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Kate - Kathy

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Kate 1 Short form of Katherine, also used as an independent name .. The name Kate has grown increasingly popular with parents since 1950. The forms Katie and Kaitlin are widely used as versions of Kate. [Cait, Cate, Catey, Kaethe, .. , Kathe, .. 10 more]

Kathy 2 Short form of Katherine .. Usage of Kathy as a name for children has been on a downward trend over time since 1950-1959. The forms Kathey and Cathie are popular as variations of Kathy. [Cathie, Kathe, Kathey, Kathia, .. , .. 4 more]

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[Kate - Kathy]
Kate [Kait, Kati, Kaite, Catie, Katee, Kathe, Katey, Katie, Kaethe, Kaitlin, ..], Kathy [Kathe, Kathi, Cathy, Cathie, Kathee, Kathey, Kathie, Kathia, Kathya]