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Horse names

Horse baby names and what they mean, for horse.

These girl names were at the peak of their popularity during 1910-1919 (usage of 0.1839%) and are somewhat less popular today (usage 0.0806%, 56.2% less), with names such as Rhiannon, Rosalind and Rosamond becoming less trendy. Rase (top 26%) and Ruse (15%) are conventional last names.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Horse names: Rhiannon, Rosalind, Rosamond, Rose

Cabalina 1 .. Derivative of Spanish, Latin elements. "Having to do with horses." Cabalan, Cabalica and Chabalina are kreatif variations. From the same root as the ..

Filippa 2 .. Root fr. Greek word. "Lover of horses." Not in Top 1000. See also Filipa. Variant of Philippa.

Hippolyta 3 .. Root fr. Greek word. "Stampeding horses." Not in popularity charts. Feminine of Hippolyte .. [Hippolita]

Philippa 4 .. Root fr. Greek. "Horse lover." Outside Top 1000. [Felipa, Flip, Philette, Phillipa, Phillipina, Pippie, .. 16 more]

Philopena 5 .. of Philip (Greek) "lover of horses". Rare. Compare Philopena, Felipina, etc. with popular surname Pampena (upper 55%), which also ends with -na. [Felipina, Filippina, Filippine, .. 2 more]

Pippa 6 .. Source fr. Greek. "Lover of horses." Pippa, Pip and Pippy are not frequently used as birth names. Diminutive of Philippa .. [Pip, .. 1 more]

Rhiannon 7 .. .. The Welsh horse goddess is described .. Usage of Rheanne and variants grew in 1998 and has become less, with Rhianna and Rhiannon becoming less stylish. [Rheanna, Rheanne, Rhiana, Rhiann, Rhianon, Riane, Rianon, .. 7 more]

Rosalind 8 .. Derivative of Old German word. "Gentle horse." Rosalina, Rosaline, Roseline and Rosina are familiar as forms of Rosalind. Also possibly a 16th century poetic .. [Ros, Rosaleen, Rosalinda, Rosalinn, Roselina, Roselinda, Roseline, Roselyn, Rosina, Rozalia, .. 31 more]

Rosamond 9 .. Derived fr. Old German word. "Horse protector." Rosamond is generally used as a variant form. Also (Latin) pure rose or rose .. [Ros, Rosamonde, Rosemonda, Rosmund, Rosmunda, .. 6 more]

Rose 10 .. .. words hros meaning "horse", or hrod .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Rasia, Rasine, Rosalind, Rosaline, Roseellen, Roselia, Rosella, Rosene, Rosette, Rosheen, .. 49 more]

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Summary of Horse names (and variants) for girls.

Cabalina - Rose
Cabalina, Filippa, Hippolyta [Hippolita], Philippa [Pippy, Pippa, Philly, Pippie, Phillie, Phillipa, Philippine, Phillipina, ..], Philopena [Felipina, Filipina, Filippina, Filippine, Philippina], Pippa [Pip, Pippy], Rhiannon [Riana, Rhyan, Riane, Rianna, Rianon, Rianne, Rhianon, Riannon, ..], Rosalind [Rozelin, Rozelyn, Rozalynn, Rozelind, Rozalinda, Rozelinda, Rozalynne, Rozelynda, ..], Rosamond [Roz, Rosmund, Rosemond, Rosmunda, Rozamond, Rozamund, Rosamunda, Rosemonda, ..], Rose [Rozy, Ruza, Zita, Ruzsa, Ruzha, Ruzena, Rozsika, Ruzenka, ..]