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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Heaven baby names and what they mean, for heaven, sky, with 33 results. Adoption of these girl names was at its apex 35 years ago (ADOPTION OF 1.9%) and is somewhat lower today (ADOPTION 0.9%, 50.8% LESS), with names such as Amber going out of style. The most fashionable birth names among these are Leilani (#178), Iris (#217), Talia (#284), Kalani (#841) and Kailani (#875), while Riina (TOP 71%) and Tala (74%) are common last names. Here is the list of Heaven names for boys.

Heaven names

Akasha - Kalani | Keilani - Usha

Akasha - Kalani

Derived fr. Sanskrit language. "Space, sky." Aasha is also a slightly favored birth name. See also Akosua. Hindu name from the word meaning ĉ ..

.. derived from Sanskrit, meaning "the sky" .. Amber (cf. Arter, Ahler) is a popular -er suffix last name. [Ambur, Amberetta, .. 3 more]

Based on Latin word. "Altar of heaven; heavenly homemaker." Usage of Araceli and variants as girls' names in 2015 was 52.7% less than 2005. Spanish name. [Aricelly, Ariceli, Arcilla, Aracely, Aracelia, .. 3 more]

Derived fr. Latin word. " .. (of the Virgin Mary into Heaven)." Assunta was popular as a birth name a century ago. See also Ashanta. Italian name ..

Based on Latin element. " .. (of the Virgin Mary into Heaven)." Rather unusual as a baby name, Asuncion exists more conventionally as a last name. Asunción is a Spanish name .. [Asencion]

Derivative of Spanish element. "Sky blue." Azuree and variants rose in popularity in 2008 and have become less common, with Azul becoming somewhat dated. The color, from azul .. [Azzurra, Azzura, Azurine, Azuree, Azura, Azora, .. 3 more]

.. in the southern sky, where the .. Carina has trended downward in popularity as a girls' name since 1995. [Rina, Karine, Karina, Kareena, Carinna, Carin, Carena, .. 9 more]

Source fr. Latin word. "Heaven." Celia is found frequently (upper 21%) as a last name. .. Caelius, probably from "caelum" meaning "heaven" .. [Fecelia, Celie, .. 2 more]

Source fr. Latin, Greek. "Heaven; the moon." Selena (upper 19%), Celina (23%), Celine (55%), Celena (61%) and Celinda (93%) are recognizable given names. Variant of Celia or Selena .. [Seline, Celinna, Celinde, Celenia, .. 11 more]

Derived fr. Latin. "Heaven." Celina (upper 23%) and Celine (55%) are frequently occurring as first names, while Ciline is unconventional. From Caelia .. [Celina, Ciline]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Heaven names: Akasha, Amber, Araceli, Assunta, Carina

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Heaven names: Celia, Celina, Celine, Delaney, Heaven

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Heaven names: Iris, Itzel, Jenna, Kailani, Kalani

From Greek language. "Sky blue." Cyanea is not in the Top 2000. See also Ciana.

.. the challenger or angel from heaven. Popular as birth names, Delene, Delaney, etc. are comparable to the popular Helene. [Delene, Delena, Delayne, Delanie, Delaine, .. 6 more]

"Sky; abode of God." Heaven has historically been popular among parents, though Heavenly has become trendy as well. Place name from heofon .. [Heavenly, .. 1 more]

.. Greek Queen of Heaven, wife of .. Hery (UPPER 60%), Heras (14%) are conventional last names. See also Hero.

.. rode rainbows between heaven and earth .. Irida, Iridiana, Iridianny, Irisa and Irisha are more uncommon as versions of Iris. [Irita, Irisha, Irida, .. 3 more]

Source fr. Spanish language. "Star of the aurora sky." Adoption of Itzel was common 10 years ago and is lower today. Name of a Mayan princess.

Based on Arabic language. "Heaven." Adoption of Jennalyn and variants was expansive in 2002 and has become less, with Jena becoming less trendy. Also fanciful alteration of Jenny with .. [Jennasee, Jennarae, Jennah, Genna, .. 4 more]

Based on Latin. "Queen of heaven." Rather unusual as a girls' name, Juno exists more conventionally as a surname. Roman mythology .. [Junot, Junia, .. 2 more]

From Hawaiian. "Sea and sky." Kailani has increased in prominence as a girls' name since 1880-1889. See also Kaloni.

From Hawaiian element. "The heavens, sky; royal one." Kalani and variants became more trendy in 2015, rising on average +68 positions as girls' names with Kalani gaining the most. [Kaloni, Kalaine, Kailani, .. 1 more]

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Summary Index of Heaven names [and variants] for girls.

1. Akasha - Kalani
Akasha, Amber [Ambur, Ambre, Ambar, Ambereen, Amberetta], Araceli [Aracely, Arcelia, Arcilla, Ariceli, Aricela, Aracelia, Aracelis, Aricelly], Assunta, Asuncion [Asencion], Azure [Azul, Azor, Azura, Azora, Azuree, Azzura, Azurine, Azzurra], Carina [Rina, Karena, Carita, Karina, Karita, Karine, Carrina, Kareena, ..], Celia [Ceil, Cele, Celie, Fecelia], Celina [Seline, Selena, Celinna, Celinde, Salinda, Salinde, Selinde, Selinda, ..], Celine [Ciline, Celina], Cyanea, Delaney [Delene, Delane, Delena, Delany, Delainy, Delayna, Delayne, Delanie, ..], Heaven [Haven, Heavenly], Hera, Iris [Irida, Irita, Irisa, Irisha, Iridiana, Iridianny], Itzel, Jenna [Jena, Genna, Jennah, Jennabel, Jennalee, Jennarae, Jennalyn, Jennasee], Juno [Junot, Junia, Juneau, Juneaux], Kailani, Kalani [Kalana, Kaloni, Kailani, Kalaine]

Keilani, Lani, Leilani [Lalani], Nevaeh, Noelani [Noe], Paradisa, Raina [Rayna, Rayne, Reina, Reyna, Rayney, Reyney, Raynetta, Raynelle, ..], Regina [Rina, Reine, Reyna, Riona, Rejine, Rionagh, Reinette, Reinetta, ..], Semiramis [Semira], Skye [Sky, Skie, Skyla], Talia [Talya, Tahlia, Taliah], Tally [Tallee, Talley, Tallie], Usha

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