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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Leader baby names and what they mean, for leader, chief, pioneer, with 24 results. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity 128 years ago (ADOPTION OF 1.1%) and are now significantly less popular (ADOPTION 0.3%, 76.4% LESS), with names such as Esther becoming somewhat dated. Ailani (#756) is the most fashionable name for newborns here, while Barcellona (TOP 44%) and Cado (92%) are common last names. Here is the list of Leader names for boys.

Leader names

Ailani - Pocahontas | Ricarda - Yetta

Ailani - Pocahontas


Root fr. Hawaiian word. "High chief." Aylani is also a marginally favored birth name. See also Alani.

Source fr. Hebrew language. "Leader." Uncommon, but Alufa is comparable to common surnames Asefa (TOP 81%), Arafa (100%), which also end with -fa. See also Albia.


Derived fr. Old German element. "Home leader." Also a boys' name. Usage of America as a girls' name has waned circa 2002. Feminine of Amerigo, the name of ..

Derived fr. Greek language. "Leader of men." Outside Top 2000. Greek mythology ..

.. its founder, Carthaginian leader Hamilcar Barca .. Rare, with the -na suffix, like Ballona, Belona.


.. Women's rights pioneer Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Used somewhat frequently as girls' names, Cady, Kayde, etc. are similar to the conventional Kaye. [Kayde, Caidie, Cadye, Cadie, .. 9 more]

.. borne by the pioneer suffragette Christabel .. Rare. Chrystobel, var. (compare Chrystel, Christel) use the -el suffix. [Crystabella, Crystabel, Chrystobel, Christobel, Christable, Christabelle, .. 8 more]


Derived fr. Old English element. "Church leader." Deanna and Dayana were Top birth names in 2018. Place name and occupational name .. [Deonne, Deonna, Deona, Deena, Deeana, Deanne, .. 8 more]

Derived fr. Italian, Old German elements. "Home leader." Enrica and forms were favored by parents during 1920-1929. Feminine of Henry. [Enriquette, Enriqueta, Enricketta, .. 2 more]


.. cosmetics pioneer Este Lauder. Ess (UPPER 26%), Estee (71%), Ester (9%), Esther (25%) and Hester (1%) exist commonly as last names. [Yesfir, Hittie, Etty, Etti, Eszter, Ess, .. 14 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Leader names: Ailani, America, Cady, Deanna, Esther

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Leader names: Harriet, Harriette, Henrietta, Jocelyn, Oma

.. l, meaning "generous leader", or a .. Gaul (UPPER 5%), Gawel (16%) are familiar last names. [Gaelle]

Origin fr. Arabic word. "Leader, guide." Seldom used as a birth name. Feminine of Hadi. [Hadya, Hadiya]


Root fr. Old German element. "Home leader." Halle (TOP 10%), Harriott (16%), Harrie (44%), Harriett (52%) and Harriet (55%) appear often as surnames. .. civil rights leader Harriet Tubman. [Hatty, Hatsy, Hatsee, Hat, Harriott, Harriot, Hariette, Harrietta, Harriett, Hallie, .. 6 more]


Based on Old German element. "Home leader." Usage of Harriette as a baby name has waned since the 1910s. See also Harriett. Variant of Harriet, possibly combined with ..


From Latin, French, Old German elements. "Home leader." Adoption of Henrietta, Henka, etc. as children's names in 2018 was up significantly compared to 2008. Latinate form of Henriette, a feminine .. [Yettie, Yetta, Henryetta, Henrieta, Hennie, Enrichetta, .. 22 more]

Based on Welsh, Arabic words. "Fiery leader; prophet." Adoption of Eedris and forms was more pronounced among parents during 1910-1919. [Eedris, Edris]


.. Celtic "jud" meaning "chief" or "lord" .. Jasolin, Jocelina, Jocelinda, Jocelle and Jocelynne are more unusual as versions of Jocelyn. [Jozlyn, Joycelin, Josslyn, Josselyn, Jossline, Jossalin, Joss, Joslynn, Josiline, Josilin, .. 33 more]


Stems fr. Arabic language. "Leader." A moderately uncommon baby name these days, but Oma is still recorded regularly as a female first name.

Source fr. Celtic element. "Chief dragon." Pandra is an infrequently used female name. See also Kandra. From the name Pandragon, a variant ..

.. of an Algonquin chief in Virginia .. Not in popularity charts.

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Summary Index of Leader names [and variants] for girls.

1. Ailani - Pocahontas
Ailani, Alufa, America, Andromeda, Barcelona, Cady [Kady, Kadi, Kade, Kayde, Kadie, Kadee, Cadye, Caidie, ..], Christabel [Crystabel, Cristabel, Cristabell, Chrystobel, Crystabella, Cristabelle, Cristabella, Chrystabelle, ..], Deanna [Deona, Deena, Deonne, Deonna, Deeann, Deeana, Deondra, Deeanna, ..], Enrica [Enriqua, Enricka, Enriqueta, Enriquette, Enricketta], Esther [Etty, Etti, Hetty, Ettie, Yesfir, Hittie, Hester, Hesther, ..], Gael [Gaelle], Hadia [Hadya, Hadiya], Harriet [Hat, Hatty, Hatsy, Hattie, Hatsie, Hatsey, Hatsee, Harriotte, ..], Harriette, Henrietta [Yetta, Hetty, Hette, Hetta, Yettie, Hettie, Henrika, Henryetta, ..], Idris [Edris, Eedris], Jocelyn [Jozlyn, Josslyn, Joycelyn, Joycelin, Josselyn, Jossline, Jossalyn, Josselynne, ..], Oma, Pandra, Pocahontas

Ricarda [Richia, Richmal, Richina, Richette, Richenza, Richenda, Richmalle, Richilene, ..], Tesla [Tessla], Valeska, Yetta [Yette]

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