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Heaven names and what they mean, for heaven, sky, heavenly for females. Here is the list of Heaven names for boys. Usage of these girl names reached its highest in 2004 and it is almost as widespread today, but with names like Beulah, Celia, Carina, Celina and Araceli becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy baby names in this list are Celine (#714), Regina (#525), Skye (#368), Iris (#245) and Leilani (#218), with Celine, Regina and Leilani having a resurgence in popularity.

Amber - Azure

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Amber 1 .. In Hindi, the name is derived from Sanskrit, meaning "the sky" .. Usage of Amber as a name for babies has trended downward over time since 1980-1989. See also Ember. [Ambar, Amberetta, .. 3 more]

Araceli 2 .. Root fr. Latin element. "Altar of heaven." Usage of the name Araceli as a birth name has decreased over time since 2002. The variation Arcelia is commonplace as a form of Araceli. .. [Aracelia, Aracelis, Aricela, .. 5 more]

Assunta 3 .. Derivative of Latin word. "Assumption (of the Virgin Mary into Heaven)." Usage of Assunta as a girls' name is somewhat infrequent nowadays. Assunta is still found often as a first name among the female populace in the US Census. See also Ashaunta. ..

Asuncion 4 .. Stems fr. Latin word. "Assumption (of the Virgin Mary into Heaven)." An uncommon name for girls, existing more commonly as a surname. .. [Asencion]

Azure 5 .. Derivative of Spanish word. "Sky blue." Azure is unconventional as a given name, and it occurs often (Top 10%) as a surname in the US Census. See also Aure. .. [Azor, Azora, Azurine, .. 4 more]

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Summary of all Heaven names (and their variants) for girls.

[Amber - Azure]
Amber [Ambre, Ambur, ..], Araceli [Ariceli, Aricelly, ..], Assunta, Asuncion [Asencion], Azure [Azzura, Azzurra, ..]

[Beulah - Heaven]
Beulah [Bulah, Byulah, ..], Carina [Rina, Karita, ..], Celeste [Tina, Tinka, ..], Celia [Celie, Fecelia, ..], Celina [Seline, Selinde, ..], Celine [Ciline, Celina], Cyanea, Delaney [Delena, Delene, ..], Divina [Divine, Divinia], Heaven

[Hera - Lani]
Hera, Iris [Irita, Irisha, ..], Itzel, Jenna [Jennarae, Jennasee, ..], Jovana [Jovina, Jovita, ..], Juno [Junia, Junot, ..], Kailani, Kalani [Kaloni, Kalaine, ..], Keilani, Lani

[Leilani - Tally]
Leilani [Lalani], Nevaeh, Noelani [Noe], Paradisa, Raina [Reyna, Reyney, ..], Regina [Riona, Rionagh, ..], Semiramis [Semira], Skye [Sky, Skyla], Talia [Talya, Taliah], Tally [Talley, Tallie]

[Urania - Usha]
Urania [Uranya, Uraniya, ..], Usha