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Green baby names and what they mean, for green, olive, berry, oak, greenery.

These girl names reached the peak of their popularity during 1910-1919 (usage of 0.1693%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.1575%, 7%), but with names like Anne, Hallie, Phyllis, Verna and Zetta becoming somewhat outmoded. The trendier baby names in this compilation are Chloe (#18), Jade (#139), Livia (#666), Olivia (#2) and Rowan (#412), with Chloe and Olivia undergoing a revival in usage. Livi (top 48%) and Lavia (50%) are conventional surnames.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Green names: Alberta, Anne, Bailey, Bernice, Beryl

Alberta 1 .. Feminine of Albert .. Common as surnames. Compare Alberta (upper 27%), Allie (10%), etc. and common surname Albea (upper 30%), with the Al- prefix. [Al, Albertina, Albertine, Alie, Allie, Ally, Auberte, Aubertha, Aubine, Berrie, Berry, .. 20 more]

Alivette 2 .. Derived fr. Latin language. "Olive tree." Alivetce, Alvette and Arivette are kreatif variations. Variant of Olivetta.

Alona 3 .. Source fr. Hebrew language. "Oak tree." Rare, with the favored feminine -ona suffix for Alona, Elona, etc. like Annona. [Allona, Alonia, Ilona, Ilonka, .. 2 more]

Anne 4 .. .. story "Anne of Green Gables" (1908) .. Listed in Top 1000. [Aine, Anett, Anette, Anitra, Anke, Ann, Anneke, Annette, Annice, Annora, .. 86 more]

Bailey 5 .. Root fr. Old English element. "Berry clearing; bailiff; city fortification." Common, with the androgynous -ey ending for Bailey, Bailley, Bayley like Brittaney. Occupational name .. [Bailee, Bailei, Baillie, Bailly, Baleigh, Bali, Bayla, .. 9 more]

Bay 6 .. Root fr. Old French, Latin. "Berry." Unisex name. Not Top 1000 name. Geography name ..

Bernice 7 .. Short form of Berenice and from .. Adoption of Bernice and variants as baby names in 2014 was 22.6% less than 2004. [Barri, Barrie, Barry, Benni, Beraniece, Bereniece, Bernyce, Berrie, Berry, Bunni, .. 28 more]

Berry 8 .. "Berry." A novel girls' name, Berry occurs more frequently as a surname. .. Photographer Berry Berenson. [Berree, Berrie]

Beryl 9 .. Source fr. Greek. "Light green semiprecious gemstone." Beril, Berri, Berrie, Beryle and Berylla are more unusual as variant forms of Beryl. The word is of Indian origin .. [Beril, Berrie, Berry, Beryle, Berylla, .. 2 more]

Bronte 10 .. .. in the film "The Green Card". Uncommon as a baby name, but Bronte is similar to the more common Brande.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Green names: Cheryl, Chloe, Dara, Esmeralda, Fern

Cherida 11 .. Source fr. French, Greek words. "greenery." Not Top 1000 name. See also Charidy. Modern coinage ..

Cheryl 12 .. Derived fr. French, Greek elements. "green gemstone." Somewhat unfamiliar as a baby name nowadays, though Cheryl still occurs often as a first name for women. Not found before the 1920s .. [Charell, Charelle, Cherell, Cherelle, Cherianne, Cherilee, Cherlyne, Cherrell, Cherryl, Cherylann, .. 40 more]

Chloe 13 .. Root fr. Greek word. "Green shoot." Chloe and Khloe are contemporarily stylish versions undergoing revival. From Khloe, originally used in the .. [Chloee, .. 7 more]

Chloris 14 .. Stems fr. Greek. "Green." Outside Top 1000. From "khloros" .. [Chloress, .. 3 more]

Cloris 15 .. From Greek language. "Green." Not in Top 1000. From "khloros" .. [Chloris]

Dara 16 .. .. are Gaelic names meaning "oak tree" .. Not in Top 1000. [Darah, Darian, Darice, Darra, .. 7 more]

Derry 17 .. Derived fr. Irish language. "Oak grove." Outside Top 1000. Gender-neutral name.

Esmeralda 18 .. .. esmeralda for the prized green gemstone .. Adoption of Esmeralda, Esma, etc. as girls' names in 2014 was up 2.8% compared to the previous year. [Em, Emerald, Emerant, Esmaralda, Esmaria, Esmerelda, Esmiralde, Lala, Lolly, .. 12 more]

Fern 19 .. Green shade loving plant. Short form .. Not in popularity charts. [Ferna, .. 1 more]

Filis 20 .. Derivative of Greek language. "Greenery." Not in popularity charts. See also Ailis. Spanish variant of Phyllis.

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Summary of Green names (and variants) for girls.

Alberta - Filis
Alberta [Elberta, Elbertha, Elbertina, Elbertine, Elberthine, Elberthina, ..], Alivette, Alona [Ilona, Elona, Allona, Alonia, Ilonka, Allonia], Anne [Oni, Nona, Onie, Nita, Nonie, Ninoshka, ..], Bailey [Bayly, Bayla, Baylee, Bayley, Baylie, Bayleigh, ..], Bay, Bernice [Nixie, Vernice, Veronica, Veronika, Veronike, Veronique, ..], Berry [Berree, Berrie], Beryl [Berry, Beryn, Berri, Berrie, Beryle, Berylla], Bronte, Cherida, Cheryl [Sheryl, Shiral, Shyril, Sheryle, Sheryll, Shyrill, ..], Chloe [Kloe, Cloe, Cloey, Khloe, Khloey, Clorinda, ..], Chloris [Kloris, Cloris, Khloris, Chloress], Cloris [Chloris], Dara [Darra, Darya, Darrah, Darice, Darragh, Darissa, ..], Derry, Esmeralda [Lala, Ezzie, Lolly, Marilda, Smeralda, Ezmeralda, ..], Fern [Ferna, Ferne], Filis

Hallie - Viridiana
Hallie [Hali, Halle, Halli, Halley], Irvette [Irvina, Ervina, Earvina, Ervette, Earvette], Jade [Zhade, Jayda, Jayde, Jayden, Jaydra, Jaydee, ..], Laverne [Verne, Lavern, Laverna, Leverne, Loverna, Laverrne], Livia [Livy, Livvy, Lyvia, Livya, Livija], Loni [Lona, Lonee, Lonie, Lonna, Lonni, Lonnie], Midori, Olida [Oleta], Olivia [Olva, Ollie, Olivya, Olivine, Olivija, Olivette, ..], Phillida [Fillida, Phillyda, Phyllida], Phyllis [Phylis, Phyliss, Phyllie, Phyllys, Phylliss, Phyllida, ..], Rima, Rowan [Rowen, Roanna, Roanne], Tawny [Tawni, Tawney, Tawnee, Tawnia, Tawnie, Tawnya, ..], Teal [Teil, Teall, Teill, Teela, Teille, Tealle], Turkessa [Turkissa, Turquessa, Turkwessa, Turquissa], Verbena [Verbyna, Verbina, Verbeena, Verbeina], Verde [Verda], Verna [Virna, Vernis, Vernie, Vernita, Vernise, Vernisha, ..], Viridiana [Virdis, Viridia, Viridis, Viridian, Viridianna, Viridianne]

Yara - Zetta
Yara [Iara, Uira], Zetta [Zeta, Zetana]