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Cailin - Kaylin

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Cailin 1 .. .. See also Kaylin. A scarce given name. Both a feminine and a masculine name. [Caelan, Caileen, .. 3 more]

Katherine 2 .. From the word "katharos" .. The variant form Kaylin has gained increasing favor as a name for baby girls since 1880. The forms Rina, Kaye, Katie, Kathrine, Kathi, Katharine, Kassie, Kari, Catrina, Cathleen, Catharine, Cassi and Carin are prevalent as versions of this name. [Cait, Caitrin, Caitrionagh, Cari, .. , Kaylin, .. 187 more]

Kay 3 Most often used as a short .. Also suitable as a boys' name. Somewhat unusual as a girls' name, Kay exists more frequently as a last name. The variation Kayla is common as a form of Kay. [Caye, Kayana, Kayla, Kaylin, .. 4 more]

Kayla 4 .. From Caoilainn .. The variant forms Kayla and Kaylin have become increasingly popular with parents. The forms Kaylyn, Kaylah and Cayla are widely used as variations of Kayla. [Caela, Caihla, Calla, Kaala, .. , Kaylin, .. 20 more]

Kaylee 5 .. .. See also Cayla and Kaylin. Kaylee is frequently occurring (Top 42%) as a female name. The variations Kaylie, Kaylene, Kalie and Kailey are popular as variant forms of Kaylee. [Caleigh, Ceili, Kaeley, Kailee, Kaili, .. 22 more]

Kaylin 6 .. Variant of Caitlin .. Kaylin is scarcely used as a female name. The forms Kaylen, Kalyn and Kaelyn are familiar as versions of Kaylin. [Kaelene, Kaelynn, Kailene, Kailynne, Kalin, .. 19 more]

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Cailin [5], Katherine [192], Kay [8], Kayla [25], Kaylee [27], Kaylin [24]