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Greek Mythology Names

Page 1/6. 118 Greek Mythology names and what they mean, for greek mythology for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Greek Mythology names for boys.

Abellona (Greek) "Destroyer." .. Greek mythology: Apollo is the sun god ..

Adonia (Greek) "Extremely good looking." .. Greek mythology: Adonis was a young man so beautiful that Aphrodite, goddess of love, became enamored of him ..

Aegina (Greek) Mythology: the name of a nymph who was impregnated by Zeus .. Also one of the Greek islands close to the mainland.

Aglaia (Greek) "Brilliance." .. Greek mythology: one of the Three Graces ..

Alala (Greek) "War-like." Greek mythology: the sister of Ares, the god of war.

Alcina (Greek) .. Greek mythology: a sorceress who rules over a magical island ..
[Alcee, Alcine, Alcinia, Allcine, Allcinia, .. 5 more]

Alethea (Greek) "Verity, truth." .. Mythology: goddess of truth ..
[Alathea, Alathia, Aleethia, Aleta, Aletea, .. 9 more]

Althea (Greek) "Healing herb." .. Greek mythology: mother of Meleager ..
[Altha, Althaea, Althaia, Altheda, Althelia, .. 4 more]

Amalthea (Greek) Greek mythology: the name of the mountain goat that nursed the infant Zeus ..

Andromeda (Greek) "Leader of men." Greek mythology: an Ethiopian princess, the daughter of Cassiopeia, was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea monster until Perseus rescued her ..

Anemone (Greek) "Windflower." Greek mythology: the name of a nymph who was turned into a flower.
[Anemona, Annaymone, Anneaymone]

Antigone (Greek) Mythology: the daughter of Oedipus.

Apollonia (Greek) Latin feminine form of the Greek male name Apollonios, from Apollo .. Mythology: Apollo was the Greek god of sunlight, music, and poetry ..
[Abbeline, Abbelina, Apolena, Apolline, Appoline, .. 5 more]

Arachne (Greek) Greek mythology: a young maiden who challenged the goddess Athena to a weaving contest and was turned into a spider for offending her ..
[Arakne, Archna]

Arethusa (Greek) Greek mythology: Arethusa was a nymph pursued by a river god, who was changed by Artemis into a stream to avoid a fate worse than death.

Ariadne (Greek) "Most holy." Mythology: Ariadne, daughter of Cretan king Minos, helped Theseus escape from the Cretan labyrinth ..
[Arene, Aria, Ariadna, Ariana, Ariane, .. 9 more]

Artemis (Greek) Mythology: name of the Greek goddess of the moon, of hunting, and of chastity, equivalent to the Romans' Diana ..
[Artemesia, Artemisia]

Asteria (Greek) Greek mythology: Asteria was a woman whom Zeus took a fancy to ..

Astraea (Greek) The goddess of justice in classical mythology ..

Atalanta (Greek) "Secure, immovable." Greek mythology: Atalanta was an athletic young maiden huntress who refused to marry any man who couldn't beat her in a foot race .. In the end, she was defeated by a Greek warrior who used a ruse by dropping three golden apples he had obtained from the goddess Aphrodite ..
[Atlanta, Atlante]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Greek Mythology names: Althea

Alethea and Althea are commonly used names, while Abellona, Adonia, Aegina, Aglaia, Alala, Alcina, Amalthea, Andromeda, Anemone, Antigone, Apollonia, Arachne, Arethusa, Ariadne, Artemis, Asteria, Astraea and Atalanta are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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