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Island names and what they mean, for island, bay, port, isle, oak.

Usage of these girl names was at its apex in the year 1997 (usage of 0.1722%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.1237%, down 28.2%), but with names like Sidney, Cynthia, Lindsay, Whitney and Laura becoming somewhat outmoded. The trendier girl names in this compilation are Arabella (#174), Willow (#138), Skye (#368), Chelsea (#274) and Lauren (#94). Lahren (top 72%) and Lauron (74%) are popular last names.

Here is the list of Island names for boys.

pinAegina - Cypris

Page 1/4 of 77 Island names.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Island names: Anniston, Arabella, Chelsea, Cydney, Cynthia

Aegina 1 .. .. of the Greek islands close to .. Acgina, Aegita and Aegiza are kreatif variations. [Egina]

Ailsa 2 .. Origin fr. Old Norse word. "Island of Alfsigr." Ranked in Top 1000. Place name .. [Ailis, Elsa, Elsha, .. 2 more]

Alcina 3 .. .. who rules over a magical island .. Not in popularity charts. [Alcee, Alcine, Alsyna, Alzina, .. 6 more]

Alona 4 .. Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Oak tree." Outside Top 1000. [Allona, Allonia, Ilonka, .. 3 more]

Anniston 5 .. .. from Crete or the Aegean Islands. Common, and Anniston, Aniston are comparable to popular -ston last name Arnston (top 98%). [Aniston]

Arabella 6 .. .. to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in .. Arabella and Bella are Top 1000 baby names. [Ara, Arabela, Arbela, Arbella, Bel, Orbella, .. 12 more]

Avalon 7 .. Derivative of Celtic word. "Island of apples." Uncommon as a girls' name, but Avalon is comparable to the more common Avalynn. See also Avalyn. Avalon is an island paradise. In ..

Barrie 8 .. .. place name (Barry Islands, Wales) turned .. Rare. Barrie, like Brodie, uses the common -ie ending. [Bari, Barri]

Bay 9 .. "Berry." Gender-neutral name. Unusual as a children's name, but Bay is similar to the more familiar Jay. .. the term "bay" is used for ..

Bergen 10 .. .. of a major port city in .. Cross-gender use. Uncommon, with the -en ending like Barbeeleen.

Caledonia 11 .. .. group of tiny islands in the .. Unconventional. Caledonia is not found in the US Census.

Calico 12 .. after the Indian port of Calicut .. Calico was not a Top birth name in 2014.

Calypso 13 .. .. on the hidden island of Ogygia .. Calypso and variants are not in the Top 1000. [Calipso, Kallypso, .. 1 more]

Capri 14 .. .. of the Italian island famous for .. Scarce as birth names, but Capri and Capree are similar to the more common Carri. [Capree]

Catarina 15 .. .. An island off the coast of .. Unusual. Catarina, Catalina, Caterina (cf. Cherina) ends with the feminine-sounding -ina. [Catalina, Caterina]

Chelsea 16 .. .. name for a port where chalk .. Celsea, Chel, Chelci, Chelcie and Chelcy are more unusual as versions of Chelsea. [Celsea, Chelcie, Chelcy, Chelese, Chelesia, Chelie, Chelisa, Chelli, Chellise, Chellsie, .. 21 more]

Columba 17 .. .. on the Scottish island of Iona .. A children's name that is only scarcely used. [Collie, Colombe, .. 3 more]

Cydney 18 .. Origin fr. Old English. "Wide island." Cydney is commonly used as a variation. Variant of Sydney. [Cidney, .. 1 more]

Cynthia 19 .. .. Kynthos on the island of Delos .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Cinda, Cindi, Cindy, Cinnie, Cinny, Cinthie, Cyn, Cyndia, Cyndra, Cyntha, .. 42 more]

Cypris 20 .. From Greek. "From the island of Cyprus." Not in popularity charts. The name may be unpopular because .. [Cipriana, Cyprianne, Cyprienne, Siprianne, .. 4 more]

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Summary of Island names (and variants) for girls.

Aegina - Cypris
Aegina [Egina], Ailsa [Elsa, Ailse, Elsha, Elshe], Alcina [Alsina, Alsyna, Alzina, Alsinia, ..], Alona [Elona, Ilona, Alonia, Ilonka, ..], Anniston [Aniston], Arabella [Orbel, Orbella, Orbelle, Orabelle, ..], Avalon, Barrie [Bari, Barri], Bay, Bergen, Caledonia, Calico, Calypso [Calipso, Callypso, Kallypso], Capri [Capree], Catarina [Catalina, Caterina], Chelsea [Chelsy, Chesea, Cheslee, Chessie, ..], Columba [Colly, Colombe, Columbia, Columbine], Cydney [Cidney, Cydnee], Cynthia [Synthia, Synthie, Synthya, Syntheea, ..], Cypris [Cyprien, Supriana, Siprianne, Cyprienne, ..]

Cytherea - Jamaica
Cytherea, Dara [Darya, Darra, Darrah, Darragh, ..], Delia [Delya, Deelia], Derry, Ealga, Eilat, Elba [Elbe, Ellba], Eleuthera [Elesteria, Eleftheria, Eleutheria, Eleutherya], Enda [Eanna], Ennis [Innis, Ennish], Erin [Erynn, Kerin, Terin, Taryn, ..], Euronwy, Gail [Gayll, Gaylla, Gaylle, Gayline, ..], Gardner [Gardie, Gardener, Gardiner], Ila [Isla, Eila, Ilanys, Ilanis], Innes [Ines, Inness], Iona, Ionia [Ionya, Eionia, Ionija], Jaffa [Jafit, Joppa], Jamaica [Jamaeca, Jamaika, Jemaica, Jemayka]

Kelsey - Oriel
Kelsey [Kelsy, Kelsi, Kelsie, Kelseigh, ..], Kyle [Kyel, Kyall], Lanai [Lenai], Laufeia, Laura [Lory, Lorri, Lorry, Lorrie, ..], Laurel [Lorel, Lauriel, Loralle, Lorelle, ..], Lauren [L'Wren, Lowran, Lowrynn, Lowrenn, ..], Lindsay [Lynzy, Lynzi, Lynsey, Lynzey, ..], Loni [Lonie, Lonna, Lonni, Lonnie, ..], Madeira [Madera, Madira], Mallorca [Majorca], Marquise [Marqui, Marquisa, Marquessa, Marquisha, ..], Martinique, Menemsha, Minorca [Menorca], Minuit, Miranda [Randi, Randy, Randa, Randie, ..], Oceana [Oceania], Odessa [Odissa, Odyssa, Odyssia], Oriel [Orielle, Oriella, Auriella, Aurielle]

Ostia - Willow
Ostia, Ramsay [Ramsey], Rhoda [Roda, Rodi, Rodie, Rodina, ..], Rhona [Roana], Rona [Ronna, Rhona, Ronelle, Ronella], Sardinia [Sardegna], Sicily [Sicilly, Sicilia, Sicillia], Sidney [Sidni, Sidnie, Sideny, Sidneigh], Skye [Sky, Skie, Skyla], Sydney [Sydni, Sydnie, Sydnee, Sydelle, ..], Taisie [Tayzie], Teresa [Tessy, Tresa, Tessie, Tressa, ..], Theresa [Zita, Treza, Tressa, Trescha, ..], Tiara [Tiare, Tiarra, Tiarah, Tiairra], Valetta [Valeda, Valeta, Valletta], Whitney [Whittany, Whittney, Whittnie, Whittaney, ..], Willow