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Happy Names

20 Happy names related to or that mean happy for girls, listing Happy baby names 1-20. Allegra, Estelle, Felicia, Gay, Hilary, Ida, Jay, Jovita, Joy, Keiko and Sunny are popular names. Duscha, Faustine, Fiesta, Hania, Happy, Jacey, Perdita, Sharmila and Xaviera are uncommon names. View Happy baby names below for name meanings or search Happy names for boys.

Allegra ... The musical term "allegro" means "quickly, with a happy air" ...
[Alegra, Alegria, Allegretta, Allie, Legra, ... 1 more]

Duscha ... "Happy."
[Duschenka, Duschinka, Dusica, Dusa]

Estelle ... From Stella. Literary: the Latinate form Estella is the name of a happy character in Charles Dickens' novel "Great Expectations" ...
[Essie, Estee, Estel, Estela, Estele, ... 8 more]

Faustine ... added Felix "happy, fortunate" to his name and named his twin children Faustus and Fausta ...
[Fausta, Fauste, Faustina]

Felicia ... "Lucky, fortunate, happy." ...
[Falecia, Faleece, Falicia, Falisha, Falishia, ... 25 more]

Fiesta ... From "festa". Use as a given name may be due to its happy association.

Gay ... "Happy." ...
[Gae, Gai, Gaye]

Hania ... "A place to rest; to be happy."
[Chania, Chaniya, Chaniyah, Chanya, Haniya, ... 7 more]

Happy ... Happy is sometimes used as a nickname nowadays ... The late Nelson Rockefeller's wife was named Happy.

Hilary ... "Cheerful, happy." ...
[Hilaire, Hilaria, Hilarie, Hilary, Hillary, ... 2 more]

Ida ... Also possibly from an Old English expression for "prosperous, happy" ...
[Idania, Idette]

Jacey ... Also possibly from the Latin name Gaius meaning "happy".
[Jacee, Jacelyn, Jaci, Jacine, Jacy, ... 3 more]

Jay ... Also a medieval name possibly from Gaius (Latin) "happy" ...
[Jae, Jalin, Jaline, Jaya, Jaycie, ... 8 more]

Jovita ... "Made happy."

Joy ... or with the intention of wishing her a happy life ...
[Gioia, Gioya, Jioia, Jioya, Joi, ... 9 more]

Keiko ... "Be happy; rejoicing child."

Perdita ... a happy ending ensued.

Sharmila ... "Happy."

Sunny ... "Sunshine; happy, cheerful temperament." ...
[Sunnee, Sunni, Sunnie, Sunshine]

Xaviera ... Xaviera Hollander was the author of the book "The Happy Hooker" that caused some stir in the early 1970s.
[Xavia, Exaviera, Exavyera, Xavienna, Xavyera, ... 2 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Happy names: Estelle, Felicia, Gay, Hilary, Ida, Jacey, Jovita, Joy, Sunny

Related words: blessed, blithe, bright, cheerful, civil, contented, dancing, drunk, exalted, fair, fortunate, gay, glorious, glowing, golden, good, high, inspired, joyful, joyous, just, lucky, merry, pat, pleasant, proper, prosperous, radiant, right, ripe, singing, sparkling, wise.


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