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Latin baby names and what they mean, for latin, with 593 results. These Latin names are from an ancient Italic language originally spoken by the Italic Latins in Latium and Ancient Rome, and has been passed down through various forms. Adoption of these girl names was at its peak 85 years ago (adoption of 28.22%) and is somewhat less today (adoption 15.07%, 47%), with names like Julia becoming less stylish. The more fashionable baby names here are Amelia (#12), Aurora (#79), Luna (#110), Nora (#41) and Violet (#50), while Amaro (top 3%) and Amaru (71%) are common last names. Here is the list of Latin names for boys.

Abila - Aloma | Alta - Antoinette | Antonia - Ave | Avena - Brie | Brisa - Canna | Cara - Charo | .. - .. | Virginia - Zona

Abila - Aloma

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Latin names: Adamaris, Adrienne, Aimee, Alba, Alena

"Beautiful." Anila is a somewhat common baby name. See also Aviela. Spanish name.

Mythology .. Unusual, but Accalia is comparable to common last names Allia (top 93%), Aguglia (52%), with the -lia suffix.

"Water." Acquaneti is a kreatif form. .. "aqua", which is Latin for "water" ..

"To love." Unconventional. Adamaris and Adamari are not listed in the US Census. Spanish name from Latin adamo. It ..

"A gift; beloved; adored." Usage of Adorlee and variants peaked 135 years ago and has become reduced, with Dora becoming somewhat dated.

"From Hadria." Popular as birth names, Adrea, Adrienne, etc. are pronounced like the familiar Audra. French feminine form of Adrian ..

"Beloved." Conventional, with usage of 0.012% for Aimee and variants as children's names in 2015, though lower than 0.015% a year ago. .. meaning to love, from Latin amare ..

"Eagle." Akilina, Acuqileena, etc. are seldom found as given names, and Aquilina is found often (top 18%) as a surname. Greek and Russian form of Aquilina.

"Cheerful." Alair and Allaire are not frequently adopted as girls' names. French variant of Hilary.

AlbaAlba1 [Albinia1, .. more]
"White." Alba, Alva, etc. became more popular in 2015, rising on average +3 positions as baby names with Alba rising the most. Popular in Spain ..

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Latin names: Alida, Alma, Almeda, Aloma

"White; noble." Alberga, Alberge, etc. are not in the Top 2000. Also closely related to the French ..

Albinia2 [Alba2, .. more]
"White, fair." Alba, Albina, Alva and Alvina are common as variations of Albinia. Feminine of Alban and Albin ..

"Cheerful." Not that prominent as a birth name. Spanish name ..

Russian variant of Helen or Magdalena .. Conventional, with usage of 0.024% for Alena as a birth name in 2015, higher than 0.023% in 2014. See also Alexa.

"Small winged one." Popularly used, with usage of 0.045% for Alida and variants as girls' names in 2015, higher than 0.042% the previous year. Also variant of Alda.

"Olive tree." Rather unusual as a baby name. Variant of Olivetta.

"Nourishing, kind; soul; young woman; learned." Alma exists often (top 27%) as a surname. Modern name ..

"Ambitious." Allmeda, Allmedah, Allmeta, Allmetah and Allmida are more rare as variations of Almeda. Also possibly derived from the Spanish ..

"Precious stone." Almodine is not often used as a birth name.

"Dove." Used somewhat widely as a birth name, Aloma is similar to the familiar Alana. See also Alamea. Short form of Paloma.

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Index of all names [and variants] for Latin names for girls.

1. Abila - Aloma
Abila, Accalia, Acquanetta, Adamaris, Adora, Adrienne [Hadria], Aimee, Akilina [Aquilina], Alair, Alba [Albinia], Alberga, Albinia [Alba], Alegra, Alena, Alida [Lita, ..], Alivette, Alma, Almeda, Almodine, Aloma

2. Alta - Antoinette
Alta, Alvita, Amabel [Mabel], Amada [Amadea], Amadea, Amanda [Mandy, ..], Amara, Amelia [Emilia, ..], Amelinda, Amica, Amilia, Amity, Amy [Amya, ..], Amya, Angelica, Annalisa, Annora [Nora, ..], Anona, Anonna [Nona, ..], Antoinette [Antonia]

3. Antonia - Ave
Antonia [Antoinette], April [Avril], Aquilina [Akilina], Arabella [Bella], Araceli, Arden, Argenta, Asela, Assunta, Astra, Asuncion, Attilia, Augusta [Tina, ..], Aura [Ora], Aurelia [Oralia, ..], Auriel [Oriole, ..], Aurora [Ora], Austine, Australia, Ave

4. Avena - Brie
Avena, Avril, Balbina, Baptista, Barbara, Bay, Beata, Beatrice, Bella, Bellona, Benedicta [Benita], Benigna, Benita [Benedicta], Bibiana, Blaise [Blasia], Blanda, Blasia [Blaise], Blondell, Brett, Brie

5. Brisa - Canna
Brisa, Brittania, Brittany [Brittania, ..], Bruna, Cabalina, Cadence [Kadenza], Caledonia, Calista, Callula, Calpurnia, Caltha, Calvina, Cambria, Camellia, Camilla [Kamilla, ..], Candace [Kandace, ..], Candice [Candace], Candida, Candra, Canna

6. Cara - Charo
Cara [Karina, ..], Carina [Karina, ..], Carissa, Carita, Carly, Carna, Carnation, Carolina, Casilda, Cecilia [Cilla, ..], Cecily [Cicely], Celeste [Tina, ..], Celia, Celina [Celine], Celine [Celina], Cerelia, Cesarina, Chalice, Charity [Carita, ..], Charo

7. Chasity - Clarette
Chasity, Chastity [Chasity], Chiara, Chrissie, Christa [Krista], Christabel, Christelle, Christen [Kristen, ..], Christian [Christina, ..], Christiana [Tiana], Christina [Tina, ..], Christine [Kristine, ..], Christy [Krista, ..], Chryseis, Cicely [Cecily], Cilla, Claire [Klarissa, ..], Clara [Klara, ..], Clare, Clarette

8. Claribel - Coral
Claribel, Clarice [Klarissa], Clarimond, Clarinda [Clorinda], Clarissa [Klarissa, ..], Claudette, Claudia [Klaudia, ..], Claudine, Clemence [Clementine], Clementine [Klementina, ..], Clorinda, Clove, Columba [Columbine], Columbine, Comfort, Concepcion, Concordia, Connie, Constance [Tina, ..], Coral

9. Cordelia - Delfina
Cordelia, Cordis, Cordula, Corin, Cornelia [Nelia, ..], Corona, Corvina, Crecia, Crescent, Crispina, Cristina, Dacia, Dalmace, Damaris [Maris, ..], Danica, Dantea, Dea, Decima, Deifilia, Delfina

10. Delicia - Ebrilla
Delicia, Delores, Desiree, Dessa, Dextra, Diana, Didiane, Digna, Dionysia, Divina, Docila, Domina, Dominique, Domitilla, Donata, Dorma, Drusilla, Dulce [Dulce], Ebony, Ebrilla

11. Echo - Fabiola
Echo, Egelina, Eglantine, Elata, Elfrida [Elfrida], Eligia, Elita [Lita], Elvia, Elysia, Emilia, Emily [Emilia, ..], Emina, Engracia, Ersilia, Estee, Estelle [Stella, ..], Evangeline [Eve], Eve, Fabia [Fabiola], Fabiola

12. Faline - Fran
Faline, Fanny, Farina, Faustine, Felice, Felicia [Felicity, ..], Felicity [Flick], Fennel, Fidelity, Fiesta, Flaminia, Flavia, Flick, Flora [Florida], Florence [Flossie, ..], Florida, Flossie, Fortney, Fortune, Fran

13. Frances - Gloria
Frances [Francine, ..], Francesca, Francine, Fructuosa, Fulgencia, Fulvia, Gaetana, Gallia, Gavina, Gazella, Gemma, Genista, Germaine, Gillian [Jillian], Ginny, Giulia [Juliet, ..], Giuliana [Giulia], Giustinia [Justine], Gladys, Gloria

14. Grace - Jae
Grace [Engracia], Greer, Gregoria, Hadria, Harmony, Henrietta, Hibernia, Hibiscus, Hilary [Ilaria, ..], Honesty, Honor [Onora, ..], Horatia, Hortense [Ortensia], Ilaria, Imperia, Indiana, Inez, Isadora, Ivory, Jae

15. Jancis - Justine
Jancis, Jay [Jae], Jenara, Jeovanna, Jill [Jillian], Jillian, Jinx, Jocosa, Jorgina, Jovana [Jovita, ..], Jovita, Joy, Joyce, Julia [Yuliya, ..], Juliana [Giuliana], Julie, Juliet, Juniper, Juno, Justine

16. Kadenza - Landra
Kadenza, Kambria, Kamilla [Camilla], Kandace, Kara [Karina, ..], Karina, Karmel, Kirsten [Kirsty], Kirsty, Klara [Klarissa], Klarissa, Klaudia, Klementina [Clementine, ..], Konstanze [Tina], Kornelia [Cornelia], Krista [Christa], Kristen [Kristine, ..], Kristina [Kristine], Kristine [Kristina], Landra

17. Lara - Levana
Lara, Larissa, Latisha [Letitia], Latrice, Lauda, Laura [Lori, ..], Laurel [Lorelle], Lauren [Loren, ..], Laurence [Lorenza], Laveda, Laverne, Lavinia [Levina], Lecia, Lelia, Lenis, Leona [Leonie], Leonie [Leonie], Leta [Lita], Letitia [Leta, ..], Levana

18. Levina - Lucetta
Levina, Lia, Licia, Lilias, Lillian [Lily, ..], Lily [Lilias], Lina, Lita [Leta], Livia, Loida, Loni, Lora [Lori], Lorelle, Loren, Lorena, Lorenza, Loretta, Lori, Lucerne, Lucetta

19. Lucia - Marcy
Lucia, Lucille, Lucinda [Lucinda], Lucita, Lucretia [Crecia], Lucy [Luz, ..], Lumina, Luna, Luz, Mabel [Amabel], Majesta, Mamie, Manda [Mandy], Mandy [Manda], Manon, Maravilla, Marcella [Marcy], Marcene, Marcia [Marsha, ..], Marcy

20. Mare - Maristela
Mare, Mari, Maria [Mayra, ..], Mariah, Marian [Marion], Marianne, Maribel, Marie, Mariel, Maricela [Marisela], Marietta, Marika, Marilyn, Marina [Marni], Marion [Marian], Maris [Marissa, ..], Marisa, Marisela, Marissa [Marisa], Maristela

21. Marjan - Mia
Marjan, Marla, Marlen [Marlin], Marlene [Marlin, ..], Marlin [Marlen], Marlisa, Marni, Marsha, Martina [Tina], Marvell [Maravilla], Mary [Molly, ..], Massima, Matriona, Maura [Moira], Maxine [Massima], Mayra [Moira], Melinda [Mandy], Meliora, Meralda, Mia

22. Miliana - Nebula
Miliana, Minerva, Mira [Mireya], Mirabel [Mira], Miranda [Randy, ..], Mireya, Mitzi, Modesty, Moira, Molly, Monica, Monserrat, Montana, Myrtle, Narda, Nata, Natalie [Natasha, ..], Natalya, Natasha, Nebula

23. Nelia - Oriel
Nelia, Neva, Nona, Nora, Nordica, Norma, Nova, Nydia, Octavia [Tavia], Olida, Olivia [Livia], Omyra, Ondine [Undine], Onnjel, Onora, Ora, Oralia [Oriel], Orela, Oriana, Oriel [Auriel]

24. Orinda - Petula
Orinda, Oriole [Oriel, ..], Orsa, Ortensia, Osanna, Palma, Paloma, Paquita, Patricia [Tricia], Paula [Paulina], Paulina, Paxton, Payne, Payton, Pearl, Perdita, Permelia, Perpetua, Perrin, Petula

25. Pia - Rhetta
Pia, Placidia, Pomona, Poppy, Portia, Precious, Prima, Priscilla [Cilla], Prudence, Prunella, Quintina, Quirina, Raina, Randy, Refugia, Regina [Raina], Renata [Renita], Renita, Reseda, Rhetta

26. Rhoda - Sarina
Rhoda, Risa, Rolanda, Romea, Romola, Romy, Rosa [Roza, ..], Rosalba, Rosario, Rose [Roza, ..], Roselaine, Rosemary [Romy], Roza, Rufina, Sabelle, Sabina, Sage, Salvia, Sancia, Sarina

27. Scotia - Terra
Scotia, Season, Secunda, Septima, Serena [Sarina], Sidonia, Sidra, Siena, Silja, Silvia [Sylvia], Solana, Solange, Stella [Estelle], Sylvia [Silvia], Tacy, Tatiana, Taura, Tavia, Terena, Terra

28. Tertia - Valerie
Tertia, Tiana, Tiara, Tiberia, Tina, Topaz, Tranquilina, Tricia, Trinity, Tulia, Ultima, Ulyssa, Una, Undine [Ondine], Unique, Urbana, Ursula [Orsa], Valencia, Valentina [Valencia, ..], Valerie

29. Valonia - Violet
Valonia, Valora, Vania, Venetia, Venus, Verbena, Verena, Verity, Verna, Verona, Veronica [Verona], Vespera, Vesta, Victoria, Vienna, Vigilia, Vincentia, Vinia, Violante, Violet [Violante]

30. Virginia - Zona
Virginia [Ginny], Viridiana, Virtue, Visitacion, Vita, Viva, Vivian [Bibiana], Xuxa, Yuliya, Zea, Zia [Zea], Zinnia, Zona

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