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Girl Names of Italian Origin

Italian baby names and what they mean, for italian, italy, with 84 results. These Italian names tend to have a stylish and exotic flavor that make them popular, especially among the British and the Americans. These girl names reached the top of their popularity during 1960-1969 (ADOPTION OF 2.2%) and have become much less widespread since (ADOPTION 0.9%, 60.9%), with names like Tea becoming less trendy. Francesca (#428), Giovanna (#811), Lucia (#225) and Luciana (#468) are four of the more contemporarily stylish names for newborns in this compilation, while Bello (TOP 2%) and Belli (10%) are conventional surnames. Here is the list of Italian names for boys.

Italian names

Agnola - Carabelle | Carlotta - Gianina | Ginevra - Massima | Nedda - Vallombrosa | Vanda - Zola

Agnola - Carabelle

"Angel." Anola is a slightly favored girl's name. Also a variant of Agnes.

"Gay and jaunty." Popular as last names, and Allegra (TOP 26%), var. are comparable to common -ra last names Abellera (TOP 31%), Abrera (98%). The musical term allegro means quickly ..

"Nourishing, kind; soul; young woman; learned." A conventional baby name (#686 THE PAST YEAR), Alma is also used somewhat frequently as a surname. Modern name ..

"Elf warrior." Scarce as a children's name, but Alvara is similar to the more common Alverta. See also Alvarita. From Aelfhere ..

"Gift of love." Not in Top 2000.

"Endless; truth; friendship." Outside Top 2000. Hindi name ..

"Announcement, notice." Not that popular as a birth name. Allusion to the Annunciation, when the ..

Pet name .. Less used today. Bambi was last recorded in the 1980s in the Top 2000.

"Beautiful." Usage of Belinda as a children's name has diminished circa the 1960s. Probably from Italian "bella" (see Bella) ..

"Beautiful." Bella, Bell, Belle and Belva are common as forms. Also a short form of Isabel ..

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Italian names: Allegra, Alma, Bambi, Belinda, Bella

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Italian names: Bianca, Bruna, Capri, Caprice

Bellanca, var. Bianca1
"Blond." Bianca (upper 17%) and Blanca (9%) are common as women's names, whereas Bellanca is uncommon.

Nickname of Berta. Uncommon, with the androgynous -na suffix, like Bertina.

"White, pure." Beonca, Beyonca, Biancha, Bianey and Blancha are more novel as forms of Bianca. Variant of Blanche (French) ..

Variant of Vivian. Not in popularity charts. See also Bobina.

"Good daughter." A peculiar birth name.

"Brown-skinned, brown-haired." Bruna is prevalent as a version. Feminine of Bruno.

"Skin." Compare last names Camejo (UPPER 16%), Camen (92%). From Italian "cammeo" probably of Oriental ..

Name of the Italian island famous .. Capree and Capri are rarely used as feminine names, and Capri is found often (upper 29%) as a surname.

CapriceCaprice, var. Capri2
"Whimsical, playful." Caprice is frequently occurring (top 57%) as a female name, while Capreece, Capri, Capriana, Capricia and Caprise are unconventional. From Italian "capriccio" which originally referred ..

"Beloved; friend; God's promise." Carabell and variants are seldom used as baby names. Combined form of Cara and Belle.