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Gwynne Names for girls

Gwynne names and what they mean, for gwynne for females.

Guinevere - Gwyn

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Guinevere 1 .. An early form of Jennifer .. Guinevere is unique as a women's name. The variations Winnie, Vera, Jennie, Jeni, Gwenn and Gennie are popular as forms of Guinevere. [Gaenna, Gaynor, Genevra, Genivra, .. , Gwynne, .. 47 more]

Gwendolyn 2 .. In some legends, Merlin the magician has a wife named Gwendolyn .. Usage as a name for baby girls is commonplace (#420 the past year). Gwendolyn is also found frequently as a first name among the female populace in the US Census. The forms Wendie and Gwyn are common as variations of this name. [Guendolen, Guendolin, Guenna, Gwendaline, .. , Gwynne, .. 29 more]

Gwyneth 3 .. From "gwynaeth" .. Gwyneth is a conventional (Top 87%) women's name. The variation Winnie is popular as a form of Gwyneth. [Cheryth, Gwenetta, Gwenita, Gwenneth, .. , Gwynne, .. 18 more]

Gwyn 4 .. Also short form of Gwendolyn or Gwyneth .. Infrequently used as a birth name, Gwyn is found more conventionally as a surname. Name used for both genders. [Gwin, Gwinn, Gwynn, Gwynne, .. 3 more]

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Summary of all Gwynne names (and their variants) for girls.

[Guinevere - Gwyn]
Guinevere [Win, Vera, Jenny, Winny, Wendy, Winne, Winnie, Wendie, Wendee, Jennifer, ..], Gwendolyn [Win, Wendi, Gwynn, Wynne, Wendy, Winne, Gwynna, Wendie, Gwynne, Gwyneth, ..], Gwyneth [Winny, Wynne, Gwynna, Gwynne, Wynnie, Winnie, Gwynedd, Gwynith, Gwinyth, Gwynneth, ..], Gwyn [Gwin, Gwinn, Gwynn, Gwinna, Gwinne, Gwynna, Gwynne]


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