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Island names and what they mean, for island, bay, port, isle for females. Here is the list of Island names for boys. Adoption of these girl names reached its apex in the year 1997 (usage of 0.1817%) and is somewhat lower today (usage 0.1304%, down 28.2%), with names like Sidney, Cynthia, Lindsay, Whitney and Laura becoming somewhat outmoded. The trendier girl names in this compilation are Arabella (#174), Willow (#138), Skye (#368), Chelsea (#274) and Lauren (#94).

Aegina - Arabella

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Aegina 1 .. .. of the Greek islands close to .. Aegina and Egina are seldom used as children's names. [Egina]

Ailsa 2 .. Origin fr. Old Norse element. "Island of Alfsigr." Ranked in Top 1000. Place name .. [Ailis, Elsa, Elsha, .. 2 more]

Alcina 3 .. .. who rules over a magical island .. Scarce as girls' names, but Alcee, Alcina, etc. are comparable to the more familiar Alex. [Alcee, Alcine, Allcinia, .. 7 more]

Anniston 4 .. .. from Crete or the Aegean Islands. Common, and Anniston, Aniston are comparable to popular -ston last names Swiston (top 99%), Peniston (34%). [Aniston]

Arabella 5 .. .. to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 .. Arabella and Bella are Top 1000 baby names. [Ara, Arabel, Arabelle, Arbella, Arbelle, Bella, Belle, Orbel, .. 9 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Island names: Anniston, Arabella

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Summary of all Island names (and variants) for girls.

[Aegina - Arabella]
Aegina [Egina], Ailsa [Elsha, Elshe, ..], Alcina [Alsyna, Alzina, ..], Anniston [Aniston], Arabella [Orbella, Orbelle, ..]

[Avalon - Eleuthera]
Avalon, Barrie [Bari, Barri], Bay, Bergen, Caledonia, Calico, Calypso [Callypso, Kallypso], Capri [Capree], Catarina [Catalina, Caterina], Chelsea [Cheslee, Chessie, ..], Columba [Columbia, Columbine, ..], Cydney [Cidney, Cydnee], Cynthia [Synthie, Synthya, ..], Cypris [Supriana, Siprianne, ..], Cytherea, Delia [Delya, Deelia], Ealga, Eilat, Elba [Elbe, Ellba], Eleuthera [Eleutheria, Eleutherya, ..]

[Enda - Lindsay]
Enda [Eanna], Ennis [Innis, Ennish], Erin [Terin, Taryn, ..], Euronwy, Gail [Gaylla, Gaylle, ..], Gardner [Gardie, Gardiner], Ila [Isla, Ilanys, ..], Innes [Ines, Inness], Iona, Ionia [Ionya, Ionija], Jaffa [Jafit, Joppa], Jamaica [Jemaica, Jemayka, ..], Kelsey [Kelsy, Kelsie, ..], Kyle [Kyel, Kyall], Lanai [Lenai], Laufeia, Laura [Lory, Lorry, ..], Laurel [Lorel, Lorelle, ..], Lauren [L'Wren, Lowrynn, ..], Lindsay [Lynzi, Lynzy, ..]

[Madeira - Skye]
Madeira [Madera, Madira], Mallorca [Majorca], Marquise [Marquisa, Marquisha, ..], Martinique, Menemsha, Minorca [Menorca], Minuit, Miranda [Randy, Randie, ..], Oceana [Oceania], Odessa [Odyssa, Odyssia], Oriel [Oriella, Orielle, ..], Ostia, Ramsay [Ramsey], Rhoda [Rodie, Rodina, ..], Rhona [Roana], Rona [Ronna, Ronelle, ..], Sardinia [Sardegna], Sicily [Sicilly, Sicillia], Sidney [Sidni, Sidnie, ..], Skye [Sky, Skyla]

[Sydney - Willow]
Sydney [Sydni, Sydnie, ..], Taisie [Tayzie], Teresa [Tresa, Tressa, ..], Theresa [Zita, Treza, ..], Tiara [Tiare, Tiarra, ..], Valetta [Valeta, Valletta], Whitney [Whittney, Whittnie, ..], Willow