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Island Names

Page 1/4. 72 Island names and what they mean, for island, bay, port, isle for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Island names for boys.

Aegina .. Also one of the Greek islands close to the mainland.

Ailsa .. (Old Norse) "Island of Alfsigr." ..
[Ailis, Ailse, Elsa, Elsha, Elshe]

Alcina .. Greek mythology: a sorceress who rules over a magical island ..
[Alcee, Alcine, Alcinia, Allcine, Allcinia, .. 5 more]

Arabella .. A ship named the Arbella brought a group of Puritan English aristocrats to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 ..
[Ara, Arabel, Arabela, Arabelle, Arbela, .. 12 more]

Avalon .. (Celtic) "Island of apples." Celtic mythology: Avalon is an island paradise .. In Arthurian legend, it is the island where King Arthur took refuge after his final defeat, and whence he will reappear.

Barrie .. A place name (Barry Islands, Wales) turned into a surname, then into a given name ..
[Bari, Barri]

Bay .. "Berry." Also a plant name: the term "bay" is used for several different types of trees, including the bay laurel, whose leaves are used as a herb and flavouring agent, and were also twined into wreaths by the Greeks, to crown victors ..

Bergen .. Bergen is the name of a major port city in Norway.

Caledonia .. The Caledonian Canal runs through Northern Scotland, while New Calenonia consists of a group of tiny islands in the South Pacific ..

Calico Name of the cotton fabric, originally named after the Indian port of Calicut (now Kozhikode) in Kerala where it was imported from ..

Calypso .. Mythology: a demi-goddess and nymph who lived on the hidden island of Ogygia, and kept Odysseus as her prisoner and lover for seven years ..
[Calipso, Callypso, Kallypso]

Capri .. Name of the Italian island famous for its beauty ..

Catarina .. An island off the coast of southern California is named Catalina.
[Catalina, Caterina]

Chelsea .. From "cealc hyo", a place name for a port where chalk shipments were received ..
[Celsea, Chel, Chelci, Chelcie, Chelcy, .. 26 more]

Columba .. Saint Columba, sixth-century Irish saint, founded an influential monastery on the Scottish island of Iona, and is supposed to have exorcised the River Ness of a monster ..
[Collie, Colly, Colombe, Columbia, Columbine]

Cydney .. (Old English) "Wide island." ..
[Cidney, Cydnee]

Cynthia .. Mythology: Kynthia was one of the names of Artemis, the goddess of the moon (known to the Romans as Diana), referring to her birthplace on Mount Kynthos on the island of Delos ..
[Cinda, Cindee, Cindi, Cindie, Cindy, .. 47 more]

Cypris .. (Greek) "From the island of Cyprus." ..
[Cipriana, Cypriane, Ciprienne, Cyprianne, Cyprien, .. 3 more]

Cytherea .. (Greek) "From the island of Cythera." ..

Delia .. Mythology: the island of Delos was Artemis's birthplace ..
[Deelia, Delya]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Island names: Arabella, Chelsea, Cydney, Cynthia, Delia

Barrie, Catarina, Chelsea, Cynthia and Delia are commonly used names, while Aegina, Ailsa, Alcina, Arabella, Avalon, Bay, Bergen, Caledonia, Calico, Calypso, Capri, Columba, Cydney, Cypris and Cytherea are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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