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Irish Names

Page 1/10. Irish names are appealing to parents nowadays, though pronunciations can be tricky. 197 Irish names of Irish origin for baby girls, listing 1-20. Alice, Alva, Angela, Anna, Ardis, Arlene, Barrie and Birgit are commonly used names, while Aibhlin, Aidan, Ailbhe, Ailish, Aislinn, Alannah, Aoibheann, Aoife, Ashlynn, Bedelia, Beibhinn and Blaine are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Irish names for boys.

Aibhlin (Irish, Gaelic) Aibhlín is a variant of Eibhlín (see Eibhlin), and the Irish Gaelic form of Evelyn.

Aidan .. Saint Aidan was a seventh-century Irish monk.
[Adan, Aden, Aiden, Audan, Ayden, .. 1 more]

Ailbhe (Irish, Gaelic) "White" ..
[Ailbe, Alby, Alva, Alvy, Elli, .. 3 more]

Ailish Irish Gaelic form of Alice.

Aislinn (Irish, Gaelic) "Dream, vision" Not in use as a given name during the Middle Ages, but was adopted as part of the Irish revival in the 20th century ..
[Aislin, Aisling, Aislyn, Aislynn, Ashling, .. 2 more]

Alannah .. Variant spelling of Alanna (see Alana), possibly influenced by names of Hebrew origin such as Hannah and Susannah, and by the Anglo-Irish term of endearment alannah (Gaelic a leanbh meaning "O child").

Alice .. Though not related in origin, Alice has been used before as an English form of the Irish Gaelic name Aislinn ..
[Adelice, Adelisa, Ailie, Aillie, Allis, .. 95 more]

Alva (Irish, Gaelic) "White" Anglicized form of the traditional name Ailbhe, derived from Old Irish albho ..
[Alba, Albina, Albine, Albinia, Allie, .. 2 more]

Angela .. Aingeal is the Irish Gaelic version ..
[Aingeal, Andjelija, Andjelka, Ange, Angel, .. 42 more]

Anna .. Though not strictly related, Anna has been used as an English version of the Irish Gaelic Aine ..
[Ana, Anique, Anja, Ann, Annabeth, .. 13 more]

Aoibheann (Irish, Gaelic) "Beautiful" ..

Aoife (Irish, Gaelic) "Beautiful, radiant" .. The name has also been associated with Esuvia, a Gaulish goddess, and was borne by several heroines in ancient Irish legend ..

Ardis (Irish) ..
[Ardiss, Ardyce, Ardys, Ardyss]

Arlene .. Possibly feminine form of Arlen, from Irish Gaelic meaning "pledge, promise" ..
[Arla, Arlan, Arlana, Arlean, Arleana, .. 24 more]

Ashlynn (Irish, Gaelic) "Dream" ..
[Ashelynn, Ashleen, Ashleena, Ashlen, Ashlin, .. 6 more]

Barrie (Irish, Gaelic) "Spear" ..
[Bari, Barri]

Bedelia (Irish) ..
[Bedeelia, Bidella, Delia]

Beibhinn (Irish, Gaelic) "White or fair lady" ..

Birgit .. Name of an Irish saint ..
[Birget, Birgetta, Birgitt, Birgitta, Birgitte, .. 5 more]

Blaine (Irish, Gaelic) "Yellow" ..
[Blane, Blayne]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Irish names: Ailbhe, Aislinn, Alannah, Alice, Alva, Angela, Anna, Aoibheann, Aoife, Ardis

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Irish names: Arlene, Ashlynn

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