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Ice names and what they mean, for ice for females. These girl names reached the peak of their popularity in 1980-1989 and have become much less popular since, with names like Shayla, Krystal, Crystal and Chrystal becoming less trendy.

Chrystal - Shayla

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Chrystal 1 .. From Greek word. "Ice." Moderately uncommon as a girls' name, occurring somewhat regularly as a last name. See also Christal. .. [Chrystalla]

Crystal 2 .. Based on Greek word. "Ice." Crystal, Krystal and Chrystal have fallen off in popularity as given names for girls over time. The forms Kristle, Kristal and Cristal are widely used as variations of the name. .. [Christal, Christall, Christel, Christella, Christle, .. 70 more]

Krystal 3 Variant spelling of Crystal (Greek) "ice" .. Krystal and Krystal have declined in popularity as given names for girls over time. The forms Kristle and Crysta are familiar as variations of the name. [Cristalle, Khristal, Khrystal, Kristabelle, Kristel, .. 19 more]

Shayla 4 .. Olympic ice skater Shae-lyn Bourre. Usage of Shayla as a given name has diminished over the years. See also Shiela. [Shaela, Shailagh, Shayleen, Shaylynn, .. 8 more]

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[Chrystal - Shayla]
Chrystal [Chrystalla], Crystal [Krystle, Krystol, Kristle, Krystal, Krystyl, Krystlea, Khrystle, Krystalle, Krystlelea, Khristalle, ..], Krystal [Krystle, Kristle, Krystel, Krystal, Kristella, Krystalle, Krystelle, Krystaline, Krystabelle, Krystalline, ..], Shayla [Shaila, Shaylyn, Shaylah, Shailyn, Shailagh, Shaylene, Shaylynn, Shealynn, Shayleen, Shaylynne, ..]