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Green Names

Page 1/2. 21 Green names and what they mean, for green for baby girls, listing 1-20. Ann, Beryl, Cheryl, Chloe, Esmeralda, Fern, Jade, Laverne, Rima, Tawny and Verna are commonly used names, while Bronte, Chloris, Cloris, Irvette, Midori, Teal, Turkessa, Verde and Viridiana are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Green names for boys.

Ann .. Montogomery's story "Anne of Green Gables" (1908) ..
[Aine, Ana, Anabel, Anci, Anechka, .. 91 more]

Beryl .. "Light green semiprecious gemstone." ..
[Beril, Berri, Berrie, Berry, Beryle, .. 2 more]

Bronte .. Use of the given name is probably inspired by the character in the film "The Green Card".

Cheryl .. "Green gemstone." ..
[Charell, Charelle, Charil, Charyl, Cherell, .. 45 more]

Chloe .. "Green shoot." ..
[Chloee, Clo, Cloe, Cloey, Clorinda, .. 3 more]

Chloris .. "Green, greenish-yellow." ..
[Chloress, Cloris, Khloris, Kloris]

Cloris .. "Green." ..

Esmeralda .. From the word esmeralda for the prized green gemstone ..
[Em, Emmie, Emerald, Emerant, Emeraude, .. 16 more]

Fern .. A name from nature: green shade-loving plant ..
[Ferna, Ferne]

Irvette .. "Green, fresh water." ..
[Earvette, Earvina, Ervette, Ervina, Irvina]

Jade .. Jewel name: the green stone which was believed to have the magical power of providing protection against disorders of the intestines ..
[Jada, Jadeana, Jadee, Jaden, Jadeyn, .. 19 more]

Laverne .. It was probably adopted as a name based on a mistaken belief that it is similar to the word for "green" ("vert" or "verde") in romance languages, giving it connotations of green trees or springtime.
[Laverine, Lavern, Laverna, Laverrne, Leverne, .. 2 more]

Midori .. "Green."

Rima .. Literary: in Hudson's "Green Mansions", Rima was an elusive maiden of the South American rain forest who spoke the language of animals and birds.

Tawny .. "A green field." ..
[Tahnee, Taney, Tawna, Tawney, Tawnee, .. 5 more]

Teal .. The bird of the blue-green color.
[Teall, Tealle, Teela, Teil, Teill, .. 1 more]

Turkessa .. The color originally got its name from the opaque blue-green stones mined in Turkestan and Persia.
[Turquessa, Turkissa, Turkwessa, Turquissa]

Verde .. "Green."

Verna .. "Spring green." ..
[Verda, Verne, Verneta, Vernetta, Vernette, .. 7 more]

Viridiana .. "Green." ..
[Virdis, Viridia, Viridian, Viridianna, Viridianne, .. 1 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Green names: Ann, Beryl, Bronte, Cheryl, Chloe, Esmeralda, Fern, Jade, Laverne, Tawny

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Green names: Verna, Viridiana

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