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Heroine baby names and what they mean, for heroine, heroes, with 80 results. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity during 1920-1929 (USAGE OF 8.33%) and are somewhat less common today (USAGE 4.78%, 42.7%), with names such as Rowena becoming less trendy. The most trendy birth names in this list are Amelia (#12), Charlotte (#9), Nora (#41), Scarlett (#22) and Violet (#50), while Omelia (TOP 23%) and Violett (28%) are popular last names. Here is the list of Hero names for boys.

Heroine names

Alice - Cher | Christabel - Hester | Hildegard - Mimi | Nora - Zuleika

Alice - Cher

.. famous by the heroine in Lewis .. Alice (cf. Blice, Altice) is a common -ice suffix surname. [Lyssa, Illyssa, Ellsa, Alyssa, Alys, Alyceea, Allysson, Allyssa, Allysia, Allyceea, .. 92 more]

.. it for the heroine of his .. Amelia, Amalia, Amelie, Amilia, Amy, Delia, Emilia, Emma, Emmeline, Emmie, Emmy, Malia, Melia and Millie were Top birth names in 2015. [Milly, Malika, Malia, Emmeline, Emelita, Emelina, Emelie, Delia, Amy, Ameliya, .. 37 more]

Aminta was the heroine of a .. Somewhat common as children's names, Minta, Aminta, etc. are pronounced like the common Mindy. [Minty, Eminta, Amynta, Amintah, .. 1 more]

.. borne by several heroines and a .. Aoifea and Aoifei are creative forms. [Aoibhe]

.. The legendary heroine may originally have .. A rare girls' name. [Arianrhod]

.. Wodehouse's foppish hero Bertie Wooster had .. Usage of Augusta and variants as children's names in 2015 was 5.3% more than in 2014. [Tina, Gusta, Gus, Austina, Augustyna, Augustina, Augustia, Auguste, .. 9 more]

Ayla is the heroine of Jean .. Ayla has grown increasingly popular with parents since 1880-1889. See also Kyla.

.. beloved heroine of Dante's "Divine Comedy" .. Beattie (upper 2%), Bee (5%), Beatrice (15%), Bea (19%) and Beatie (45%) exist frequently as last names. [Trixy, Trixie, Trix, Beitris, Beeatrissa, Beea, Beattie, Beatie, Beah, Bea, .. 14 more]

.. Becky Sharp, heroine of William Thackeray's .. Less widespread today. Becky was the version last listed (1999) in the Top 2000. [Becki]

.. one of Disney's most popular heroines .. A conventional baby name (#1053 A YEAR AGO), Belle is also found often as a last name. [Belvia, Bell, Belisse, .. 5 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Heroine names: Alice, Amelia, Augusta, Ayla, Beatrice

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Heroine names: Becky, Belle, Brenda, Brett, Camilla

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Heroine names: Candida, Carmen, Charlotte, Cher

.. comic strip heroine Brenda Starr. Bren, Brendah, Brendalynn, Brendell and Brendette are more unusual as variant forms of Brenda. [Labrenda, Brinda, Brenn, Brendette, Brendalynn, Brendah, .. 9 more]

.. Ashley was Hemingway's heroine in the .. Bret, Bretta, Brettany and Brette are more rare as variant forms of Brett. [Britt, Brette, Brettany, Bret, .. 1 more]

Heroine of the Siegfried legend made .. Somewhat common as birth names, Hilda, Brunhilda, etc. are similar to the conventional Wilda. [Nilda, Hildy, Hildie, Hildi, Brynnhilde, Brynnhilda, Brynnhild, Brynhild, Brunnhilde, Brinhilde, .. 10 more]

.. The heroine of Alexandre Dumas's famous .. Cam (upper 16%), Camille (19%), Milla (19%), Mille (26%) and Cama (36%) occur frequently as last names. [Milly, Camyla, Cammylle, Cammy, Cammille, Cammie, Cami, Camellia, Camella, Camelia, .. 28 more]

.. name of the hero in Voltaire's .. Usage of Candy and forms was more pronounced among parents in the 1970s. [Candy, Candido, Candi, .. 2 more]

.. name of his heroine in his .. Unique. Carinthia, like Calanthia, ends with the androgynous-sounding -ia.

.. the tragic romantic heroine of Bizet's .. Carma, Carmelina, Carmon and Karmyn are common as versions of Carmen. [Mina, Karmita, Karmina, Karmen, Karman, Charmaine, Carmon, Carmita, Carmine, Carmin, .. 18 more]

.. legendary sixth century Welsh hero Taliesin. Ceradwyn, Ceri, Ceridwen, Ceridwyn and Cerridwen are more exclusive as forms. [Cerridwyn, .. 5 more]

.. "Charlotte's Web", the heroine of the .. Charlotte has generally been popular among parents, although Karlie seems to be gaining favor too. [Tottie, Sherrie, Sheri, Sharyl, Sharmian, Sharlotte, Sharlott, Sharlett, Sharlene, Sharleen, .. 89 more]

.. name of the heroine of the .. Usage of Cher and variants as children's names in 2015 was up 61.1% compared to 10 years ago. [Sheryll, Sherry, Sherey, Cherylie, Cherye, Chery, Cherey, Chere, .. 14 more]

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Summary Index of Heroine names [and variants] for girls.

1. Alice - Cher
Alice [Licha, Lissa, Lyssa, Lichah, ..], Amelia [Milly, Melia, Millie, Meline, ..], Aminta [Minty, Minta, Amynta, Eminta], Aoife [Aoibhe], Aranrhod [Arianrhod], Augusta [Gus, Tina, Gusta, Gussie, ..], Ayla, Beatrice [Trix, Trixy, Trixie, Beitriss, ..], Becky [Becki], Belle [Belva, Belvia, Bellina, Bellette, ..], Brenda [Brinda, Brynda, Brenndah, Labrenda, ..], Brett [Britt, Bretta, Brette, Brettany], Brunhilda [Hildi, Hildy, Nilda, Hildie, ..], Camilla [Milli, Milly, Millee, Millie, ..], Candida [Candy, Candie, Candide, Candido], Carinthia, Carmen [Mina, Lita, Karmyn, Karmita, ..], Ceridwen [Ceri, Ceridwyn, Cerridwen, Cerridwyn, ..], Charlotte [Sherry, Sherye, Sheryl, Tottie, ..], Cher [Sherie, Sherry, Sherice, Sheryll, ..]

Christabel [Crystabel, Cristabella, Cristabelle, Crystabella, ..], Cindy [Syndi, Syndy, Sindy, Syndie, ..], Claudine [Claudean], Clelia [Cloelia], Consuelo [Suelo, Connie, Consuela, Consolata, ..], Cora [Koryne, Korynna, Koryssa, Lacoria, ..], Courtney [Kourty, Kourtni, Kourtnie, Quartney, ..], Cressida [Cressa, Cressy], Desdemona [Desmona], Dorothy [Tea, Thea, Dotty, Dottie, ..], Eluned [Lunet, Lunette, Lynette, Lynnette, ..], Eurfron [Eurfyn], Flora [Flory, Florry, Florita, Florrie, ..], Frankie, Gilda, Giselle [Giza, Gizela, Gizella, Gizelle, ..], Halfrida, Hayley [Haylee, Haylie, Haylea, Hayleigh, ..], Hero, Hester [Hetty, Hestia, Hettie, Hesther, ..]

Hildegard [Hille, Hildy, Hildegart, Hildegunn, ..], Holly [Holli, Hollie, Hollye, Hollyann, ..], Imogen [Imogine, Imojean, Imojeen, Imogenia, ..], Isabel [Ysobel, Yzobel, Yzobelle, Yzabelle, ..], Janice [Jenice, Jenise, Jennice, Jeniece, ..], Jemima [Mima, Mimma, Jemmy, Jemmie, ..], Jerica [Jerika, Jerrica, Jerrika], Jerusha [Jarusha, Jeruscha, Jerushah], Joan [Joni, Jone, Jonee, Joannue, ..], Judith [Judy, Judye, Jutta, Judithe, ..], Jyn, Katniss, Kinsey [Kinsee, Kinsie, Kinzee, Kinnsie, ..], Lalla, Laura [Lory, Lorri, Lorry, Lorrie, ..], Leonora [Ora, Norah, Leora, Leonore, ..], Lorna [Lorrna], Madison [Madisen, Madisyn, Madyson, Madisson], Medora, Mimi [Mim, Meemee]

Nora [Norry, Norella, Norissa, Norelle, ..], Ondine [Ondina, Ondyne, Undine], Perdita, Phaedra [Phedre, Phedra, Phaedre, Phaidra, ..], Pippa [Pip, Pippy], Portia, Priscilla [Prissy, Prissie, Prisilla, Prysilla, ..], Rowena [Rowina, Roweena, Rowenna, Roweina], Roxanne [Ruksana, Ruksane, Roxyanna, Ruksanna, ..], Scarlett [Scarlet, Scarletta, Scarlette], Semele [Samelle, Semelle], Silvia [Silvy, Silvya, Sylvia, Sylvie, ..], Ulyssa [Ulissa], Una [Unna, Unah, Unagh, Oonagh, ..], Valkyrie [Valkyria, Valkyrria, Vallkyrie], Varina [Verina], Violet [Yolane, Yolande, Yolantha, Yolanthe, ..], Wendy [Windy, Wendi, Wendye, Wendie, ..], Yancey [Yancy, Yancee, Yancie], Zuleika [Zulaica, Zuleica]

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