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Jane - Jenny

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Jane 1 .. Originally a feminine form of John .. Usage of the names Jane and Janice as given names has fallen off over the years since 1940. The variations Juanita, Jonelle, Joanna, Jenelle, Jeanie, Jayne, Janis, Janice, Janeth, Janee, Janel, Jan and Giovanna are generally used as variant forms of the name. [Gene, Gianna, Iva, Ivancka, .. , Jeniece, .. 88 more]

Janice 2 Derivative of Jane with the suffix -ice from names like Candice and Bernice .. Usage of Janice as a name for babies has diminished over the years since 1950. The forms Jenice and Janis are commonplace as versions of this name. [Janeece, Janessa, Janessia, Janiece, .. , Jeniece, .. 14 more]

Jenny 3 .. Originally a pet form of Jean in the Middle Ages .. Jenny is commonplace (Top 7%) as a women's name, appearing regularly (Top 20%) as a surname according to the US Census. The variations Jennie, Jenise and Jen are familiar as forms of Jenny. [Jen, Jenalynn, Jeneen, Jenetta, .. , Jeniece, .. 22 more]

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[Jane - Jenny]
Jane [Joni, Jonie, Vanya, Shene, Juana, Vania, Sheena, Sinead, Jonelle, Juanita, ..], Janice [Jency, Jannis, Janiss, Janise, Jenise, Janyce, Jenice, Jeniece, Jannice, Jennice, ..], Jenny [Jinni, Jinny, Jennie, Jennis, Jennika, Jennita, Jennylee, Jennyann, Jennilee, Jennilyn, ..]