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Holy Names

Page 1/2. 32 Holy names and what they mean, for holy for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Holy names for boys.

Abilene .. Place name: town in Texas, and also in early Christian times, a region of the Holy Land, whose name may derive from a Hebrew word meaning "grass".
[Abalene, Abalina, Abilena, Abiline]

Agnes .. (Greek) "Pure, holy." ..
[Ag, Agafi, Agafia, Agafon, Aggi, .. 70 more]

Annis .. May also have developed in the Middle Ages as a mainly Scottish form of Agnes, which means "holy" in Greek ..
[Anessa, Anissa, Annes, Annice, Annisa, .. 3 more]

Ariadne .. (Greek) "Most holy." ..
[Arene, Aria, Ariadna, Ariana, Ariane, .. 9 more]

Arianwen .. (Welsh) "White, holy silver." ..

Bethany .. Biblical: the name of the village near Jerusalem where Jesus stayed during Holy Week, before going on to Jerusalem and crucifixion ..
[Bethanee, Bethaney, Bethani, Bethanie, Bethann, .. 5 more]

Chalice .. Via Old French from Latin "calix", and linked with the legend of the Holy Grail ..

Charisma .. Originally referred to the spiritual gifts bestowed by the Holy Spirit on the apostles ..
[Carisma, Charisma, Karisma]

Columba .. The dove is a Christian symbol for peace and the Holy Spirit.
[Collie, Colly, Colombe, Columbia, Columbine]

Comfort .. In the Bible, the Holy Ghost is referred to as the "Comforter" ..

Dove .. The dove represents peace, God's covenant with Noah, and the Holy Spirit.

Eiddwen .. Modern name derived from eiddun meaning "desire, fond" and (g)wen, from gwyn meaning "white, fair, blessed, holy" ..

Eilwen .. Possibly from ael "brow" or ail "just like", combined with (g)wen or (g)wyn meaning "white, fair, blessed, holy".

Eirwen .. Modern coinage, from eira meaning "snow" and (g)wen, feminine form of gwyn meaning "white, fair, blessed, holy".

Elga .. (Slavic) "Holy, sacred." ..
[Elgiva, Ellga, Helga]

Fiammetta .. The word "fiamma" means "flame": it may refer to the flames of the Holy Spirit that descended on the apostles on the day Christians commemorate as Pentecost.

Fuensanta .. (Spanish) "Holy fountain."

Glenys .. (Welsh) "Holy." ..
[Glenice, Glenis, Glennice, Glennis, Glennys]

Gwen .. (Welsh) "Fair, white, blessed, holy." ..
[Gwenn, Gwyn, Gwynn]

Gwyn .. (Welsh) "Fair, white, blessed, holy." ..
[Gwin, Gwinn, Gwinna, Gwinne, Gwynn, .. 2 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Holy names: Agnes, Annis, Bethany, Dove, Gwen

Agnes, Annis, Bethany, Gwen and Gwyn are commonly used names, while Abilene, Ariadne, Arianwen, Chalice, Charisma, Columba, Comfort, Dove, Eiddwen, Eilwen, Eirwen, Elga, Fiammetta, Fuensanta and Glenys are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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