodite, Apollonia, Arachne, Arcadia, Arcangela, Ardea, Aretha [Arethusa], Arethusa, Argia, Ariadne, Arisje, Arista, Artemis [Artemisia], Arsenia, Artemisia, Asemina

5. Asia - Braulia
Asia, Aspasia, Asphodel, Asta [Asteria], Asteria, Astraea, Atalanta, Athanasia, Athena, Azalea [Azalia], Azalia, Babe, Babette, Baptista, Basilia, Berenice, Bernice [Veronica, ..], Beryl, Beta, Braulia

6. Bryony - Cassiopeia
Bryony, Cady, Caitlin [Catriona, ..], Caitrin, Calandra [Callie], Calantha [Callie], Calida [Calla], Calista [Kallista, ..], Calla, Callidora, Callie [Kallie], Calligenia, Calliope [Kalliope], Calypso, Carissa [Karissa, ..], Caron, Cass, Cassandra [Sandy, ..], Cassia, Cassiopeia

7. Castalia - Chloe
Castalia, Catarina, Catherine [Yekaterina, ..], Cathleen, Cathy [Kathy], Catrice, Catrin, Catriona [Katrina, ..], Celandine, Celena [Selina, ..], Celina [Selena, ..], Celosia, Cenobia, Charis [Karissa, ..], Charisma [Karisma, ..], Charissa, Charmian, Cherida, Cheryl, Chloe

8. Chloris - Clymene
Chloris [Cloris], Chorine, Chriselda, Chrysantha [Krisandra], Chrystal, Cindy, Cinnamon, Cira [Cyrilla], Circe, Clea, Clelia, Clematis, Cleo [Clio, ..], Cleone, Cleopatra [Clio, ..], Cleta, Cliantha, Clio [Cleo], Cloris [Chloris], Clymene

9. Clytie - Cyrene
Clytie, Colette, Coline [Nicoline], Cora [Korina, ..], Corinna [Korina, ..], Corinne [Korina], Corinthia, Cosima, Cressida, Crisanta, Crystal [Krystal, ..], Cyanea, Cybele, Cybil, Cyma, Cynara, Cynthia [Kynthia, ..], Cypris, Cyra, Cyrene

10. Cyrilla - Dimitra
Cyrilla, Cytherea, Daira, Damaris, Damia, Danae, Daphne, Daria, Daryn, Deitra, Delia, Delphine, Delta, Demetria [Dimitra, ..], Desdemona, Desma, Deyanira, Dianthe, Dido, Dimitra [Demetria]

11. Dionne - Elena
Dionne, Dionysia, Dora [Dorinda, ..], Dorcas, Doretta, Doria, Dorinda, Doris [Doria], Dorothy [Thea, ..], Ebony, Echo, Effie [Euphemia, ..], Egidia, Eilidh, Eireen, Ekaterina [Yekaterina], Elaine, Electra, Elen [Elin], Elena

12. Eleuthera - Eustacia
Eleuthera, Elidi, Elidia, Elin, Ellen [Elin, ..], Elnora, Elpida, Eppie, Eris, Ersilia [Hersilia], Estefany, Eudocia, Eudora [Dora], Eugenia [Gene], Eulalia [Lallie], Eunice, Euphemia [Phoebe, ..], Euphrosyne, Eurydice, Eustacia

13. Evadne - Gilette
Evadne, Evangeline, Evania, Evanthe, Fedora, Fiby, Filia, Filippa, Filis, Gaia, Galatea, Galina, Gemini, Gene, Georgette, Georgia [Georgina, ..], Georgina, Ghita, Giacinta, Gilette

14. Greta - Hypatia
Greta [Gretel, ..], Gretel, Gretchen, Haidee, Halcyone, Halimeda, Hebe, Hedy, Helen [Nora, ..], Hera, Hermia, Hermione [Hermia], Hero, Herodias, Hersilia [Ersilia], Hesper, Hestia, Hippolyta, Hyacinth [Jacinda, ..], Hypatia

15. Ianthe - Kallista
Ianthe, Ida, Idalia, Idona, Iliana, Ilona, Iola, Iolanthe, Iona, Ione, Iphigenia, Irene [Yarina, ..], Iris, Isadora, Jacinda, Jelena [Galina], Jolan, Kallie [Callie], Kalliope, Kallista [Kallie, ..]

16. Karen - Krystal
Karen [Karin, ..], Karin, Karis, Karisma, Karissa, Karla, Katherine [Yekaterina, ..], Kathleen [Cathleen], Kathy [Cathy], Katie, Katrina [Catriona], Kineta, Kira, Kolina, Kora [Korina, ..], Kori, Korina, Krisandra, Krysanthe [Chrysantha], Krystal [Krystal]

17. Kynthia - Macaria
Kynthia, Kyra [Kira], Lalage [Lallie], Lalia, Lallie [Lalia], Leandra, Leda, Lenore [Leonora], Leonora [Leora, ..], Leora, Letha, Lexie, Ligia, Lois, Lotus, Lycia, Lydia, Lyris, Lysandra, Macaria

18. Magali - Melita
Magali, Magdalena, Maggie [Magali], Maia, Maisie, Malva, Mamie, Margaret [Rita, ..], Margery [Marjorie], Marjorie [Margery, ..], Marlene, Marmara, Medea, Meg, Megan [Meg], Melanie [Melantha], Melantha, Melina, Melissa, Melita

19. Melody - Nike
Melody, Meta, Mirta, Mischa, Musidora, Myra, Naida, Narcissa, Nastasia, Neola, Neoma, Nereida [Nerida], Nerida, Nerine [Nerida], Nessie, Nicola, Nicole [Nikita, ..], Nicoline, Nidia, Nike

20. Nikita - Orthia
Nikita, Ninfa, Niobe, Nitsa, Nora, Nysa, Nyx, Oceana, Odele, Odessa, Olena [Elena, ..], Olesia, Olethea, Olexa, Olinda, Olympia, Omega, Onella, Ophelia [Filia], Orthia

21. Otamisia - Persis
Otamisia, Pallas, Pamela, Pandora [Dora], Pangiota, Pania, Panphila, Panthea, Paradisa, Paris, Parthenia, Parthenope, Peggy, Pelagia, Penelope, Penthea, Peony, Pernella, Perrin, Persis

22. Petra - Psyche
Petra, Phaedra, Phemia, Pheodora [Fedora], Phila, Philadelphia, Philana [Phila], Philantha, Philippa [Pippa, ..], Phillida, Philomela, Philomena, Philothea, Philyra, Phoebe, Phoenix, Phyllis [Filis], Pippa, Pleiade, Psyche

23. Reta - Sophia
Reta, Rhea, Rhoda, Rhodanthe, Rita, Ritsa, Saba, Salena [Selena], Sandy, Sasha, Sebastiane, Sefarina, Selena [Selina, ..], Selina [Selena, ..], Semele, Shura, Sibyl [Sybil, ..], Sirena, Sofia, Sophia [Sofia]

24. Sophronia - Theophania
Sophronia, Stephanie, Sybil [Sibyl, ..], Tangela, Tansy, Tasia, Tecla, Teddi, Teresa, Terpsichore, Thais, Thalassa, Thalia, Thea, Thelma, Themis, Theodora [Theodosia, ..], Theodosia, Theone, Theophania

25. Theophila - Zaina
Theophila, Theresa [Zita, ..], Thisbe, Tiffany, Timothea [Thea], Titania, Tryphena, Urania, Vanessa [Nessie], Veronica, Violante, Xandra, Xanthe, Xenia [Zena, ..], Xylia, Yalena, Yarina, Yekaterina [Ekaterina], Yolanda [Jolan, ..], Zaina

26. Zena - Zsofia
Zena, Zenaide, Zenobia [Zenaide, ..], Zephyr [Sefarina], Zinaida [Zenaide, ..], Zita, Zoanne, Zoe, Zolynn, Zsofia