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Alix - Zita

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Alix 1 .. .. Alexandra, last Empress of Russia, was .. Alissandre and forms soared in popularity in 1995 and are less popular today, with Alex becoming less trendy. [Alex, Alexa, Alissandrine, .. 4 more]

Anastasia 2 .. .. Nicholas II, the last Russian czar .. Stasia and variants rose in popularity in the 1980s and are almost as popular now, but with Asia, Stacy, Stacie, Stacia and Stacey falling out of style. [Ana, Anastacia, Anastasha, Anastasija, Anastatia, Anasztasia, Anna, Anstass, Anstice, Nastasia, .. 37 more]

Calpurnia 3 .. .. of Julius Caesar's last wife, who .. Calpurnia was not a Top birth name in 2014.

Cora 4 .. .. heroine in The Last of the .. Common as surnames. Compare Cora (top 11%), Coretta, etc. and common surnames Core (top 5%), Corra (35%), with the Cor- prefix. [Corabel, Corabelle, Coralyn, Corene, Coretta, Corey, Cori, Corie, Corilla, Corinne, .. 48 more]

Kora 5 .. .. Cooper in The Last of the .. Common. Kora, Cora (cf. Eleanora, Valora) end with the favored feminine -ora. [Cora, Corabelle, Cori, Corry, Korena, Korenda, Korilla, Korina, Korinna, Korinne, .. 25 more]

Logan 6 .. .. called by her last name rather .. Logan appears regularly (top 1%) as a surname. [Logann]

Monet 7 Use of the last name of .. Monet (cf. Danet, Bohnet) is a common -net suffix last name. [Monay, Mone]

Nordica 8 .. .. equipment, and the last name of .. Scarcely used as a baby name. [Norda]

Nydia 9 .. .. Lytton's novel The Last Days of .. Unique. Nydia, Needia, Nidia, like Eladia, Wardia, end with the common feminine -dia. [Needia, .. 1 more]

Omega 10 .. The last letter in the Greek .. Omega is frequently occurring (top 71%) as a women's name, and exists regularly (top 53%) as a surname.

Quincey 11 .. Last name of a prominent Massachusetts .. Quincey and variants are not often adopted as birth names. [Quinci, Quinsy, .. 2 more]

Ramsay 12 .. .. was originally a last name common .. Ramsay (upper 3%) and Ramsey (1%) appear commonly as last names. [Ramsey]

Soraya 13 .. .. wife of the last Shah of .. Uncommon. Soraya, like Shaya, Janaya, ends with the common feminine -aya. [Soreeyah, .. 1 more]

Zita 14 .. .. name of the last Hapsburg empress. Uncommon. Zita, like Zanita, Tanita, ends with the familiar feminine -ita. [Zeeta, .. 1 more]

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[Alix - Zita]
Alix [7], Anastasia [47], Calpurnia, Cora [58], Kora [35], Logan [1], Monet [2], Nordica [1], Nydia [2], Omega, Quincey [4], Ramsay [1], Soraya [2], Zita [2]