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Azucena - Gypsy

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Azucena 1 .. The name of the gypsy in Verdi's 1853 opera "Il Trovatore". Azucena is a commonly occurring (Top 68%) given name. [Asucena, Ayscena, Azusayna, Azuzena, .. 3 more]

Consuelo 2 .. The heroine, a gypsy, became a successful opera singer. Consuelo has been on a downward trend in popularity as a girls' name over time. A name used for both sexes. The form Connie is widely used as a variation of Consuelo. [Chela, Chelo, Consolata, Suelo, .. 2 more]

Esmeralda 3 .. The name was made famous in 1831 as the name of the gypsy girl loved by Quasimodo in Victor Hugo's novel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". Esmeralda is common (Top 18%) as a female name. The form Lala is commonplace as a version of Esmeralda. [Em, Emerald, Emeraude, Esmaralda, Esmaria, .. 16 more]

Gitana 4 .. Origin fr. Spanish word. "Gypsy." A rare name for baby girls. See also Gaetana. [Gitane, Jeetanna, .. 1 more]

Gypsy 5 .. The tribe of Romany was called "gypsy" because they were thought to have originated in Egypt .. Scarcely used as a birth name. [Gipsee, Gipsy, .. 1 more]

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[Azucena - Gypsy]
Azucena [Azusa, Asusena, Asucena, Ayscena, Azuzena, Azusena, Azusayna], Consuelo [Chelo, Chela, Suelo, Connie, Consuela, Consolata], Esmeralda [Lala, Lolly, Ezzie, Marilda, Smeralda, Esmiralde, Ezmeralda, Esmirelda, ..], Gitana [Gitane, Gitanna, Jeetanna], Gypsy [Gipsy, Gipsee, Gipsey]

[Jessenia - Zigana]
Jessenia [Jesenia, Jasenia, Jesenya, Yesenia, Yessenia, Yessenya], Llesenia, Rawnie, Tzigane [Tsigana, Tsigane], Zigana [Tsigana, Tsigane, Tzigana, Tzigane, Ziganna]