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Illusion Names

2 Illusion names and what they mean, for illusion for baby girls, listing 1-2.

May .. Also a Sanskrit word meaning "illusion" ..
[Mae, Maelee, Maelynn, Maia, Maj, .. 7 more]

Maya .. In Hindi, from Sanskrit, meaning "dream, illusion" ..
[Maia, Maiya, Miah, Miya, Mya]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Illusion names: May, Maya

May and Maya are commonly used names. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: dream, fantasy, invention, mist, myth, pipe, rainbow, romance, sin, spirit, vision.

Aislinn .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Dream, vision." ..
[Aislin, Aisling, Aislyn, Aislynn, Ashling, .. 2 more]

Ophrah .. A clerical error changed the intended Orpah to Oprah on her birth certificate ..
[Afra, Aphra, Ofra, Ofrit, Ophra, .. 3 more]

Asteria .. Greek mythology: Asteria was a woman whom Zeus took a fancy to ..

Fancy () "Imagination, fantasy." ..

Fancy () "Imagination, fantasy." ..

Branice Contemporary invention: possibly a variation of Janice (Hebrew) "God's grace".

Misty .. (Old English) "Mist." ..
[Misti, Mistie, Mystee, Mysti]

Ceres .. Mythology: the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility, known in Greek myth as Demeter ..

Chanel .. (Old French) "Pipe." From a French occupational name and surname for pipe fitters and manufacturers ..
[Chanele, Chanell, Chanelle, Channell, Channelle, .. 8 more]

Daria .. (Greek, Persian) "Maintains possessions well." ..
[Dari, Darian, Dariane, Darianna, Darice, .. 12 more]

Amitola .. (Native American Indian) "Rainbow."

Clarice .. It was borne by a character who appears in some versions of the medieval romances of Roland and other paladins of Charlemagne.
[Claressa, Claris, Clarisa, Clarise, Clarisse, .. 10 more]

Shadow ..

Immaculada .. Refers to the Immaculate Conception, the doctrine that the Virgin Mary, from the moment of her conception, was free of the Original Sin that tainted mankind.
[Imacolata, Imaculada, Immaculate, Immacolate]

Anima .. In Latin, it means "spirit".

Aislinn .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Dream, vision." ..
[Aislin, Aisling, Aislyn, Aislynn, Ashling, .. 2 more]


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