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Honey - Pamela

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Honey 1 .. "Nectar." Unique as a name for newborns, occurring more frequently as a last name. See also Hanny. May possibly be a diminutive of ..

Melina 2 .. Root fr. Greek word. "Honey." The name Melina has grown progressively more popular as a given name for baby girls. See also Melvina. Mostly 18th century use .. [Malina, Mallina, Meleena, Melibella, Mellina, .. 3 more]

Melisande 3 .. .. form of Melissa (Greek) "bee; honey". Unique as a given name for girls. The variation Lisandra is popular as a variant form of the name. [Lisandra, Malisande, Malyssandre, Melisandra, Melissande, .. 7 more]

Melissa 4 .. Stems fr. Greek language. "Bee; honey." The name Melissa has surged in popularity as a name for kids over time since 1910-1919. The variations Milly, Mellisa and Malissa are common as forms of the name. .. found out how to collect honey .. [Lisa, Mallissa, Melesa, Melicent, Melisa, .. 26 more]

Melita 5 .. Derivative of Greek language. "Honey sweet." Melita is frequently occurring (Top 79%) as a feminine name. See also Melitia. Also used as short form of .. [Malita, Melida, Melyta, .. 2 more]

Mischa 6 .. Variant of Melissa (Greek) "bee; honey". Name suitable for both girls and boys. Unique as a given name.

Pamela 7 .. Derivative of Greek element. "Honey; all sweetness." Usage of Pamela as a given name has fallen off over time since 1960. The form Pamala is popular as a variation of the name. A poetic invention from the 16th .. [Pam, Pama, Pamalla, Pamelina, Pamelyn, .. 11 more]

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Honey, Melina [8], Melisande [12], Melissa [31], Melita [5], Mischa, Pamela [16]