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Carly - Karolina

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Carly 1 .. Feminine of Charles .. A name suited for both sexes. Carly is a commonly occurring (Top 20%) female name. The variations Karlie, Karlee, Carlie, Carlene and Carlee are widely used as variant forms of Carly. [Carlee, Carleen, Carley, Carline, .. , Karlie, .. 17 more]

Carol 2 .. Originally a male name .. Carol is a commonplace (Top 1%) women's name, occurring often (Top 20%) as a surname in the US Census. The forms Lotta, Karole, Karleen, Cherlyn, Charlotte, Charla, Carroll, Carolynn, Carolina, Carolann, Carlotta, Carley and Cari are commonplace as variations of Carol. [Carel, Carey, Carilis, Carlene, .. , Karlie, .. 87 more]

Caroline 3 .. From the French form of Latin .. The variant forms Caroline, Karla and Carly have surged in popularity as birth names for girls over time. The variations Sharlene, Karoline, Karla, Charleen, Carri, Carolina, Carol, Carlita and Carla are generally used as forms of the name. [Caddy, Caraleen, Caraline, Caralynn, .. , Karlie, .. 99 more]

Charlotte 4 .. French feminine diminutive of Charles .. Charlotte is a familiar (Top 3%) women's name. The forms Sherry, Sharyl, Lottie, Karly, Karleen, Cherlyn, Charlsie, Charlette, Charla, Carlota and Carleen are commonly used as variations of Charlotte. [Carla, Carlie, Carlotta, Char, .. , Karlie, .. 94 more]

Karla 5 .. Variant of Carla .. Popular choice for a birth name for females (#504 in 2014), Karla is also found commonly as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. The forms Karly and Karley are familiar as versions of the name. [Karlah, Karlee, Karley, Karlie, .. , .. 5 more]

Karolina 6 .. Variant of Caroline .. The variant form Karla has become increasingly popular with parents since 1880. The forms Karolyn, Karli and Karla are widely used as variations of the name. [Karaline, Karalynna, Karleen, Karlene, Karlie, .. 18 more]

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[Carly - Karolina]
Carly [22], Carol [92], Caroline [104], Charlotte [99], Karla [10], Karolina [23]