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Jane - Jenny

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Jane 1 .. Originally a feminine form of John .. A highly popular girls' name (#322 last year), Jane also exists somewhat often as a surname. [Gene, Gianina, Ivana, Jaina, Jandy, Janeen, Janela, Janelba, Janelle, Janean, Jeniece, .. 82 more]

Janice 2 .. Derivative of Jane with the suffix .. Janice (top 23%), Janis (5%), Janise (41%), like Janin (top 80%), Janish (26%), are common last names with the Jani- prefix. [Janeece, Janiece, Janis, Jenice, Jeniece, .. 14 more]

Jenny 3 .. Originally a pet form of Jean .. Jenny (top 12%), Jen (13%), Jenni (59%), Jennis (66%) and Jenna (79%) are found commonly as last names. [Jen, Jenalee, Jenalynn, Jenene, Jenetta, Jeni, Jenica, Jeniece, Jenita, Jennessa, .. 17 more]

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[Jane - Jenny]
Jane [Juana, Jonie, Vanya, Shene, Vania, Sinead, Sheena, Juanita, ..], Janice [Jency, Janyce, Jannis, Jenice, Jenise, Jannice, Jeniece, Jennice, ..], Jenny [Jinny, Jinni, Jennis, Jennita, Jennilee, Jennilyn, Jennyann, Jennylee, ..]