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Heroic Names

3 Heroic names and what they mean, for heroic for baby girls, listing 1-3.

Boadicea Name of a heroic queen of early Britain, who led a massive army against Roman invaders ..

Eroica .. (Italian) "Heroic." ..
[Eroiqua, Eroique, Heroica]

Jael .. Biblical: Jael was a heroic woman who killed the Canaanite captain Sisera.
[Jaelle, Jayel, Jayil]

Popularity of Heroic baby names

Boadicea, Eroica and Jael are rare names. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: august, bold, brave, classical, courageous, determined, distinguished, epic, exalted, famous, generous, giant, glorious, great, handsome, high, infinite, legendary, magnificent, mighty, miraculous, monster, mountainous, pastoral, poetic, prominent, renowned, sacred, singing, soprano, steadfast, sublime, virtuous, wonderful.

Assunta .. The feast of the Assumption is celebrated on August 15 ..

Bertha .. A German cannon used in World War I was nicknamed "Big Bertha" after Bertha Krupp, daughter of the family that manufactured the weapon.
[Berrta, Berrte, Berrti, Berrtina, Berrty, .. 16 more]

Kendra .. Also possibly from the Gaelic name Mac Eanraig meaning "son of Henry", or the Old English names Ceneric meaning "bold power", and Cyneric meaning "royal power" ..
[Kandra, Kena, Kenda, Kendrah, Kendrea, .. 15 more]

Bernadette .. (French, Old German) "Strong, brave bear." ..
[Benadette, Bennie, Benny, Bera, Beradette, .. 27 more]

Clio .. Calliope (epic poetry), Terpsichore (choral song and dance), and Thalis (comedy) have survived as given names ..
[Cleo, Klio]

Anthea .. Used in the classical period as a byname of the goddess Hera at Argos, but as a modern given name, it was reinvented by English 17th-century poets to symbolize spring.
[Ann, Annthea, Anthe, Antheia, Antheya, .. 4 more]

Riley .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Courageous." ..
[Reilley, Reilly, Rilee, Rileigh, Rylee, .. 1 more]

Elma .. (Old German) "Determined protector." ..

Aaricia .. (Scandinavian) "Proud, distinguished and noble princess."

Lauda .. Also a medieval Italian form of dramatic song.

Alta .. (Latin) "High, elevated." ..
[Allta, Altha]

Emina .. (Latin) "Eminent."

Armida .. First used in the 16th century by Italian poet Torquato Tasso for a character in an epic poem "Gerusalemme Liberata", meaning "Jerusalem Liberated".

Ali .. (Arabic) "Exalted." ..

Saffron .. This usage was mocked in the comic TV series "Absolutely Fabulous" ..
[Saffran, Saffren, Saffronia, Saphron]

Adelma .. (German) "Noble, famous." ..

Bronte .. Proinnteach is a personal name meaning "bestower", originally being used to denote a generous person ..


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