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Happiness Names

(See: Joy Names)

18 Happiness names and what they mean, for happiness for baby girls, listing 1-18. Here is the list of Happy names for boys.

Aine .. (Gaelic, Celtic) "Happiness." ..

Alisa .. (Hebrew) "Great happiness." ..
[Alisah, Alise, Alissa, Alissah, Aliza, .. 8 more]

Arcadia .. Also originally the place name of a mountainous region in Greece which came to symbolize the home of simple and rustic pastoral happiness, and later, for Paradise itself.

Bliss .. (Old English) "Joy, cheer, intense happiness." ..
[Blisse, Blyss, Blysse]

Cheryth .. (French, Welsh) "Happiness." ..

Farrah .. Farah in Arabic means "joy, happiness" ..
[Fara, Farah, Farra]

Fortune .. Mythology: the Roman goddess of fortune, chance, and happiness ..
[Fortuna, Fortunata]

Gwenith .. (Welsh) "Happiness." ..

Gwyneth .. (Welsh) "Happiness." ..
[Cheryth, Gweneth, Gwenetta, Gwenette, Gwenisha, .. 18 more]

Halcyone .. During this time, the waves were always calm, hence the expression "halcyon days" to mean a time of tranquil happiness.
[Halcyon, Halcyona]

Hana .. (Arabic, Japanese, Hawaiian, Spanish, Slavic) "Happiness." ..

Kioko .. (Japanese) "Child born with happiness."

Kishi .. (Japanese) "Happiness to the earth."

Latisha .. A modern variant of the medieval name Letitia (Latin) "happiness" ..
[Lateisha, Latesha, Laticia, Latitia, Leticia, .. 4 more]

Leda .. Possibly short form of Letitia (Latin) "joy, happiness" ..
[Leida, Leta, Leyda, Lida, Lyda]

Rowena .. (Old German) "Fame and happiness." ..
[Rhowena, Roweena, Roweina, Rowenna, Rowina]

Tomiko .. (Japanese) "Happiness child."

Zelda .. The similar-sounding Zelde is a Yiddish name meaning "happiness".
[Selda, Zelde, Zellda]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Happiness names: Alisa, Farrah, Gwyneth, Hana, Latisha, Leda, Rowena, Zelda

Alisa, Farrah, Gwyneth, Hana, Latisha, Leda, Rowena, Tomiko and Zelda are commonly used names, while Aine, Arcadia, Bliss, Cheryth, Fortune, Gwenith, Halcyone, Kioko and Kishi are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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