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Huntress Names

Huntress names

Huntress baby names and what they mean, for huntress.

Usage of these girl names was at its apex 74 years ago (adoption of 0.4%) and has become much reduced since (adoption 0.1%, 84%), with names such as Diana falling out of fashion.

Atalanta - Saida

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Top 2000 baby names ranking of Huntress names: Diana

.. athletic young maiden huntress who refused .. Atalanda and Atalanja are kreatif forms. [Atlanta, Atlante]

.. was a maiden huntress and princess .. Cyrine is a moderately common baby name. [Cyrena, .. 1 more]

.. is often depicted as a huntress .. Common as surnames, and Diana (top 7%) is comparable to popular -iana last names Viana (top 14%), Siana (96%). [Danne, Dayanna, Deana, Deane, Deann, Deeana, Deeane, Dian, Diane, Didi, .. 24 more]

.. Everdeen is the huntress heroine of .. Outside Top 2000.

Derivative of Arabic element. "Huntress; fortunate." Saida and Sayda are unusual as birth names. Variant of Zaida. [Sayda]

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1. Atalanta - Saida
Atalanta [Atlanta, Atlante], Cyrene [Cyrena, Cyrina], Diana b [Dyan, Didi, Dyana, Dyane, Dyann, Dianne, Dyanna, Dyanne, ..], Katniss, Saida [Sayda]