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Carly - Karolina

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Carly 1 .. Feminine of Charles .. A very familiar baby name (#357 in latest rankings) which also occurs somewhat often as a last name. [Carlee, Carleen, Carlene, Carli, Carlita, Karlee, Karlie, Karline, .. 14 more]

Carol 2 .. Originally a male name, an anglicized .. Listed in Top 1000. [Carel, Carilis, Carlin, Carlina, Carlynn, Caro, Carolann, Carolee, Carolin, Carolina, Karlie, .. 81 more]

Caroline 3 .. From the French form of Latin .. Usage of Caroline and variants as girls' names in 2014 was up 36.9% compared to a decade ago. [Caddy, Caraleen, Caraleena, Caralyn, Caralynn, Carileen, Carilynne, Carla, Carlen, Carlina, Karlie, .. 93 more]

Charlotte 4 .. French feminine diminutive of Charles .. A very familiar children's name (#10 in latest rankings), Charlotte also exists somewhat commonly as a last name. [Carla, Carletta, Carlotta, Carly, Charleen, Charlett, Charline, Charlita, Charlsie, Charly, Karlie, .. 88 more]

Karla 5 .. Variant of Carla .. Adoption of Karla and variants as girls' names in 2014 was down 10% compared to the year before. [Karlah, Karlee, Karleigh, Karli, Karlie, Karly, .. 5 more]

Karolina 6 .. Variant of Caroline, from Charles. Karolina and variants became more trendy in 2014, rising +76 positions as children's names with Lina gaining the most. [Karaline, Karalynna, Karleen, Karlen, Karlena, Karlene, Karlie, Karlina, Karlinka, Karoline, .. 13 more]

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[Carly - Karolina]
Carly [22], Carol [92], Caroline [104], Charlotte [99], Karla [10], Karolina [23]