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Large names and what they mean, for large, tall for women. Here is the list of Large names for boys. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity in 2014 (usage of 0.1381%). Eleanor (#78), Maeve (#482) and Raven (#507) are three of the more trendy names for newborns in this compilation, and there is a rebound in baby name usage for Eleanor.

Bracken - Temira

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Bracken 1 A large coarse fern. Unisex name. Not much used as a children's name, Bracken occurs more conventionally as a last name.

Brady 2 .. Brádach possibly means "large chested". Popular as last names. Compare Brady (top 1%) with popular -ady surnames Kready (top 86%), Grady (1%). [Bradee, Bradi, .. 1 more]

Bryony 3 .. .. to Europe with large leaves and .. Unusual. Compare Bryony, Briony and common last names Carmony (upper 26%), Bony (80%), with the -ony suffix. [Brioni, Bryonie, .. 1 more]

Eilat 4 .. Origin fr. Hebrew. "Grove of tall trees." Unique. Eilat is not found in the US Demographics. See also Elata. Name of a port in Israel ..

Eleanor 5 .. .. heiress to a large part of .. Listed in Top 1000. [Aleanor, Alenor, Allinor, Eileen, Elanor, Elena, Elenora, Eleonora, Eleonore, Elianore, .. 68 more]

Fidelity 6 .. .. in America for large financial institutions .. Not Top 1000 names. [Fedila, Fidela, Fidele, Fidelina, Fidelita, Fidelma, .. 5 more]

Juno 7 .. .. is used for tall women with .. Common as surnames. Compare Juno (upper 35%) with common surnames Quino (upper 51%), Nano (42%), which also end with -no. [Juneau, Junot, .. 2 more]

Linden 8 .. a tall graceful tree with heart .. Linden, Lindynn, etc. are not Top 1000 names. [Lindenn, Lindon, Lindynn]

Maeve 9 .. .. the Iliad, as tall, fair. carrying .. Maeve and variants became more popular in 2014, gaining +2 rankings as girls' names with Maeve leading the rise. [Mave, .. 1 more]

Raven 10 .. A large black bird made famous .. Popular. Raven, Rayven (cf. Aven, Callen) end with the favored androgynous-sounding -en. [Ravina, Rayvenne, Rayvinn, .. 2 more]

Septima 11 .. .. seventh child in a large family. Unconventional, but Septima is comparable to popular last names Salima (upper 99%), Deprima (40%), which also end with -ima.

Sicily 12 Large island off Italy. Many Italian .. Unconventional. Compare Sicily, Sicilly with popular last names Bierly (upper 15%), Fiely (57%), which also end with -ly. [Sicilia, Sicillia, Sicilly]

Spencer 13 .. .. and drink in a large household .. Spencer and Spenser are unique as baby names. [Spenser]

Temira 14 .. Derived fr. Hebrew. "Tall." Temira, Temora and Timora were not Top birth names in 2014. [Temora, .. 1 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Large names: Eleanor, Maeve, Raven

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Summary of Large names (and variants) for girls.

Bracken - Temira
Bracken, Brady [3], Bryony [3], Eilat, Eleanor [78], Fidelity [10], Juno [4], Linden [3], Maeve [2], Raven [5], Septima, Sicily [3], Spencer [1], Temira [2]