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Baby Names of Hindi Origin for Girls

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Hindi names

Baby names of Hindi origin, for hindi, sanskrit, hindu.

Usage of these girl names was at its peak during 1980-1989 (usage of 0.0565%) and has remained as widespread to this day (usage 0.0497%, 11.9%), but with names such as Karma, Kaya, Sheila, Shyla and Tara becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy girl names in this list are Arya (#216), Elin (#733), Kali (#262), Maya (#74) and Mira (#613). Imber (top 26%) and Ajao (96%) are popular last names.

Here is the list of Hindi names for boys.

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Page 1/6 of 109 Hindi names.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Hindi names: Aanya, Aja, Amber, Amiya, Anjali

Aanya 1 .. "Inexhaustibility; other, another person." Common. Compare Aanya, Anya with popular surname Alaya (top 95%), which also ends with -ya. Also Russian pet form of the ..

Adhita 2 .. "Learned person." Adhiadi, Adhidia and Adhite are kreatif forms. Hindi name.

Aditi 3 .. "Boundless." Aditi is rare as a birth name. See also Adhita. In Hindu cosmology, Aditi is the ..

Aja 4 .. "Goat." Somewhat popular as baby names, Aja and Azha are similar to the familiar Anja. Also possibly used as a phonetic ..

Akasha 5 .. "Space, sky." Rather unusual as a girls' name. See also Akosia. Hindu name from the word meaning ..

Amala 6 .. .. is also of Hindi origin, meaning .. Amala is not in the Top 1000. See also Amalea.

Amandeep 7 .. "Lamp of peace." Outside Top 1000. See also Amandie.

Amanpreet 8 .. "One who loves peace." Amanpreet is rare as a birth name.

Amber 9 .. In Hindi, the name is derived .. Amber is a contemporarily stylish version undergoing rebound.

Ambika 10 .. "Mother." Outside Top 1000. Hindi name. Also one of the ..

Amisha 11 .. "Beautiful." Outside Top 1000. See also Anisa.

Amita 12 .. "Endless; truth; friendship." Amita is rare as a girls' name. See also Amata. Hindi name. See Amica and Amy.

Amiya 13 .. derived from the Sanskrit word amaya .. Amiya became less trendy last year, falling -65 rankings as a birth name to reach #705. See also Aniyah.

Amneet 14 .. Of uncertain meaning. Rare. Amneet, like Arlet, ends with -et. See also Anett.

Amrita 15 .. "Immortal." Scarce. Amrita is not listed in the US Demographics. See also Amita. In Hindu texts, Amrit is considered ..

Ananda 16 .. "Ultimate bliss." Rare. Ananda, like Armanda, uses the unconventional feminine-sounding -anda ending. Hindi name.

Anice 17 .. .. Anisha is the Hindi form. Outside Top 1000. See also Alice.

Anima 18 .. "Infinite smallness." Not in popularity charts. See also Anika. Hindi name derived from writings on ..

Anjali 19 .. "Gift, offering." Not in Top 1000. See also Angeli.

Anmol 20 .. "Precious, priceless." Not in Top 1000. See also Amel.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Hindi names for girls.

Aanya - Anmol
Aanya [Anya], Adhita, Aditi, Aja, Akasha, Amala, Amandeep, Amanpreet, Amber, Ambika, Amisha, Amita, Amiya, Amneet, Amrita, Ananda, Anice, Anima, Anjali, Anmol

Anya - Gambhira
Anya [Aanya], Arunika, Artha, Aruna, Arya, Ashia, Ashni, Avani, Beryl, Chanda, Chandana, Chandra [Chanda], Charita, Deva [Devi], Devi, Dhana, Eli, Elin, Erisha, Gambhira

Gauri - Kaya
Gauri, Gita, Gitanjali, Hanita, Hansika, Hasina, Indira, Indu, Ishana, Ishara, Jay [Jaya], Jaya, Jena, Kaeya, Kali, Kalinda, Kama, Karma, Kashmir, Kaya

Lakshmi - Rajani
Lakshmi, Lalika, Lalita, Lata, Laveda, Makara, Manika, May [Maya], Maya, Meena, Meera, Mira, Monisha, Neena, Nina [Neena], Nisha, Opal, Rachana [Roshan], Radha, Rajani

Rama - Sunita
Rama, Rani, Rita, Rohana, Roshan, Safiyah, Saisha, Salena, Sana, Sha- [Shalini], Shaila, Shakeela, Shalini, Shandra, Shanti, Sharmila, Shashi, Sheila [Shyla], Shyla, Sunita

Taja - Viveca
Taja, Tanaya, Tara, Uma, Usha, Vanita, Veda [Vida], Vida [Veda], Viveca