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Latin names are from an ancient Italic language originally spoken by the Italic Latins in Latium and Ancient Rome, and has been passed down through various forms. Baby names of Latin origin, for latin, latinized.

These girl names reached the peak of their popularity during the years 1970-1979 (usage of 0.1743%) and are somewhat less popular today (usage 0.1221%, 30%), with names like Brisa, Courtney, Denise, Kirsten and Paulina becoming somewhat outmoded. The more fashionable baby names here are Gemma (#272), Giuliana (#373), Nova (#287), Renata (#659) and Vera (#367), and there is also a rekindling in baby name usage for Nova and Vera. Angelico (top 35%) and Omara (5%) are common surnames.

Here is the list of Latin names for boys.

pinAbila - Alegra

Page 1/35 of 682 Latin names.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Latin names: Adamaris, Adrienne, Agatha, Agnes, Aida

Abila 1 .. "Beautiful." Not in popularity charts. See also Aviela. Spanish name.

Acacia 2 .. .. century with the Latin form "acacia" .. Acaash and Adacia are kreatif forms.

Accalia 3 .. Mythology .. Unusual, but Accalia is comparable to common last name Allia (top 93%), with the -lia suffix.

Acquanetta 4 .. "Water." Uncommon, with the favored feminine-sounding -etta suffix for Acquanetta like Arnetta. .. "aqua", which is Latin for "water" ..

Adamaris 5 .. "To love." Less widespread today. Adamaris was the variant last found (2007) in the Top 1000. Spanish name from Latin adamo. It ..

Adora 6 .. "A gift; beloved; adored." Uncommon. Adora, Dora (cf. Anora) ends with the feminine -ora.

Adrienne 7 .. "From Hadria." Popular as birth names, Adra, Adrienne, etc. are comparable to the familiar Ada. French feminine form of Adrian ..

Aeronwen 8 .. .. known in a Latin form as .. Outside Top 1000.

Agatha 9 .. Latin form of the Greek name .. Less popular today. Agatha last appeared in the 1930s in the Top 1000. See also Agate.

Agnes 10 .. Latin form of the Greek name .. Outside Top 1000.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Latin names: Aileen, Aimee, Alba

Aida 11 .. Also possibly from Latin meaning distinguished; .. Somewhat widely used as a birth name, Aida is comparable to the popular Alda. See also Aidan.

Aileen 12 .. .. which possibly means "bird" in Latin .. Aileen became more trendy in 2014, gaining +31 positions as a birth name to reach #562. See also Aireen.

Aimee 13 .. "Beloved." Widely used as children's names, Aimee, Aimey, etc. are pronounced like the familiar Amiee. .. meaning to love, from Latin amare ..

Akilina 14 .. "Eagle." Akilina, Acuqileena, etc. are seldom found as given names, and Aquilina is found often (top 18%) as a surname. Greek and Russian form of Aquilina.

Alair 15 .. "Cheerful." Alair and Allaire are not frequently adopted as girls' names. French variant of Hilary.

Alba [Albinia, .. more] 16 .. "White." Less popular today. Alba and Alva were variants last found (the 1940s) in the Top 1000. Popular in Spain ..

Alberga 17 .. "White; noble." Alberga, Alberge, etc. are not in the Top 1000. Also closely related to the French ..

Albinia [Alba, .. more] 18 .. "White, fair." Alba, Albina, Alva and Alvina are common as variations of Albinia. Feminine of Alban and Albin ..

Alcinda 19 .. adaptation of the Latin name Lucinda .. Not Top 1000 name. See also Alzina.

Alegra 20 .. "Cheerful." Not in popularity charts. Spanish name ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Latin names for girls.

Abila - Alegra
Abila, Acacia, Accalia, Acquanetta, Adamaris, Adora, Adrienne [Hadria], Aeronwen, Agatha, Agnes [Una, ..], Aida, Aileen [Lina], Aimee, Akilina [Aquilina], Alair, Alba [Albinia], Alberga, Albinia [Alba], Alcinda, Alegra

Alena - Amica
Alena, Alida [Lita, ..], Alivette, Alma, Almeda, Almodine, Aloma, Alta, Altaira, Alumina, Alvita, Amabel [Mabel], Amada [Amadea], Amadea, Amanda [Mandy, ..], Amara, Amber, Amelia [Emilia, ..], Amelinda, Amica

Amilia - April
Amilia, Amity, Amy [Amya, ..], Amya, Angel, Angela [Angelica], Angelica, Anima, Anise, Annabel, Annalisa, Annora [Nora, ..], Anona, Anonna [Nona], Anthea, Antoinette [Antonia], Antonia [Antoinette], Aphra, Apollonia, April [Avril]

Aquilina - Aveline
Aquilina [Akilina], Arabella [Bella], Araceli, Arden, Argenta, Asela, Assunta, Astra, Asuncion, Attilia, Augusta [Tina], Aura [Ora], Aurelia [Oralia, ..], Auriel [Oriole], Aurora [Ora], Austine, Australia, Ava [Avis], Ave, Aveline

Avena - Blaise
Avena, Avila, Avis, Avril, Balbina, Baptista, Barbara, Bay, Beata, Beatrice [Trixie], Bee, Bella [Belva], Bellona, Belva, Benedicta [Benita], Benigna, Benita [Benedicta], Bertha, Bibiana, Blaise [Blasia]

Blanda - Calvina
Blanda, Blasia [Blaise], Blondell, Bonita, Bree, Brett, Brie [Bree], Brisa, Brittania, Brittany [Brittania], Bruna, Cabalina, Cadence [Kadenza], Caledonia, Calista, Calliope, Callula, Calpurnia, Caltha, Calvina

Cambria - Caroline
Cambria, Camellia, Camilla [Kamilla], Candace [Kandace, ..], Candice [Candace], Candida, Candra, Canna, Cara [Karina, ..], Carey, Cari, Carina [Karina], Carissa, Carita, Carlene, Carly [Carlene], Carmen [Lita], Carna, Carnation, Caroline [Lina, ..]

Casilda - Christen
Casilda, Cecilia [Sissy, ..], Cecily [Sissy], Celeste [Tina, ..], Celia, Celina [Selena], Celine [Celina], Cerelia, Cesarina, Chalice, Charity [Carita], Charo, Chasity, Chastity [Chasity], Chiara, Chrissie, Christa [Krista], Christabel, Christelle, Christen [Kristen]

Christian - Claudette
Christian [Christina], Christiana [Tiana], Christina [Tina, ..], Christine [Kristine, ..], Christy [Krista], Chryseis, Cicely [Sissy], Cilla, Cindy, Circe, Claire [Klarissa, ..], Clara [Klara, ..], Clare, Clarette, Claribel, Clarice [Klarissa], Clarimond, Clarinda [Clorinda], Clarissa [Klarissa, ..], Claudette

Claudia - Cornelia
Claudia [Klaudia, ..], Claudine, Clemence [Clementine], Clementine [Klementina], Clodagh, Clorinda, Clove, Columba [Columbine], Columbine, Comfort, Concepcion, Concordia, Connie, Constance [Tina, ..], Coral, Cordelia, Cordis, Cordula, Corin, Cornelia [Nelia]

Corona - Delores
Corona, Corvina, Courtney, Crecia, Crescent, Cressida, Crispina, Cristina, Dacia, Dalmace, Damaris [Maris], Danica, Dantea, Dawn, Dea, Decima, Deifilia, Delfina, Delicia, Delores

Denise - Ebrilla
Denise, Desiree, Dessa, Detta, Dextra, Diana, Didiane, Digna, Dionysia, Divina, Docila, Domina, Dominique, Domitilla, Donata, Dorma, Drusilla, Dulce [Dulce], Ebony, Ebrilla

Echo - Ersilia
Echo, Edwina, Egidia, Egelina, Eglantine, Eibhlin, Eigra, Elata, Elfrida [Elfrida], Eligia, Elita [Lita], Elvia, Elysia, Emilia, Emily [Emilia], Emina, Engracia, Erica, Ermine, Ersilia

Estee - Fidelma
Estee, Estelle [Stella], Etheldreda, Eugenia, Euphemia [Fanny], Evangeline [Eve], Eve [Evelyn], Evelyn [Eve], Fabia [Fabiola], Fabiola, Faline, Fanny, Farina, Faustine, Felice, Felicia [Felicity], Felicity [Flick], Fennel, Fidelity [Fidelma], Fidelma

Fiesta - Gavina
Fiesta, Flaminia, Flavia, Flick, Flora [Florida], Florence [Flossie], Florida, Flossie, Fortney, Fortune, Fran, Frances [Francine, ..], Francesca, Francine, Fructuosa, Fulgencia, Fulvia, Gaetana, Gallia, Gavina

Gazella - Hibernia
Gazella, Gemma, Genevieve, Genista, Germaine, Ghislaine, Gillian [Jillian], Ginger, Ginny, Giulia [Juliet, ..], Giuliana [Giulia], Giustinia [Justine], Gladys, Gloria, Grace [Engracia], Greer, Gregoria, Hadria, Harmony, Hibernia

Hibiscus - Jeovanna
Hibiscus, Hilary [Hilary], Honor [Nora], Horatia, Hortensia [Ortensia], Ignacia, Ilaria, Imperia, Indiana, Inez, Isadora, Ivory, Jacey, Jae, Jamesina, Jancis, Jay [Jae], Jean, Jenara, Jeovanna

Jill - Kara
Jill [Jillian], Jillian, Jinx, Jocosa, Jorgina, Jovana [Jovita], Jovita, Joy, Joyce, Julia [Yuliya, ..], Juliana [Giuliana], Julie, Juliet, Juno, Justine, Kadenza, Kambria, Kamilla [Camilla], Kandace, Kara [Karina, ..]

Karina - Latrice
Karina, Karmel, Kirsten [Kirsty], Kirsty, Klara [Klarissa], Klarissa, Klaudia, Klementina [Clementine], Konstanze [Tina], Kornelia [Cornelia], Krista [Christa], Kristen [Kristine, ..], Kristina [Kristine], Kristine [Kristina], Landra, Lara, Larissa, Larsen, Latisha [Letitia], Latrice

Lauda - Lia
Lauda, Laura [Lori, ..], Laurel [Lorelle], Lauren [Loren, ..], Laurence [Lorenza], Laveda, Laverne, Lavinia [Levina], Leanna, Lecia, Leda [Leta], Lelia, Lenis, Leona [Leonie], Leonie [Leonie], Leta [Lita], Letitia [Leta, ..], Levana, Levina, Lia

Licia - Lucia
Licia, Lilias, Lillian [Lily], Lily [Lilias], Lina, Lita [Leta], Livia, Loida, Loni, Lora [Lori], Lorelle, Loren, Lorena [Lorraine], Lorenza, Loretta, Lori, Lorraine [Lori], Lucerne, Lucetta, Lucia

Lucille - Mare
Lucille, Lucinda [Lucinda], Lucita, Lucretia [Crecia], Lucy [Luz, ..], Lumina, Luna, Luz, Mabel [Amabel], Majesta, Mamie, Manda [Mandy], Mandy [Manda], Manon, Maravilla, Marcella [Marcy], Marcene, Marcia [Marsha, ..], Marcy, Mare

Margaret - Maristela
Margaret, Mari, Maria [Mayra, ..], Mariah, Marian [Marion], Marianne, Maribel, Marie, Mariel, Maricela [Marisela], Marietta, Marika, Marilyn, Marina [Marni], Marion [Marian], Maris [Marissa, ..], Marisa, Marisela, Marissa [Marisa], Maristela

Marjan - Meralda
Marjan, Marla, Marlen [Marlin], Marlene [Marlin, ..], Marlin [Marlen], Marlisa, Marni, Marsha, Martina [Tina], Marvell [Maravilla], Mary [Molly, ..], Massima, Matriona, Maura [Moira], Maxine [Massima], Mayra [Moira], Melanie, Melinda [Mandy], Meliora, Meralda

Mia - Natalie
Mia, Michaela, Miliana, Mindy, Minerva, Mira [Mireya], Mirabel [Mira], Miranda [Randy], Mireya, Mitzi, Modesty, Moira, Molly, Monica, Monserrat, Montana, Myrtle, Narda, Nata, Natalie [Natasha, ..]

Natalya - Ora
Natalya, Natasha, Nebula, Nelia, Neva, Nona, Nora, Nordica, Norma, Nova, Nydia, Octavia [Tavia], Olida, Olivia [Livia], Omyra, Ondine [Undine], Onnjel, Onora, Oona [Una], Ora

Oracia - Payton
Oracia, Oralia [Oriel], Orane, Orela, Oriana, Oriel [Auriel], Orinda, Oriole [Oriel], Orsa, Ortensia, Osanna, Palma, Paloma, Paquita, Patricia [Tricia], Paula [Paulina], Paulina, Paxton, Payne, Payton

Paz - Quintina
Paz, Peale, Pearl, Perdita, Permelia, Perpetua, Perrin, Perry, Petula, Pia, Placidia, Pomona, Poppy, Portia, Precious, Prima, Priscilla [Cilla], Prudence, Prunella, Quintina

Quirina - Rosamond
Quirina, Raina, Randy, Refugia, Regina [Raina], Renata [Renita], Renita, Reseda, Rexanne [Rexanne], Rhetta, Rhoda, Risa, Rolanda, Romea, Romola, Romy, Ronni, Rosa [Roza], Rosalba, Rosamond

Rosario - Sheila
Rosario, Rose [Roza, ..], Roselaine, Rosemary [Romy], Roza, Rufina, Sabelle, Sabina, Sage, Salvia, Sancia, Sarina, Scotia, Season, Secunda, Selena [Celine], Septima, Seraphina, Serena [Sarina], Sheila

Sidonia - Tiana
Sidonia, Sidra, Siena, Silja, Silvia [Sylvia], Sissy, Solana, Solange, Stella [Estelle], Sylvia [Silvia], Tacy, Tandy, Tanga, Tatiana, Taura, Tavia, Terena, Terra, Tertia, Tiana

Tiara - Urbana
Tiara, Tiberia, Tigris, Tina, Topaz, Tori, Tracy, Tranquilina, Trea, Tricia, Trina, Trinity, Trixie, Tulia, Ultima, Ulyssa, Una [Oona], Undine [Ondine], Unique, Urbana

Ursula - Vesta
Ursula [Orsa], Valencia, Valentina [Valencia], Valerie, Valonia, Valora, Vanessa [Vania], Vania, Venetia, Venus, Vera [Verlene], Verbena, Verena, Verity, Verlene, Verna, Verona, Veronica [Verona, ..], Vespera, Vesta

Victoria - Zia
Victoria [Tori], Vienna, Vigilia, Vincentia, Vinia, Violante, Violet [Violante], Virginia [Ginny], Viridiana, Virtue, Visitacion, Vita, Viva, Vivian [Bibiana], Wynstelle, Xuxa, Yuliya, Zea, Zelia, Zia [Zea]

Zinnia - Zona
Zinnia, Zona